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MULTIFUNCTIONAL CONNECTION: ANCEL BD310 car code reader is a unique OBD-II scanner. it can be used in 3 different ways: not only can as a handheld connected to the car’s OBD-II port; but also connected to a all mobile phone or the tablet by wirelessly bluetooth 5.0 ; and more ingeniously can as a supplemental instrument panel display. It comes with a heater vent mounting kit and a magnetic back plate, can access to car HUD display to monitor such as engine speed or battery voltage.
FULL OBDII MODES: BD310 OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth is a professional diagnostic tool for reading and clearing fault codes and closing CEL, it not only accurately determines vehicle codes and possible causes, but also performs DTC searches, O2 sensor tests, I/ M Ready, Onboard Monitor Test, Read Data Stream, Display Freeze Frame Data, EVAP System Test, Retrieve Vehicle Information (VIN) and Generate Diagnostic Report, saving car owners a lot of time and money.
BATTERY/PERFORMANCE TEST & DASHBOARD: Most Bluetooth OBD2 code readers do not have the battery detection function or can only detect voltage. BD310 diagnostic scan tool can not only detect the max/min/flameout voltage of the battery and monitor the operating status of the battery. It also supports testing vehicle acceleration and braking distance, displays PID data in a graph, and can generate report text. Besides, it can display RPM /VSS speed, ECT temperature, etc for the engine data.
REAL-TIME MONITOR & TRIP ANALYSIS: Most OBD2 scanner bluetooth in the same price range do not have real-time monitoring and error analysis features. ANCEL BD310 auto code reader supports displaying real-time engine data in a graph, including oil temperature, voltage, speed, pressure, fuel consumption, VSS, intake air temperature and more. It can also record driving time and distance, analyze driving behavior, remind and correct bad driving habits, helping car owners improve driving safety.
SLEEP MODE AND FEEDBACK FUNCTION: If the car owner does not want the device to work all the time, this function can be used to quickly enter sleep mode to save power. If the device can not read the data, the car data can be collected through the feedback function, the problem can be quickly analyzed, and the car can effectively read the data and solve the problem. The ANCEL BD310 can easily solve 90% of the cases where the reading of the data fails.
WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Most OBD diagnostic tool on the market have poor compatibility, and some customers cannot effectively connect to the vehicle. BD310 Bluetooth OBD2 scanner is suitable for more than 98% of 1996 US vehicles, 2000 European and Asian vehicles, supports all OBDII/EOBD+ CAN protocol compliant vehicles (including ISO9141, Kwp2000, J1850 pwm, J1850 vpw and CAN), supports 8 languages: English/French/German/Spanish/Italian/Finnish/Dutch.