XTOOL D8 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool 2022 Newest

XTOOL D8 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool 2022 NewestXTOOL D8 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool 2022 NewestXTOOL D8 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool 2022 NewestXTOOL D8 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool 2022 NewestXTOOL D8 Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool 2022 Newest
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✔ Advanced ECU Coding Capability ▶ XTOOL D8 Newest auto diagnostic scan tool features with advanced ECU coding, allow you to access the ECU of a vehicle to re-flash vehicles control modules, and customize the vehicle as need, optimize the specific performance of vehicles. Also, it allows you to renew ECUs Coordination, recode the adaptive for certain components after making repairs or replacements, etc. Note: ECU Coding works on specific modules on some models only.
✔ FULL Bi-Directional Controls / Active Tests ▶ XTOOL D8 is a bi-directional scan tool, allow you to request diagnostic information and input information back into the car as well, perform active tests to control various vehicle parts individually and subsystems to test their working status. XTOOL D8 bidirectional scanner is preferred by many car repair shop owners and professional mechanics, to make it even easier to correctly repair a customer’s vehicle.
✔ 38+ Common Maintenance Services ▶ XTOOL D8 is designed for mechanics and workshop, garages, along with the commonly-used service functions like Oil Reset, EPB, SAS Adjustment, DPF Regeneration, Throttle Relearn and Injector Coding, IMMO/Key Fob Programming, ABS Bleeding, TPMS Reset, BMS Reset, Power Balance, etc. Note: Service functions does not work on all vehicles. Please send the VIN and required function to ✉️ xtoolofficial @ hotmail . com ✉️to check compatibility before purchase.
✔ Comes with Vehicle-Specific Functions ▶ Quick access the menu to perform various of Reset, Learn, Calibration, Matching, etc functions and then clear codes. Such as Fuel Trim Reset, Glow Plug Learn, HVAC Actuators Learn for GM/GMC, Zero-Point Calibration for Toyota/Lexus, QuickLearn, VGT Relearn, Cam Crank Relearn for Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep, D8 comes with Camshaft/Crankshaft Position Relearn function will solve the concerns with bad or faulty crankshaft position sensor common to most car brands
✔ OE-Level Full Diagnostics ▶ XTOOL D8 provides you with a Dealership- Level only diagnosis, getting the accurate and in-depth results across all automotive systems, including: engine, TCM(Transmission), SRS(Airbag), ABS, TPMS, BCM, BODY, AC and much more. OE-level full OBD2 diagnostic tasks for codes, freeze frame, view the live data from each available system in graph, perform active tests to check the work status of modules.
✔ Support CAN FD Cars & 88+ Brands Coverage & 16 Languages ▶ XTOOL D8 is currently the only automotive diagnostic scanner that support CAN FD vehicles(GM vehicles after 2020) in this class, and it can work on 88+ brands, 10000+ cars, the extensive vehicle coverage can provide you with almost every diagnostic option a mechanic could need. With a multilingual menu, you can easily switch between languages, allowing mechanics to avoid language barriers and focus on their vehicle data.
✔ 2-Year Warranty & 3-Year Free Updates ▶XTOOL D8 Car Diagnostic Scanner is covered for 2-Year US Warranty and 3-Year free updates. If we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out at xtoolofficial @ hotmail . com, and we’d be more than happy to help.