thinkcar ThinkOBD OBD2 Scanner Check Engine Code Reader Universal

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Product Description

THINKCAR Thinkobd 20-Your Car Engine Doctor!

Thinkcar Thinkobd 20-Your Car Engine DoctorThinkcar Thinkobd 20-Your Car Engine Doctor

What is Thinkobd 20 obd2 scanner?A fast, accurate and less expensive auto engine system scanning tool.

It helps car owners to read and clear the fault codes, monitor the engine systems and know the exact meaning of the fault code, which means you can find out the exact problem of the car engine and then fix it, or you can use this device to test your car before sending it for smog check to save time and money!

A very effective and user-friendly code reader.

Compared to equivalent OBD2 scanners, the THINKOBD 20 is more effective and user-friendly. It is an electronic DTCs dictionary for mechanics and DIYers to look up trouble codes directly. With its intuitive menus and 4 buttons, it is easy to use and allows even novice DIYers to perform their own inspections and repairs!

Thinkobd 20-Full OBD2 FunctionsThinkobd 20-Full OBD2 Functions

THINKOBD 20-Full 10 OBD2 Functions

THINKOBD 20, with all 10 modes of OBD2 functions, DTC Lookup, 1.77” LCD color display. It really is an excellent OBD2 code reader that you should have as standard equipment in your car. It allows do-it-yourselfers and mechanics to perform smog tests and solve basic engine and exhaust problems.

Full OBD2 diagnosis Function:

Read Codes: Reads general and manufacturer-specific codes of the check engine light and shows you the meaning of the code on the screen.Clear Codes: Clears check engine light codes after car engine fix, and then turn off the Malfunction Indicator Lamp.Live Data: Displays all live data of different engine parts.Freeze Frame: shows vehicle parameters recorded by ECU when an emission-related fault occurs.I/M Readiness: tests misfire, fuel system, and Comprehensive component.O2 sensor test: Retrieve and display O2 sensor monitor test results for the most commonly performed tests from the vehicle’s on-board computer.On-Board Monitoring: reads the results of on-board diagnostic monitoring.E VAP test: detects any leak in the vehicle’s E VAP system (not all vehicles support the E VAP test and the availability of the test depends on what the manufacturer has installed in the OBDII system).Vehicle Information: displays vehicle information via VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)DTC Lookup: Built-in DTC database, THINKOBD 20 can directly identify the code definition on the screen and no need to search. Gives you a more intuitive understanding of the problem and a budget.

Multilingual SupportMultilingual Support

Support for 7 languages

Thinkobd 20 supports English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, French and Portuguese.

I/M readiness for Smog TestsI/M readiness for Smog Tests

I/M readiness for Smog Tests

With the I/M Readiness feature of this OBD2 scanner, you can verify that the vehicle’s various emissions-related parts or systems are functioning properly and ensure that the monitors are ready for a smog test. If not, fix the problem before the smog test to successfully pass the test and avoid fines.


Code Definition

This device has a built-in, up-to-date OBD-II DTC library for reference. Error codes and their definitions can be found in the library. A 2.4-inch color TFT display (262K) LCD is built in to clearly read the information it contains. After an error code is detected, the definition of the code is displayed by clicking directly on the selected error code lookup.

Retrieve Vehicle InformationRetrieve Vehicle Information

Retrieve Vehicle Information

With this OBD2 code reader, you can easily access ECU and retrieve information such as VIN (vehicle identification number), CID (calibration identification) and CVN (calibration check number) to make accurate diagnoses. No need to search for the VIN anymore.

Multilingual SupportMultilingual Support


I/M readiness for Smog TestsI/M readiness for Smog Tests

I/M readiness for Smog Tests


Code Definition

Retrieve Vehicle InformationRetrieve Vehicle Information

Retrieve Vehicle Information

Thinkcar Thinkcar Thinkcar Thinkcar Nexas Nexas

Connection Method
16 PIN Cable 16 PIN Cable 16 PIN Cable 16 PIN Cable Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 16 PIN Cable

Supported System
ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission, BCM ABS, SRS, Engine ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission ABS, SRS Engine, Transmission, SRS, ABS, etc, depending on what APP you use. Engine

10 OBD2 Models

General Functions
Read Codes, Clear Codes, Live Data, Vehicle Info, Turn Off MIL Read Codes, Clear Codes, Live Data, Vehicle Info, Turn Off MIL Read Codes, Clear Codes, Live Data, Vehicle Info, Turn Off MIL Read Codes, Clear Codes, Live Data, Vehicle Info, Turn Off MIL Read Codes, Clear Codes, Live Data, Vehicle Info, Turn Off MIL Read Codes, Clear Codes, Live Data, Vehicle Info, Turn Off MIL

Special Maintenance Resets Functions
Choose 3 from 28 reset functions, 29.95 for one more reset function Choose 2 from 28 reset functions, 29.95 for one more reset function OIL, SAS, EPB, TPMS Reset, Throttle Adaptation OIL reset, EPB reset It depends on what APP you use, some APPs could reset service engine oil, EPB, BMS, SAS, etc. None

