Thinkobd 100 and Thinkobd 500 OBD2 Code Readers

The thinkcar THINKOBD 100 car diagnostic code reader is a plug-and-play OBD2 reader with full OBD2 functions. It can also be used to check the OBD2 functions of most cars. This tool also features a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. It has the following features: (a) A battery-operated OBD2 diagnostic reader. (b) An intuitive user interface.


A built-in DTC lookup and lifetime after-sales service are great features of the Thinkobd. It is compatible with most OBD2/EOBD vehicles. It is not compatible with JOBD. It features a built-in DTC lookup that saves you time and effort. The system also displays the definition of the DTCSs. This means that you won’t waste time looking up the codes on your own.

The Thinkobd 100 is the simplest OBD2 scan tool available. It can quickly and easily read and clear trouble codes for all engine systems. Its cable is long and made of a thick, flexible insulator. Its user-friendly interface is designed to be user-friendly, even for people new to car diagnostics. The scanner can help you pass the Smog Check in an easy manner. If you don’t have the time or skill to diagnose your car, this is the perfect tool for you.

The Thinkobd 500 Obd2 reader is a good choice for beginners. It offers complete functionality and is compatible with most vehicles made after 1996. The reader has seven languages for easy communication and can also turn off the check engine light. Its high-luminance 1.77-inch built-in screen makes it convenient for people who are not so familiar with car diagnosis. And it is compatible with all Obd2 protocols. Whether you’re a novice mechanic or a professional, the Thinkobd 500 is a great choice for your car.

The Thinkobd 100 is an affordable OBD2 scanner with advanced features. It offers bi-directional ecu coding and more than 31 reset services. You don’t need to download any software or mobile app. The device is also supported by a customer service team around the clock. This tool is a great choice for car owners and DIY mechanics. This unit fits into your palm and is a very easy-to-use device.

The Thinkobd 100 car diagnostic scanner is an entry-level OBD2 scanner. It’s compatible with many vehicle models, including Asian and European models. It supports all major Obd2 protocols. Its long cable is easy to handle and does not require software. Its built-in screen supports 7 languages, including English. It can be used by anyone who owns a car. And it’s also very convenient for do-it-yourselfers.

The Thinkobd is an obd2 scanner that works with OBD2 protocols. Its built-in DTC lookup function saves a lot of time. It also lets you see what DTCSs are being sent by your car. It’s easy to read the code with this device. You’ll be able to use it in many different languages. If you’re a professional or a hobbyist, the Thinkobd will provide you with the knowledge you need to fix your vehicle.

The Thinkobd 20 is a good option for amateurs and those who want to learn more about car diagnostics. It can turn off the check engine light and read fault codes in an easy-to-use interface. Moreover, it can erase the check engine light if the problem is fixed. And it has a built-in battery. The thinkobd 100 has a high-lumination 1.77-inch screen.

The Thinkobd 20 obd2 scanner is an effective code reader and a complete obd2 scanner. It is compatible with most OBD2/EOBD vehicles. However, it is not compatible with JOBD vehicles. It does have built-in DTC lookup functionality, which is a huge time saver. This feature also helps you to see which modules your car has. The scan result is displayed in real-time on your screen.

The Thinkobd 100 and 20 OBD2 scanners are both easy to use. It is easy to use and requires no software or mobile apps. It is suitable for both manual and DIY users. Both of them support ISO9141-4 OBD2 protocols. In addition, the THINKOBD 20 and THINKOBD 100 are compatible with both older and modern cars. The THINKOBD 100 is more expensive, but it has the best features.