OBD2 Diagnostic Harness Scanner Splitter 26Pin Adapter

OBD2 Diagnostic Harness Scanner Splitter 26Pin AdapterOBD2 Diagnostic Harness Scanner Splitter 26Pin AdapterOBD2 Diagnostic Harness Scanner Splitter 26Pin AdapterOBD2 Diagnostic Harness Scanner Splitter 26Pin AdapterOBD2 Diagnostic Harness Scanner Splitter 26Pin Adapter
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This 26pin OBD2 Diagnostic Adaptor is for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y from Jan. 2019 – Now

Gain access to a variety of information about your Model 3.
Battery capacity.
Battery voltage.
Drive-train output.
HVAC data etc.
A few apps are available that will make use of the OBD-II module diagnostic cable, will then read this data then display it accordingly. Please download/purchase Scan-my-tesla(Android) and tesLAX(iOS) or others based on your needs.

Find Your OEM Connector.
The connector is located at the rear of the centre console by removing the rear panel from the rear passenger footwell. This is located below the vents and UBS port area.
When the panel is removed you will see a connector that has to be disconnected, then connect the adapter cable between the cars connection.
Please don’t attempt this unless your are sure you know what to do.

Please completely shut down your car before connecting this cable to the existing wiring. The complete shutdown can take up to 15 minutes. you can find information in your cars manual on how to perform a shut down on the vehicle.
Cable is not suitable for Model 3’s and Y’s Manufactured before Jan 2019.

Application software And Hardware.
You will need both a OBD-II adapter and software to be able to read and display the information.
Apps currently available.
ScanMyTesla (Android)
TMSpy (Andriod & IOS)
Please use an ELM327 / STN11100 compatible OBD-II Bluetooth adapter and the required cable for your vehicle.
Try to make sure you use a high quality adapter that supports the ST command set. For help with ODB-II adapter selection check the application software for information.

NOTE: Connecting any equipment to your vehicle is done completely at your own risk. Zero EV will not be held responsible for damage caused to your Tesla.

1x26pin Model 3/Y adaptor

Full diagnostics – OBD2 port allows to read CANBUS data that is otherwise not available from main screen: battery pack temperature, motor temperature, cell voltage etc.
Model 3 / Y OBD2 connector harness – For 2019, 2020, 2021 Model 3 and Model Y – Creates an OBD2 output in a vehicle. It can gain access to Battery capacity, Battery voltage, Drive-train output, HVAC data etc.
Vehicle compatibility: For Tesla Model 3 / Model Y from 2019 and onwards. Earlier Model 3 had a harness connector slightly different shape from ours and it simply won’t fit.
This harness is designed to work with any good quality OBD2 scanner / code reader, which can properly manage CANBUS data. USB, Wifi or Bluetooth.
Note: We just sell this Harness obd diagnostic adapter, no any apps and software supplied. 5.Fast delivery. This adapter is in FBA, amazon help us to arrange delivery locally. 100% brand new and tested before delivery, 2 years quality warranty.