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Product Description

​​The T001OBD OBDII/EOBD Code Reader is a ruggedised designed and untra-portable code reader for entry-level pro and savvy DIYer. With 2.4’’ TFT color screen, hot keys and beepers for I/M readiness test, T001OBD enables users to fix faults at home or go to the garage armed with information.

Works with most 1996 and newer OBDII & CAN compliant cars, light-duty trucks, SUVs, minivans sold worldwide, including Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford F Series, Dodge Ram, Jeep Wrangler, BMW X5, Honda Accord ,etc T001OBD can not work on hybrid cars and electric cars. Lifetime FREE software (thousands of trouble code definitions stored within the software) and firmware update,update website is in the Chapter 7 Leasy Introduction on THEBIGDEALS USER MANUAL

T001OBD helps you pass the emission test!

I/M Readiness helps you check all the monitors OK or N/A.The vehicle’s computer performs tests on the emission system during normal drivingconditions. Afther a specific amountof drive time(each monitor has specific driving conditions and time required), the computer ‘s monitors decide if the vehicles emission system is working correctly!
Red-Yellow-Green LED indicators allow you easily determine whether your vehicle meets the State Emission Monitor Status and assits you to pass the Smog Check.

How do I know if this OBD scanner works on my vehicle or not?

The connector must be located within three feet of the driver and must not require any tools to be revealed. Look under the dash and behind ashtrays.

On 1996 and later vehicles, you can tell which protocol is used by examining the OBD II connector:

J1850 VPW –The connector should have metallic contacts in pins 2, 4, 5, and 16,but not 10. ISO 9141-2/KWP2000 –The connector should have metallic contacts in pins 4, 5, 7, 15, and 16. J1850 PWM –The connector should have metallic contacts in pins 2, 4, 5, 10, and 16. CAN –The connector should have metallic contacts in pins 4, 5, 6, 14 and 16. T001OBD supports protocols: J1859-41.6, J1850-10.4, ISO9141, KWP2000 (ISO 14230), and CAN (Control Area Network ISO 11898). Just check the connector and you will know if it works or not!

OBD II Diagnostic Trouble Codes are stored by the on-bpard computer diagnostic system in response to a problem found in the vehicle. These codes identify a particular problem area and are intended to provide you with a guide as to where a fault might be occurring within a vehicle.
The car computer diagnostic tester will read/erase engine fault codes and show the DTC definition on the screen. Quickly and efficiently troubleshoot the cause of check engine light and reset monitors.
T001OBD help you avoid the trouble of pushing the car on the road!

【Function:】2.4” TFT color screen;Test and display the voltage of battery;I/M readiness hot key; Read / Clear stored & pending codes, turn off Check Engine Light(MIL) and resets monitors; View on-screen fault code definitions; Read freeze-frame data(displays DTC definitions); Read real-time live data streams from the engine sensors; Graph live engine data on screen; Retrieve VIN, Cal ID and CVN identifiers from ECU;Red-Yellow-Green LEDs and build-in speaker indicate emissions monitor status.
【Application: 】Works with most 1996 and newer OBD 2 & CAN compliant cars, light-duty trucks, SUVs, minivans and hybrid sold worldwide,including Chevrolet Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford F Series, Dodge Ram, Jeep Wrangler, BMW X5, Honda Accord ,etc.
【Service:】Multilingual menu options: English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Dutch,Swedish; Lifetime FREE software and firmware update.And our OBD II has updated to V3.10 which adds new functions for battery checking and optimizing the OBD II code. You can update it from the website in the enclosed instruction.
【Design:】Automatic VIN acquisition and decoding makes it much easier to read manufacturer specific codes and enhanced mode 6 data; Asimple click from the short-cut menue to enter update mode; Ergonomic grip handle, bulging membrane switch, gilding metal pins.
【Warranty】This CAR DIAGNOSTIC TOOL will come with 30 days HASSLE-FREE RETURN & 3 year UNLIMITED REPLACEMENT PROMISE. If you don’t like it, just return it and get a full refund, All we wanna do is to make you love this scanner.