Which Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner Should You Buy?

bluetooth odb2 scanner

Bluetooth OBD2 Scanners are a great way to check your car’s data. These devices are often available in different styles and can also be used to diagnose your car’s trouble codes. The most popular models are the Lemur BlueDriver, FIXD, Panlong, and Kiwi OBD 3 scanners. But if you’re not sure which one to buy, read on to find out which features you should look for.

Lemur – BlueDriver

A great OBD2 scanner can offer more than just a simple code reader. With features such as ABS and airbag access, these scan tools can provide more information than you could imagine. If you own an Android, iOS or Windows phone, this OBD2 scanner will not be a great option. It will also not support specific models of cars. However, if you have a tablet or smartphone that supports Bluetooth, you can also use this device.

The BlueDriver Bluetooth is one of the most popular OBD2 scanners on the market today. It offers convenience and functionality at a reasonable price. The BlueDriver Bluetooth connects gracefully to your smartphone and computer via Bluetooth. The BlueDriver Bluetooth is a product from Lemur Vehicle Monitors and costs just $100. Although the device is not perfect, it offers a lot more than a basic OBD scanner. It even has a flashlight option that makes it possible to see in difficult lighting conditions.

One of the best features of the Lemur – BlueDriver Bluetooth OBD2 scanner is the app that generates Repair Reports. These reports explain error codes and offer potential solutions. During the hands-on demo, I got to see a sample Repair Report. It comes with five repair reports free. After the free trial period, you can purchase additional reports for 99 cents each.

As a smartphone, the Lemur – BlueDriver can transform a standard smartphone into a top-notch scan tool. It offers extended diagnostic functions for a wide range of popular vehicles, plus a flashlight button for emergencies. Regardless of the size and shape of your car, it is an excellent option for a budget-conscious mechanic or DIY enthusiast. One of its biggest strengths is its price.

Another great feature of the BlueDriver is the graphing ability. Many mechanics and do-it-yourselfers use this feature to analyze vehicle data to determine the success of repairs. Its Freeze Frame feature will retrieve data from the car’s on-board computer so that you can determine possible causes and solutions for common problems. This feature is also useful if the problem seems to disappear after clearing the code.

Kiwi OBD 3

If you’re looking for an OBD2 scanner, the PLX Devices Kiwi 4 is the perfect tool for you. It offers eight times faster scanning than the closest competitor, and comes with Apple and Android app compatibility. It also includes a Micro SD card for logging data and importing into a spreadsheet. For more information about this bluetooth scanner, visit plxdevices.com/kiwi.

The Kiwi 3 is the world’s first OBD adapter to feature true cross-platform support, and is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. Its ultra-low power consumption and easy installation allow it to be permanently installed in your vehicle. Designed for convenience, it supports all standard OBDII protocols, and can update firmware over Bluetooth. It is slim enough to be completely undetectable in the OBD port, making it the smallest and most discrete OBDII adapter.

The Kiwi 4 also has a MicroSD card built-in for data capturing. However, it is pricier than the previous Kiwi model, and it is known to suffer from high defect rates. However, this scanner is compatible with most Android-compatible smartphones. It also works with most third-party apps, including CarPlay and FIXD(tm) for iPhones. If you want to scan your car without an internet connection, you should choose a scanner app that supports Bluetooth.

With the Kiwi OBD 3 Bluetooth OBD2 scanner, you can use your smartphone to access diagnostics information. Its Android App is compatible with most vehicles with the OBD2 system. Unlike the previous models, it can also be used with Apple and Android smartphones. It can also be used in conjunction with the Kiwi app. The Kiwi app also offers a mobile app that can be used to perform advanced functions.

However, the Kiwi OBD app has been in the works for years. The app allows you to do basic functions, like performing diagnostics and measuring engine RPMs. You can also view the diagnostic reports and download them to your computer. However, the Kiwi app’s capabilities are limited. It has not been updated in years and doesn’t have much to offer in the way of data logging. If you’re looking for a high-quality OBD2 scanner, this product should be your top choice.


The Panlong Bluetooth OBD2 scanner can help you to identify the root cause of your check engine light. It pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth in less than 5 seconds and reads real-time data from your car’s sensors. The scanner can also help you clear specific trouble codes that your car may have. This device has many benefits and can save you hundreds of dollars in repair bills each year. Here are the main features of this device:

This Bluetooth OBD2 scanner costs $13 on Amazon and works on cars from 1996 and newer. It is compatible with almost any vehicle on the market, although it does not work on certain hybrid models and may not work in certain states. In addition to real-time data readings, it can turn off the Check Engine light. If you’ve been wondering whether you need a Bluetooth scanner, the Panlong might be the right choice for you.

Another Bluetooth OBD2 scanner is the Ancel BD200 Elite. This scanner connects to your car’s OBD2 port through an app. Unfortunately, the Ancel app has a very poor rating in the Apple Store and Google Play stores. Nevertheless, if you need to scan your car for troubleshooting, this tool is an excellent option. It works on most cars and offers numerous advanced functions.

When deciding on the right OBD2 scanner, it’s important to consider how easy it is to use. Despite the fact that OBD2 scanners are increasingly becoming easier to use, many people find them difficult to operate. They often need to be paired with a smartphone or tablet, but this does not need to be a problem if you have a Bluetooth OBD2 scanner. Compared to older OBD2 scanners, this one scores higher in the ease of use and the usefulness of the app.


A FIXD Bluetooth ODB2 Scanner is a device that translates car problems into a user-friendly language. This technology translates complex terms and technical definitions to provide information on car problems. You can then use the information to make necessary repairs. FIXD is also great for diagnostics. Its built-in dictionary helps you find the correct part number for your car.

The FIXD Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner can be easily installed. To use it, you must download the app and plug in the OBD port of your car. When it’s ready, the device’s LED light will turn blue. To use the FIXD Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner, select “NEW USER” from the menu bar and follow the instructions.

The FIXD Bluetooth OBD2 scanner is a convenient tool for the DIY car mechanic. This Bluetooth-powered OBD II scanner works on gasoline and diesel cars and is compatible with most models from 1996 and up. Unlike many cheaper scanners, the FIXD has live data options and is easy to use. Its data stream includes oxygen sensor voltage and speed. A user can easily find out the exact problem that is causing the engine light to be illuminated.

The FIXD offers a 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping. The device is also compatible with most vehicles and is Plug and Play. In addition to FIXD’s free trial period, FIXD offers a Premium subscription service. It costs around $8.99 per month and is available for both Android and iOS users. You can cancel the subscription at any time through the settings section of your device on either mobile.

The FIXD Bluetooth OBD2 scanner connects to your phone using Bluetooth technology. The device stores data on your phone and allows you to compare it with the information from the scanner on your phone. Once you have your car diagnostics, you can save it to your phone and use the FIXD app on your smartphone to see if the device is compatible with your vehicle. This app also has mileage-specific maintenance schedules.

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