MOTOPOWER MP69033 Car OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Engine

Price: $26.99 - $25.00
(as of May 01,2022 06:12:54 UTC – Details)

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✅【Multi-Functions】- Practical Multi-Functions OBD2 code reader features built-in OBD2 DTC lookup library, which help you to determine the cause of the engine light, read code, erase code, view freeze frame, I/M ready, vehicle information, data flow, real-time curve, get vehicle speed information, calculate load value, engine coolant temperature, get engine speed.
✅【Wide Capability】- Supports 9 protocols compatible with most 1996 US-Based, 2000 EU-Based and Asian cars, and newer OBD II & CAN domestic or import vehicles. Supports 6 languages – English,German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian.
✅【LCD Display】- Designed with a clear display LCD screen (128 x 64 pixels) – white backlight and contrast adjustment. No need any battery or charger, OBD reader gets the power directly from your vehicle through the OBDII Data Link Connector.
✅【Compact Design】- Car diagnostic scanner is equipped with a 2.5 feet long cable and made of a very thick flexible insulator.There are 6 buttons on OBD2 Scanner:scroll up/down,enter/exit and buttons that quick query VIN vehicle number& the DTC fault code.
✅【ABS / Airbag codes NOT Supported】- It is able to read and clear check engine information which is part of OBDII system, but it cannot work with non-OBDII systems, including ABS / Airbag / Oil Service Light, etc.
✅【Screen Protecting Film】- There’s a transparent screen protecting film on the screen surface. If any scratches on the film, just tear off the screen protecting film. If any more problem on the screen, just contact our customer service for replacement directly.
✅【Connection Guide】- Plug the scanner into the OBDII port on your car, turn on the ignition and then press the OK button to make the connection. To view the live data, please start the engine. If connection failure, please contact motopower directly for assistance.

When purchasing an OBD2 scan tool, it is vital to look at price and features. In this article, we will take a look at some of the more popular models and their costs. The reliability of each product is also examined. We’ve also listed the best prices for these devices. Read on to learn more. Interested in purchasing one of these devices? Continue reading to learn more about their features, prices, and costs.


The MOTOPOWER MP69033 OBD2-Scanner is an easy to use OBD2 scanner that can diagnose fault codes and turn off the check engine light. It can perform four systems of diagnosis and record data. The MOTOPOWER MP69033 OBD2 scanner is cheap, has a compact design, and can display freeze-frame data and other information about the vehicle. It can also diagnose specific fault codes and turn off warning lights.

The MOTOPOWER MP69033 OBD-Scanner has a low price, and it is the best choice for the average home mechanic. Compared to the Foxwell NT201 or NT301, this model offers a better value for your money. For starters, it does not require an external battery, and it draws power directly from your car’s battery. However, it has limitations. It cannot read codes when the check engine light is on, so it’s not suitable for mechanics who regularly service cars.

The MOTOPOWER MP69033 OBD-Scanner has an upgraded processor and a bigger screen. It also supports 9 protocols and six languages. It also runs off the vehicle’s battery, so you’ll never run out of battery power. It also has a yearly update and an extra $100 for a language option. But the price of this model doesn’t really matter because you’ll have your scanner on hand, and can use it on the road.

Another important consideration is the cost. While it is easy to buy a MOTOPOWER MP69033 OBD2 scanner, you should keep in mind the following things before making a purchase. Firstly, the cost of the scanner is high. A more expensive model would cost you more. However, if you need it frequently, you should purchase one with an annual update fee of $695.

Innova CarScan Advisor 5210 is another good option. The screen can display up to 20 pieces of vital information at a glance. It can also diagnose problems related to ABS brakes and check engine warnings. It also has a Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with a mobile device. You can even download apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can find the reviews and specifications of MOTOPOWER MP69033 OBD2 scanner on the official website.


The MOTOPOWER MP69033 OBD2-Scanner has the following features: It is a multi-function scanner that supports 6 languages and 9 protocols. Its built-in power supply lets you connect to your vehicle’s OBD-II port. The scanner can read and erase fault codes, as well as provide vehicle information and freeze frames. It also features an LED indicator and a built-in speaker.

The MOTOPOWER MP69033 OBD-II Scanner is easy to use, has a compact design and a three-year warranty. It also displays a freeze frame, gives you a diagnostic report, and can turn off error warnings. The MOTOPOWER MP69033 OBD-II scanner is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for an OBD-II scanner at an affordable price.

