Motorcycle Scanner , Fydun OBD2 Code Reader Automotive

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Condition:100% Brand NewItem Type: Motorcycle Scanner
Material: ABS
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1. OBD2 Car & motorcycle: Reading code, Erasing fault code, Data flowing, ABS System
2. for Honda, for Suzuki, for Yamaha: Reading code & Erasing fault code


Fit for all cars since 1996. (OBD 12pin)
Fit for  new motorcycles since 2019.
Fit for Honda, for Suzuki, for Yamaha

Package List:

1 x Motorcycle Scanner
4 x Work Wiring
1 x Tool Storage Box
1 x Manual

Compatible: The motorcycle scanner uses a 2.4-inch color display, which is easy to operate and easy to carry. It is an ideal tool for motorcycle after-sales maintenance and supports a variety of models. It is suitable for Honda, for Suzuki, for Yamaha, and also supports engine system functions, bringing you more convenience.
Data reading: You can read the code and display the detailed description of the diagnostic trouble code (DTC). You can erase and reset the code, turn off the check engine light (MIL), clear the code and reset the monitor. It can read and display real-time ECU/PCM data stream, draw functions graphically and store freeze frame data.
LCD display: Car Code Reader Diagnostic Scan Tool read real-time data stream, and display the continuous data stream information of the vehicle in real-time graph (waveform) display mode. View freeze frame data and check certain vehicle conditions recorded by the onboard computer when emissions-related failures occur.
Easy to carry: small size and light weight, motorcycle scan tool with storage box for easy carrying and operation. It is a must-have item for motorcycle repair, find and troubleshoot faults.
Service: We are responsible for the product and believe in the quality of the product. Professional functions and high reliability bring you a different experience and ensure the satisfaction of each customer. If you have any questions about our products, we will answer them at any time.

The Fydun Motorcycle OBD2 SCANNER has all the features you will need to diagnose your motorcycle. Its bidirectional component and system tests will cut down your diagnostic time. Its large color display makes it easy to read and understand. You can even print out the diagnostic data with just ONE CLICK. There are even Bluetooth features built-in, which makes it easy to pair your device with your laptop or printer.

Bidirectional component and system tests can significantly reduce diagnostic time

Bidirectional motorcycle OBD2 scan tools are able to communicate with the vehicle’s onboard computer. In addition to receiving information from the vehicle’s ECM, bidirectional tools can also send commands to the vehicle’s various systems. For instance, a bidirectional motorcycle scanner can turn on the fuel pump, cycle the a/c clutch, or perform an evaporative emissions leak test. These bidirectional tests are vital in reducing diagnostic time.

The Fydun Motorcycle OBD2 scanner works with any motorcycle with a standard OBD2 port. The software will automatically identify which systems are not functioning properly or need to be updated. Bidirectional scanners use a cable to connect to the car’s onboard computer. The software will then communicate with the motorcycle’s ECU to determine which components need repair.

Bluetooth technology

The Fydun Motorcycle OBD2 scanner with Bluetooth features wireless transmission of data and error messages from the vehicle’s fault memory. The device is a helpful tool for both amateur and professional mechanics. It allows you to identify and troubleshoot problems without having to go to a mechanic. As a result, this device can save your time and money while improving your safety and driving performance.

Most Bluetooth OBD2 scanners available for under $30 have limited compatibility and use Bluetooth 4.0. Bluetooth 5.0 technology for the Fydun Motorcycle OBD2 scanner can support multiple devices and operating systems, such as cell phones and computers. With Bluetooth 5.0, the product can instantly connect to the vehicle’s OBD interface and read ECU data. Bluetooth 5.0 also offers better compatibility with third-party apps, allowing you to diagnose multiple vehicles from the comfort of your mobile device.

Autel MS309

The Autel MS309 Motorcycle OBD2 scan tool is ideal for checking pending and fault codes on your motorcycle. It can read general as well as manufacturer-specific codes, and can reset the Malfunction Indicator Light to indicate that the engine is in need of service. The device is compact and easy to use and is ideal for motorcycle repair. You will also find this device useful in troubleshooting fuel control concerns and engine problems.

This OBD2 scanner is easy to use and comes with a backlit Clear LCD screen. It has a separate VIN number display. The MS309 also has a button for turning off the engine light and clearing codes. This device also comes with a User Manual and has a database of all possible codes, including those for 2013 models. It is compatible with most motorcycles and offers a wide range of functions.

Fydun NT604 Elite Code Scanner

The Fydun NT604 Elite motorcycle OBD2 Scanner features a 2.4-inch color display and a menu-driven operation that makes it easy to use. Its patented technology supports multiple models, engine system functions, and common procedures for analyzing data. This motorcycle scanner helps you diagnose various problems and improve your maintenance efficiency. It is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and supports both computers and cell phones. Its latest Bluetooth 5.0 solution allows the product to instantly connect to the OBD interface of the vehicle. It makes reading ECU data much easier.

The MOTO 100 is a powerful all-system motorcycle diagnostic tool. It is capable of reading trouble codes, turning off the check engine light, and scanning all electronic control modules. Other features of the MOTO 100 include automatic VIN recognition, engine and ABS data streams, and live data. This scanner is compatible with many motorcycles, including Harley-Davidson and Ducati. You can even set the monitor to work on your bike by pressing one button.