🚘【CHECK ENGINE CODE READER】THINKOBD 20 obd2 scanner is a code reader for scanning engine codes and turning off the check engine light. This obd2 scanner can not only read and clear fault codes and read data streams, but is equipped with 10 obd2 modules, such as read vehicle VIN, read O2 sensor data, read live data, etc, which is far better than products with only partial functions. Choose thinkobd 20, it is the most cost-effective vehicle scan tool for you!
🚘【TURN OFF CHECK ENGINE LIGHT +DTC LOOKUP】Is your Check Engine Light on all the time? This code reader will help you turn off the check engine light after you fix the problem and clear the trouble codes. With a built-in DTC library of over 3000 trouble code definitions, you can read common and manufacturer-specific codes directly and view the definitions. Instead of paying a mechanic to read the DTCs and turn off MIL. Quickly read the code, find the problem, fix it and save hundreds of bucks!
🚘【ENHANCED 10 OBDII DIAGNOSIS FEATURES】This car code reader supports 10 modes of OBDII diagnostic functions – read codes, clear codes, on-board monitor test, I/M readiness, vehicle live data, freeze frame data, vehicle VIN information, O2 monitor test, EVAP monitor test, DTCs lookup. Thinkobd 20 is a helpful engine code reader for car owners to check the vehicle’s engine system before sending the vehicle for emission test.
🚘【WIDE VEHICLE COVERAGE & 7 LANGUAGES】The THINKOBD obd2 scanner is compatible with all OBD2 protocols – CAN, ISO9141, KWP2000, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW. Works with most USA vehicles manufactured after 1996, EUR vehicles manufactured after 2000, and Asian vehicles manufactured after 2006. Supports multi-language diagnostics: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian and Portuguese.
🚘【EASY TO OPERATE】No charging, no battery, no Bluetooth or WiFi connection required. Plug and play, no complicated procedures, wired connection help you diagnose your car steadily and quickly! Very easy to use, even for beginners!
👍【Perfect Service】🚩12 Months Warranty for any quality issues.🚩Any questions, please specify your car model and year to contact us (Q&A or Amazon message), a professional customer service team will provide you with technical support.
❗❗【Additional Information】If you connect the product to the OBD interface and the unit does not light up, please check if the PIN of your car’s OBD interface is bent or shorted.

THINKOBD 100 OBD2 Scanner

The THINKOBD 100 OBD2 scanner is a plug-and-play car diagnostic code reader with full OBD2 functions. It offers a clear LED display and is fully-programmable for easy use. The THINKOBD 100 also offers a USB connection for easy portability. The thinkcar THINKOBD 100 can be purchased on for around $130.

The Thinkobd 100 OBD2 scanner is a compact device that works on most new vehicles. Its TFT color display is easy to read and the software comes with a lifetime warranty. You can even download free updates without a computer and update your scan tool at anytime. The THINKOBD 20 and THINKOBD 100 are both compatible with ISO9141-4 and J1850 PWM and CAN protocols.

The THINKOBD 100 OBD2 scanner can read trouble codes and fault codes from your car’s engine system. It features a DTC Lookup feature and a long cable. The user friendly software is easy to use even for beginners. Its built-in DTC lookup will save you time and make it easier to find the code you need. It will also help you pass your Smog Check with ease.

The THINKOBD 100 has a touch screen display and a DTC Lookup feature. It is lightweight and comfortable to use, and it comes with a 1.4-inch LCD color display. You can use the device in a variety of settings for a more convenient and user-friendly experience. Its DTC library is useful for entry-level DIYers and mechanics alike.

The Thinkobd 100 is a very useful and compact OBD2 scanner. It can read trouble codes and is compatible with most new cars. Moreover, it doesn’t require a software or mobile application. Innova CarScan Pro 5210 is a great obd2 scan tool that can help you pass your Smog Check with ease. So, if you’re looking for an OBD2 scan tool, you’ve come to the right place.

THINKOBD 100 is one of the few OBD2 scanners available for sale that can work on most new cars. It supports the OBDII protocol and works on most new US-based cars. Its display is multi-language and supports multiple languages. It is also compatible with foreign-language vehicles. It’s also a great choice for a car owner who is a DIYer and mechanic.

While the THINKOBD 100 OBD2 scanner can be used for various purposes, it is most commonly used for checking the engine codes and the vehicle’s condition. The THINKOBD 20 and THINKOBD 100 OBD2 scan tools are similar to the one sold by thinkcar. Neither one requires a wireless Internet connection and connect to the car with an OBD adapter cable. Both models don’t work on Japanese cars, however, and don’t support JOBD and CAN protocols.

The ThinkOBD 100 is a 5.6-ounce device that plugs into the car’s access port. It is ideal for roadside repairs, pre-inspection tests, and other similar tasks. It has a USB cable to update the firmware and the software. Its screen is only 1.8 inches, but it is small enough to easily fit into a glove compartment. A THINKOBD 100 OBD2 scanner is a must-have for any car owner.

The THINKOBD 100 OBD2 scanner is a good option for most people who are interested in car maintenance. The tool is easy to use and provides excellent data. The serial number is easy to remember. It does not require any internet connection. It does not require batteries and it does not require a laptop or PC. Whether you’re a mechanic or a do-it-yourselfer, the THINKOBD 100 is an excellent choice for you.

The THINKOBD 100 OBD2 scanner has a more comprehensive data stream. It features a larger color screen and more advanced technology to diagnose problems in the vehicle. This tool is the best option if you’re looking for a portable diagnostic tool that works well. Its dimensions are 4.72 x 2.5 x 0.79 inches and 6.4 ounces, respectively.