LAUNCH CRP909C OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader, All System Diagnostic Scan

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Launch Tech USA is a leading supplier of diagnostic tools and solutions over 14 years in the American Market.Our mission is to provide the most innovative and cost-effective solutions in the automotive aftermarket. Based on over 800 R&D engineers in Launch headquarters, Launch USA introduces new products into the market every year, keeping up with the new trends of diagnostic industry.

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Founded in 2003, Launch Tech USA always put our customers first, better service to local customers. Our business sectors are divided into auto scanner, auto maintenance, wheel aligner, tire -related equipment, and automotive after-marketing solution.Our Values: Innovation, Quality, Effciency, Profession, Competition.

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🔊【Tips Before Purchase】Please UPDATE the CRP909C launch scan tool to the latest version to GET Additional 11 FREE RESET SERVICES, any version is supported. 🚩This obd2 scanner diagnostic tool is not equipped with bi-directional test; 🚩Key programming only supports specific models, please CONSULT US BEFORE PURCHASE, will reply within 12 hours;🚩Customized reset service is available at the “MALL”.
🎁【CHECK YOUR FREE GIFT】As the 2022 new arrival of LAUNCH, we offer a FREE OBD2 Scanner extension cable to encourage everyone to try this brand new code readers & scan tools LAUNCH CRP909C. Just click “Extra Saving” under price and add both to your cart. First Come, First Served.
🥇【2022 New Enhanced Car Diagnostic Scanner】The car diagnostic scanner tool is an upgraded and enhanced version of the LAUNCH CRP123, CRP129 Series obd2 auto scanner. ▶Enjoy quick diagnostics with Android 8.0 OS. ▶7″ clear and sensitive touch screen and keypad input. ▶Simple and efficient one-touch WiFi update. ▶6000mAh large capacity for 12-14 hours of work. ▶4-in-1 live data in one graph, most other obd2 car scanners don’t support.
🏆【Full Advanced Services-Lifetime Free】Providing real value for your time and money, the transmission engine code reader comes with 26 plus most popular reset features, including IMMO, Auto Bleed, BMS, EPB, DPF, SAS, TPMS, Oil Light, Sunroof, Suspension, AC, TYRE, Window, Seat, Gearbox, AFS Headlamp Reset, Injector Coding, Throttle Adaptation, Gear Learning,etc. By using this scanner for cars launch, you are enabled to solve the most frequently occurring car troubles BY YOURSELF.
🚗【OE-Level All System Diagnosis】To know the condition of various systems that helps the car to run properly. This car code reader automotive diagnostic tool is designed to perform a quick and comprehensive diagnostic scan of all available systems of the car, like ABS, SRS, TPMS, Engine, Transmission, Brakes, Suspension, Fuel system, etc.Find data abnormalities, quickly point out faults and fix them.
👍【Auto VIN & Auto Scan & Over 108 Car Brands】This car diagnostic obd2 code reader features with AutoVin function to easily read the vehicle identification number. And Auto Scan can perform a comprehensive scan of all available systems of your vehicle. Help you to troubleshoot the problems fast for 108+ US, European, Asian vehicle brands.
🛒【Perfect Gift Choice】The crp909c as a professional automotive scanner is an excellent gift option for your lovers, fathers, brothers and friends, whether they are car owners, DIYers, car dealers, technicians, mechanics and auto engineers.
🎈【Your Peace of Mind is Assured】Be our happy customer – Lifetime technical support and 1 year free updates are provided, and our professional support team is always ready to provide assistance. Any questions, just contact us at any time via Amazon Messages for a quick response. Returns and refunds are allowed if the car engine code scanner does not meet your expectations. Note: One purchase, lifetime access and updates after 12 months are only $95/year.

The LAUNCH CRP909C Obd2 Scanner is an easy-to-use tool that provides a variety of system diagnostic functions. Its features include an LED backlight, live data, and ECU programming. Its port is easy to connect to your vehicle, and it has a variety of advanced functions. For example, it can be used to diagnose engines, power supplies, and more. This tool comes with a built-in Wi-Fi connection, which makes it the perfect fit for any automotive setting.

The LAUNCH CRP909C OBT2 Scanner is compatible with all vehicle models from 1996 to 2005. It is ideal for both new and used vehicles. The device is easy to use, and it is compatible with all types of vehicles. It supports OE-level full system diagnosis, which means it covers the engine, chassis, and electrical equipment. It also comes with GPS tracking, and it supports multiple languages.

The LAUNCH CRP909C OBT2 Scanner supports OE-level full system diagnosis. Its unique smart diagnosis feature lets you choose what type of trouble codes you want to read. With this feature, you can choose what to diagnose by erasing or reading DTCs. Once you’ve completed your scan, you can view live data and a freeze frame. You can even save the results to a bindable e-mail account for your records. The LAUNCH 469 can perform 11 special service reset functions. These include brake pad and oil lamp resets, Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) test, and battery matching. It also has 15 special reset functions, including steering angle calibration and Diesel Particulate Filter Reset.

The LAUNCH CRP909C ODB2 Scanner supports OE-level full system diagnosis. It supports the most popular vehicle systems and can also read and erase codes for specific models. The LAUNCH CRP909C also supports the O2 sensor and EVAP test. The two OBD2 scanners are virtually identical in design. The only differences are that the LAUNCH CRP909E is slightly smaller and lighter, while the LAUNCH CRP909X is more portable and easier to store. Both models share the same rubberized housing.

The LAUNCH CRP909C supports all major vehicle systems and can read and erase codes for specific models. Its three modes of operation include diagnostic and freeze-frame mode. It also includes 15 special service reset functions, including oil lamp and brake pad reset, TPMS reset, battery match, steering angle calibration, and ABS bleeding. These functions make it easy to read trouble codes, find engine problems, and get repair advice.

The Launch CRP909C OBD2 SCANNER is designed to diagnose more than OBD2 trouble codes. The CRP909C OBD2 SCanner has a reversible display, which means you can use it in multiple languages. You can easily use the device in a car repair shop, or at home to diagnose and maintain your car. All of the diagnostics in this scanner are easy to read with the LAUNCH CR529C OBD2 Scanner.

The LAUNCH CRP909C ODB2 Scanner has a built-in memory and supports a number of OBD2 protocols. It can read and clear fault codes, and recover EVAP information. It is a good choice for DIY diagnostics. If you have an existing car, the LAUNCH CRP909C OBI2 Scanner can help you diagnose it.

The LAUNCH CRP909C ODB2 Scanner is an intelligent car diagnostic tool that supports all 10 OBD2 tests. It also supports 11 reset functions. With its one-click update feature, it is easy to add the latest car model and make. Its user-friendly interface is highly intuitive, making it easy to operate. Unlike other diagnostic tools, it allows you to download reports and other useful data through the Internet.

The LAUNCH CRP909C is an excellent choice for car beauty service centers and car repair garages. It comes with 15 special maintenance and reset functions, a 7” inch touch screen, and a high configuration. It can be connected via wifi and offers remote technical assistance. The LCD displays on the LAUNCH CRP909C ODB2 Scanner are designed for easy-to-use.