Vgate vLinker MC Bluetooth BLE4.0 OBD2 Diagnostic

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Product Description


Vgate vLinker MC Bluetooth is a diagnostic scan tool, trip computer, logger, and real-time performance monitor.

Why should I choose Vgate vLinker MC+ Bluetooth 4.0 OBD scanner?

Vgate vLinker MC+ series is the upgraded version of Vgate iCar pro, specifically for coding APP that requires large amount of data transmission.



Supports SW-CAN & MS-CAN protocols – can access these proprietary GM & Ford networks in addition to the 5 standard OBD-II protocols.Vgate vLinker MC Bluetooth turns your Android or Windows mobile device, tablet, laptop, or PC into a sophisticated diagnostics tool and performance monitor.OBD request byte up to 1024 bytes, can meet the needs of some special long frame communication.USART data buffer up to 2K bytes, baud rate increased to 500Kbps. Even faster, more reliable, and more feature-rich than its predecessors.Fully compatible with ELM’s AT command set (ELM327, ELM329) and STN’s ST command set.Read & clear check engine light – Check diagnostic codes yourself and make informed repair decisions.

More Protocol Compatible

Support all 5 OBDII protocolsSupport SW-CAN (GMSupport MS-CAN (FORD)



Thanks to the unique BatterySaver technology you can rest assured that, unlike other OBD adapters, Vgate vLinker MC+ won’t drain your battery if you leave it plugged in.Operating Current is 24mA, automatic sleep in idle state, sleep current is as low as 3mA.Up to 4x faster than before. This increased throughput results in smooth, realistic virtual gauges and accurate, detailed graphs.





Vehicle Compatibility

Works with all OBD2/EOBD compliant vehicles. Compatible with all OBD2 communication protocols.

EOBD vehicles (Petrol from 2001 and diesel from 2003/2004 in Europe) and OBD2 vehicles (1996 onwards in USA, 1998 in Canada)

Our products are applicable to 12V petrol vehicles compatible with standard OBD2 protocols, 12V small diesel vehicles with a load of 6.5T or less supporting the OBD2 protocols.

This device does not apply to heavy duty diesel 24V vehicles (i.e. semi trucks, tractors etc). Note:Those vehicles use a different program and our adapters will not be compatible.

More Mainstream Apps

At present, the Vgate vlinker MC+ Bluetooth version supports all functions of FORScan, such as reading fault code, clearing fault code, reading data stream, reset module, brush hiding, ECU programming.

Bimmercode allows you to code the control units in your BMW or Mini to unlock hidden features and customization your liking.

There are more apps waiting to be explored. Works with more 3rd party apps & software than any other adapter.

Supports OBD-II, Single-Wire CAN and Medium-Speed CAN

Vgate vLinker MC+ provides wireless connectivity for all OBD-II protocols, plus advanced automotive networks commonly used in many late-model GM, Ford and Mazda vehicles.

For supported GM models, you can control windows, door locks, and even remotely start your engine with the 3rd-party obd CANex Android app.

On GM, Ford, and Mazda vehicles that use Single-Wire CAN or Medium-Speed CAN, you can also use enhanced PC diagnostic software like ScanXL to access ABS, airbag, and other systems that aren’t available with an OBD-II-only interface.

More Protocol Compatible

SAE J1850 PWMSAE J1850 VPWSAE J1939(CAN)ISO 9141-2ISO 14230-4(slow)ISO 14230-4(fast)ISO 15765-4(CAN)ISO 11898(raw can)Single Wire CAN(GMLAN)Medium Speed CAN(MS-CAN)

πŸš—Android System: Press the “Connect” button, Select Bluetooth Device Name “vLinker MC”, NOT “vLinker MC+” (Searching for Bluetooth connection within 3-5 minutes. If it exceeds this time, press the “connect” button again.οΌ‰
πŸš— Works with FORScan, Carista, Torque, DashCommand, JScan, BimmerCode and dozens of other apps
πŸš— Upgraded version of Vgate iCar Pro, specifically for coding APP that requires large amount of data transmission.
πŸš— Transform your Android device or Windows PC into a professional-grade diagnostic scan tool. Supports PC/Phone active, battery voltage drop, OBD bus active, key, etc. Up to 5 ways to wake up from sleep mode.
πŸš— Over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature and battery drain protection, firmware updates. TP transmission protocol , ensure wireless communication security