The MP69033 OBD-II Scanner connects to a 16-pin connector and offers two-button operation. The LCD screen displays more than 3000 error code definitions. It supports a wide variety of vehicles, including hybrids, trucks, and SUVs. In addition, this scan tool also features a clear trouble code display. Another great feature is the fact that it does not require a battery. It draws its power from the OBD II data link connector and can be up to 2.5 feet long.

The MOTOPOWER MP69033 OBD-II scanner features many benefits that make it an excellent choice for home diagnostics. With nine-protocol compatibility, it is a great choice for professional applications, and it’s battery-free. With its simple, clear LCD screen, and compact design, the MP69033 OBD-II scanner is convenient to use and has an I/M ready feature. It also provides all information about a car, including engine coolant, and even a load value.

The MOTOPOWER MP69033 OBD2-II Scanner has a range of advanced features that make it an essential tool for vehicle owners. Its built-in screen allows users to read the results on the go. This feature helps them diagnose faults faster, as it is available at any time, even while driving. Its graphical display also allows you to see the data in real time.


The MOTOPOWER MP69033 OBD2-Scanner boasts an impressive feature set: its VIN scan capability. These devices can retrieve information about the vehicle’s unique identification number (VIN), which can be very helpful when buying a used car. The MP69033 OBD2 Scanner costs $10 less than the AD310, but it is no less reliable.

The MOTOPOWER MP69033 is also capable of reading the warnings of many vehicles. This scanner is compatible with vehicles built after 1996 and 2000. It can also perform EVAP tests and has an enhanced mode 6 for on-board monitoring. It’s very easy to use and can perform diagnostics for all makes and models of cars. Moreover, the MP69033 is compatible with most types of car models, including foreign and domestic.

The MP69033 OBD2 ScanNER can easily diagnose fault codes and provide a freeze frame for easy comparison. Its design and functionality make it easy to use and cheap to buy. It comes with a battery and can be easily connected to the OBDII port on the car. Its advanced features include live data stream, diagnosis of specific fault codes, and turning off error warnings.

The MOTOPOWER MP69033 OBD2-Scanner features a four-character digital display with close to 0.1-volt accuracy. In comparison, counterfeit models have a three-character display and have less accurate readings. Moreover, it comes with a two-year warranty and lifetime service. It is a must-have for anyone looking for an OBD2 scanner.

The MOTOPOWER MP69033 OBD2-Scanner’s reliability is highly rated. It is a reliable OBD2 scanner that supports all the OBD2 protocols. The LCD screen features over three thousand error code definitions, and it has an inbuilt misfire counter. Furthermore, it is easy to operate and comes in a handheld design. The MOTOPOWER MP69033 OBD2 Scanner’s price is reasonable as well.

The MOTOPOWER MP69033 OBD-Scanner is highly reliable and offers reliable service. You can even check your emissions with this tool. However, if you are a novice, you may want to choose an alternative. However, the MP69033 is the best choice for those who need a reliable scanner and don’t want to spend a lot of money.


The MOTOPOWER MP69033 OBD2-Scanner is an inexpensive, compact OBD2 scanner with quick and easy diagnosis of fault codes. It also supports freeze frame view, DTC database, speed, and engine coolant temperature readings. It supports six languages and does not require a battery, but draws power from the car’s OBD2 data link connector. It is a great choice for DIY mechanics or those with limited budgets.

The MOTOPOWER MP69033 OBD2-Scanner is priced competitively with many similar products on the market. It is not as expensive as other OBD2 scanners, but it does have some limitations. Besides being limited to OBD2 systems, it is not capable of detecting ABS, airbag, or transmission systems. If you need more sophisticated diagnostics, you should choose a more expensive model.

The MOTOPOWER MP69033 OBD2-Scanner is not the cheapest one, but it is a solid choice for home mechanics and beginners. It does not cost as much as other top-tier OBD-Scanners, but it does have a five-year warranty and free lifetime updates. You can use it to diagnose intermittent faults and turn off warning lights on your car. You can also use it for other purposes, such as improving the car’s performance.

This MOTOPOWER MP69033 Multi-Function OBD2 Scanner supports 9 protocols and six languages. It gets its power from the car through wires. Unlike most scanners, it is able to connect to other devices through USB and WiFi. You can even use it with Bluetooth. In addition to a large display, the MP69033 can also print and record data. This scanner is priced at $254 – much cheaper than some professional code readers.

This OBD2 scanner is great for diagnosing problems on a vehicle. It is a valuable tool for a garage mechanic shop. It gives tons of useful information, making troubleshooting easier than ever. It can work with most vehicles, making it a good second option. The best thing about it is the price-performance ratio it offers. It’s an excellent value for money.

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