LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner CRP429c-2022 Enhanced Check Engine

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Our story

How we got our start? A boy who dreams of becoming a car mechanic since childhood founded launch tech with friends. What makes our product unique? Professional, efficient and convenient Why we love what we do? LAUNCH Create Change for You

🔥【4 system + 11 special functions +10 OBDII Functions】Launch CRP429C is one professional diagnostic tool with powerful function, support obd2 full function such as read and clear DTCs for Engine/ABS/SRS/Transmission, graph live data of all system, evap system test.CRP429C add oil reset, SAS reset,electronic parking brake reset,battery maintenance, ABS bleeding, electronic throttle position reset, DPF regeneration, injector coding, TPMS reset
🔥【2022 upgrade 429c Poins】Fixed 2021 year flash back and battery life issues.The new launch crp429c optimizes the old version of the battery problem. The launch scanner is equipped with Android 7.0 system, 4000 Ma battery (longer and more stable endurance), 5-inch 720P HD screen, A5 processor (smoother), and 8G memory to support more model software
🔥【4-in-1 graphic data flow / print data / print diagnosis report / record historical data】powerful data analysis function, not only engine system, but also ABS, SRS and gearbox. >>>Automatic generation of main system diagnosis report, for the car problem at a glance. >>>Replay the frozen frame and record the history of the car. >>>Print out the data you want
🔥【Over 10,000 Vehicle Supported】Launch crp429c OBD2 scanner supports not only OBD2, but also OBD, Eobd, jobd, can and other 12V vehicles. The same compatible model with launch Tech’s flagship product X431 series.
🔥【Worry free service】 5-year warranty, 60 day return (non-human damage). Please identify launch tech, we are not only responsible for the United States, but also responsible for global launch services. Any questions please put forward in QA section

If you are looking for a high quality OBD2 scanner for your car, it is important to know about the difference between NT301 and CR529 models. In this article, you will discover why the CR429C is a better choice. If you’re not familiar with this brand, this article will help you decide between the two. Here are some of the features of each model:


The Launch CRP429C Enhanced OBD2 Scanner was designed with the convenience of a bottom-mounted connection port. Its intuitive navigation is a combination of a touch screen and buttons. Its Auto-VIN and I/M buttons let you quickly identify problems, ensuring the best possible diagnostic results. And with a five-year warranty, you can use it without worrying about damage to your vehicle.

The LAUNCH 469 automatically saves an inspection report when it completes a diagnostic scan. It then transfers the file to a specified binding mailbox. This way, you can easily explain what the issue is to a technician. The Launch CRP429C Enhanced OBD2 Scanner has 11 special service reset features, including oil lamp and brake pad reset, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), battery matching, injector programming, and steering angle adaptation.


The CRP429C is an evolutionary smart solution for passenger car diagnosis, inheriting LAUNCH’s advanced diagnostic technology. With powerful functions and precision testing results, it has been able to diagnose more than 40 common car models from across the globe. It also supports Spanish and English language support. The CRP429c can automatically detect your car and start the auto-detection process, which is the key to successful diagnostics.

This device comes with a Bluetooth feature that lets you communicate with your scanner via Bluetooth. It also features a bidirectional control feature, enabling you to send commands to the scanner to perform a specific test on your vehicle. However, this feature is only available for some car models and may not be necessary. So, if you are looking for a scanner that supports all cars, this is a good choice.


The Launch CRP429C Enhanced OBD2 Scanner is a touchscreen-based vehicle diagnostic tool that supports touch or keyboard input. It comes with an Android 7.0 system, an A5 quad-core processor, and a 12-month warranty. Besides, it provides vehicle health reports, fault codes, and four main system parameters. In addition, the scanner supports USB charging and features an on-screen keyboard.

The LAUNCH CRP429C features 11 advanced functions to help you diagnose and repair your car. Its Enhanced OBD2 Scanner supports ABS bleeding, oil service reset, brake system fluid and filter regeneration, anti-theft system, tire pressure monitoring system, and brake and steering angle calibration. It can even record and playback diagnostic reports and keep historical codes. Its price is affordable at under $300.


The Launch CRP429C Enhanced ODB2 Scanner is a multifunctional device that supports touch input and keyboard navigation. It is powered by a powerful A5 quad-core processor, and comes with a 12-month warranty. The scanner is equipped with four main system parameters: ABS/SRS/AT/ENG, and a fault code viewer. The scan results are displayed on the scanner’s 5″ touch screen.

The Launch Crp429C Enhanced OBD2 SCANNER is capable of reading Diagnostic Trouble Codes, clearing diagnostic information, and displaying I/M Readiness Status. The scanner has a 5-inch touchscreen and runs on Android. It has an A5 quad-core processor and 8GB of ROM. The device has a variety of diagnostic and feedback functions, making it suitable for any user.


The Launch CRP429C Enhanced OBS2 Scanner comes with a variety of features to solve a wide range of car problems. This car diagnostic tool supports all 10 OBD2 test modes and can read and clear emission-related codes. The tool also includes an ABS & SRS function and can help you reset the electronic parking brake or steering angle. Its ten-point scan capability helps you identify problems related to the brakes, airbags, and more.

The Launch CRP429C Enhanced OBS2 Scanner comes with a charger, USB cord, and carrying case. It features a 5-inch touch screen, A5 quad-core processor, Android system, and a 12-month warranty. It can read fault codes and diagnose ABS/SRS/AT/ENG systems. It also includes a user manual and a charging cable.