MC Bluetooth BLE4.0 OBD2 diagnostic tool is a Bluetooth device that allows you to use it as an OBD2 scanner. It features the same functions as a professional handheld scan tool but is compact and lightweight. Its wireless connection allows you to use it comfortably and portably within the range of a Bluetooth signal. The device also offers many other advantages such as low power consumption and the ability to access the internet, email data, and even connect your smartphone to the car’s Bluetooth.

The MC Bluetooth BLE4.0 OBD2 diagnostic tool supports the latest OBD2 protocols, making it compatible with vehicles built after 1996. The product is designed to be both wireless and compatible with most popular car models, including Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, and Hyundai. It is compatible with several different OBDII protocols, including ISO91412, KWP2000, and CAN bus. It also supports multiple vehicle brands, making it ideal for any driver.

MC Bluetooth BLE4.0 OBD2 diagnostic tool is compatible with all popular cars and light trucks made after 1996. It supports the OBD2 protocols and is compatible with almost all types of vehicles. The MC Bluetooth BLE4.0 OBD2 scanner supports the ISO9141-2 and KWP2000 protocols. Its compatibility with OBD2 protocols ensures that it is highly compatible with any car brand, regardless of whether it is a domestic or foreign car.

The MC Bluetooth BLE4.0 OBD2 diagnostic tool is compatible with all cars and light trucks that are OBD2 compliant. It supports all five OBDII protocols and is fully compatible with all popular cars and light trucks. The OBD scanner is not compatible with hybrids or heavy-duty diesel 24V vehicles, so be sure to check the compatibility before purchasing it. It can also work on diesel vehicles.

The MC Bluetooth BLE4.0 OBD2 diagnostic tool is compatible with most vehicles from 1996 to present. Its OBD2 protocol support ensures that the device works with most vehicles. It also supports all five OBDII protocols, including KWP2000. It is compatible with various brands of cars and trucks. Its wireless technology and Bluetooth compatibility make it a versatile tool for repairing cars.

The MC Bluetooth BLE4.0 OBD2 diagnostic tool offers a range of features. Its Bluetooth capabilities enable it to connect to the vehicle and provide the most detailed and comprehensive information about a car’s troubleshooting needs. Its large LCD displays also make it easy to read and display the data on the device. A large screen makes it convenient for easy operation. The OBD scanner is compatible with most cars and can be used for a variety of tasks.

The MC Bluetooth BLE4.0 OBD2 scanner is compatible with most car models from 1996 to the present. It supports all OBDII protocols, including ISO91412, KWP2000, and J1850 PWM. As with any OBD scanner, it is compatible with most cars. With this feature, you can perform diagnostic tests without a mechanic’s help. In addition to OBD-II, the MC Bluetooth BLE4.0 OBD2 diagnostic tool can also be used with some vehicles.

The MC Bluetooth BLE4.0 OBD2 scanner can be used with most car models from 1996 and newer. Its OBDII scanner supports ISO91411-2, KWP2000, J1850 PWM, and KWP2000 protocols. It supports a number of different car models and makes. It also has a variety of features that can help you diagnose a car.

This OBD scanner supports ISO91411-2 and J1850 PWM. It is compatible with most models from 1996 to the present. Besides, it is compatible with all major car brands. In addition to the OBD scanners, this Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool has an app that supports different OBDII apps. It can be used with iOS or Android smartphones. However, the MC Bluetooth BLE4.0 OBD2 Scanner requires a Bluetooth connection.

Its Bluetooth connectivity makes it compatible with a wide range of car models. It is also equipped with a high-quality OBD-II scanner. The Foseal OBD2 Scanner is compatible with most popular car models. It is a great option for DIY mechanics, and comes with a long cable and thick insulator. It supports many languages, including English, Spanish, Finnish, and Russian.