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Scanner Information

The Kobra OBD2 Bluetooth auto diagnostic scanner enables you to automatically detect, read and reset vehicle trouble codes within a few moments by connecting to most wireless automobile devices. Features. Low Power Consumption: Most portable oBD2 scanners run on a single charge and use an internal rechargeable battery for power. However, if the battery life runs out and the OBD cable is not available, the scanner will still function.

Conveniently Detailed Messages: If you have any trouble understanding or troubleshooting your odometer problem or the like, the built-in smart key pad will help you. It will also allow you to view all codes clearly in various DTC, CA state codes, VIN and other formats. The built-in OBD scanner can also work as a Bluetooth odb reader. With the android application, you can connect to a smart phone to view codes without having to connect the smart phone to the computer.

You can synchronize the device with your laptop or desktop computer to view the odometer information or trouble codes on any internet connected computer. You can view codes with the device on any computer with an appropriate driver. If the Smart Phone is not functional, you can also use the USB wireless connection for the OBD2 scanner and connect the device to the computer to view the trouble codes.

This kind of OBD device will help you troubleshoot your odometer problem easily and quickly. The device has the capability of scanning hundreds of cars before you even notice the symptoms of the malfunction. The device can even reset the code of some vehicles to normal. Just connect the scanner to the computer and let it work for you. The scanner has an automatic programmable feature so you can set the diagnostic tool to perform a scan according to the condition of the vehicle.

You can read about many problems and have the chance to be informed before making any misstep. This OBD2 scanner has been designed specifically to be compatible with the latest handheld and GPS devices with a screen that is well above 2 inches. You can be able to view the diagnostic information at anytime, anywhere. It can work out of the box, depending on the settings you have set. The programmable feature lets you configure the software for easy reference.

You can also use your android phone for other devices that require OBD connectivity, like your pager, smart phone or any other networked device that has access to wifi. The Bluetooth obdii scanner is able to communicate with most handhelds and mobile computers. The scanner can also communicate with the computer via the wi-fi connection, if the computer has this option. If you have an older computer without this option, you can still have this feature by using the Bluetooth OBDII interface, which is available in some mobile phones.

If you are looking for the best scanner, you should consider looking at the ios apps. With these apps you can get information from the obd2 scanner, like the temperature and pressure and it also works as an air quality monitor. The most popular app is the garage door openers diagnostic. It is a free download and you can download other apps for free. These apps will allow you to access more detailed information about your vehicle’s components.

For those who prefer an automobile repair specialist, you can look at the third party apps. Some of the best auto scan tools are available for the windows OS and these are the scanners recommended by mechanic specialists. It is a free download and you can scan your vehicle with it, whether it is an old model or a new one. You will be able to find multiple auto repair shops that use these scanners to access the data for them. The most popular scanner in this category is the wifi scanner for your smart phones.