OBD2 Scanner Car Scanner Model

OBD2 Scanner Car Scanner ModelOBD2 Scanner Car Scanner ModelOBD2 Scanner Car Scanner ModelOBD2 Scanner Car Scanner ModelOBD2 Scanner Car Scanner ModelOBD2 Scanner Car Scanner Model
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The OBDII barcode reader adopts a unique 3.5-inch color screen and supports all 9 OBDII test modes for complete diagnosis. It truly is the ultimate in power and economy, allowing users to get work done faster. Charts, logs, playback data, and troubleshooting code hints help users save time in diagnosis and repair. State-of-the-art multifunction barcode reader, powered by their proprietary technology, designed for technicians to troubleshoot the four systems of most major vehicles on the road today. With unique multi-function keys and 3.5 color screen. Same features and functionality, but with the added advantage of reading data streams from 4 systems and vehicle diagnostic reports.
Engine System Diagnostics: Diagnostic tools can help detect engine ignition, fuel injection, air-fuel ratio, and emissions in the engine exhaust system to improve vehicle performance, save energy, and reduce exhaust emissions.
For diagnostic transmissions: This makes sense for safe driving when your car is slipping or having a hard time shifting. This diagnostic scanner can troubleshoot problems by reading codes on the transmission system, or check health status with a real-time data display.
Diagnosing ABS System: Diagnosing ABS problems should always start with a visual inspection of all brake components, next you need to retrieve the ABS code to find out what the problem is, that’s what this scanner does for you.
For SRS diagnostic system: SRS, safety restraint system, consists of crash sensor, control module and airbag individually, this diagnostic device can detect each electronic parameter to check its health.
【Wide Features】- Supports 9 protocols, compatible with most 1996 American, 2000 European and Asian cars, as well as newer OBD II and CAN domestic or imported cars.
【Supports 9 Languages】: The car diagnostic scanning tool is suitable for most vehicles that comply with the OBD2 protocol after 1996, multi-language support English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, start The barcode reader supports lifetime free online updates and connects to wifi, so you can always use the latest software.
【Accuracy】: Real-time data in graphic form. Accurately read and clear fault codes for Obd2-equipped 12V diesel, SUV, light truck and global vehicles. Additionally, the vehicle scanner displays real-time vehicle sensor data in text and graphical formats, allowing you to focus on any suspicious or symptom-specific data parameters.
【Household Essentials】: Car scanners are open to global customers. This is an updated version of the basic automotive obdII diagnostic scanner with unique features. No battery required, charging directly from the OBDII car scanner port in your vehicle (you just need to open the vehicle), convenient for home and auto repair shop mechanics. It is recommended as a must in your toolbox.
【GREAT GIFT FOR EVERY CAR OWNER】: Perfect for father, husband, brother or boyfriend. Every car owner needs it! It comes with a high-quality head unit with a sturdy box. Get a car diagnostic scanner and surprise your loved one!

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