LAUNCH CR629 OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS Scan Tool with Active

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launch x431 diagnostic scan tool obd2 scanner code reader PAD VIIlaunch x431 diagnostic scan tool obd2 scanner code reader PAD VII

How did we get our start?

Launch Tech Co., Ltd was founded in 1992. LAUNCH is one of the first high-tech enterprises who dedicated to auto diagnosis, test, maintenance and the R&D and production of tire-related equipment.

What makes our products unique?

Create-Change. In conformity with the enterprise culture of Innovation, Quality, Efficiency, Profession and Competition, and the spirit of people orientation and continuous innovation, LAUNCH is striding forward along the road of high tech.


【ABS & SRS Diagnoses + Active Test for ABS SRS】LAUNCH CR629 scan tool can do advanced Bidirectional Control (active test), read vehicle version information, read/clear DTCs, and read graphic live data stream for ABS SRS modules. Utilizing the active test can detect the hidden problems when you see the related warning light of ABS SRS systems. 📌NOTE: This launch obd2 scanner currently supports ACTIVE TEST for 20 car brands. Please contact us to check the compatibility before purchase.
【3 Reset Services】This automotive scanner LAUNCH CR629 provides 3 reset services: Oil reset, SAS reset and BMS Reset, helping to keep your car running smoothly. ➤Oil Reset: To reset the oil life each time you have the oil and oil filter changed. ➤SAS Reset: To perform a calibration of the steering angle sensor following a wheel alignment or installation of a suspension or steering part. ➤BMS Reset. 📌Please contact us to check the vehicle compatibility for reset services before purchase.
【OBD2 Full Functions + Support 10000+ Vehicle】 Come with 10 modes of OBD2 tests (including Read/Clear codes, View Freeze Frame Data, O2 Sensor Test, Evap Test, etc.), LAUNCH CR629 obd2 scanner tells you the exact problem behind the check engine warning light, solve emission issues, and help pass smog test for most post-1996 OBD2/CAN vehicles. This ABS SRS scan tool supports ABS & SRS diagnoses for 42 car brands. 22 Car brands for BMS reset, 53 brands for oil reset, and 41 brands for SAS reset.
【User-friendly + Live Data Stream】 LAUNCH CR629 car code reader is specially designed with the following features ➤3.5 inch large LCD color display. ➤3 hot keys(F1/F2/F3)to access to the target interface directly with ONE CLICK. ➤DTC Lookup to identify a code’s meaning directly. No google research needed! ➤PC Printing to print the information out after PC connection. ➤Review data records historical DTCs, data streams and freeze frame data, which is convenient to view at any time.
【5 Years Warranty + Lifetime Free Update+ 8 Languages】 This original Launch OBD2 scanner CR629 is backed up by Launch official after-sale services with 5-year warranty, available 60-days return & replacement policy. This car code scanner supports English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Italian. If you have any problem, you can contact us freely via customer service email or message us on Amazon.

LAUNCH CR629 OBD2 Scanner Review

If you’re looking for an affordable OBD2 scanner, the LAUNCH CR629 may be right for you. This OBDII scan tool supports full OBD2 functions, the EOBD protocol, oil reset, and more. It also supports 53 car brands and new make up to 2021 models. Moreover, the LAUNCH CR629 is compatible with most new-make and 1996 OBDII-compliant vehicles in the US and Europe, as well as twelve-volt light-duty trucks. The device supports eight languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Russian.


If you’re looking for a simple but effective OBD2 scanner, the LAUNCH CR629 OBDII scanner is the right choice. It has a host of features that will keep your car running smoothly, such as reading Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) for all major systems, as well as viewing freeze-frame and live data. It can also perform various functions, including Inspection and Maintenance readiness, Enhanced Evaporative (EVAP) testing, and ABS Bleed. This diagnostic tool also has 15 special reset functions, including Adaptive Front-lighting System(AFS) calibration and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) reset.

The Launch CR629 OBD2 ScanNER offers 10 distinct test modes, which are ideal for diagnosing check engine light issues and emission problems. It can also help you pass smog tests with ease. It supports 42 car brands, 22 vehicle types, and 51 oil reset tests. It can also scan for various engine faults, such as a malfunctioning ECU. It can also diagnose problems with a car’s ABS and SRS systems, a feature that can make the difference between an unsatisfactory and a safe and reliable car.

The LAUNCH CR629 OBDII Scanner offers a large 3.5-inch color display with three hot keys. DTC Lookup allows you to directly identify the code’s meaning. PC Printing lets you print valuable information after connecting to a PC. Review Data records historical DTCs, data streams, and freeze-frame data. It also displays data streams for multiple vehicles.

The LAUNCH CR629 OBDII Scanner supports full OBD2 functions, including EOBD protocol, oil reset, and SAS resetting. It supports more than 53 vehicle brands, including the most recent and most popular OBDII compliant vehicles in the US, Europe, and Asia. The Launch CR629 OBDII Scanner supports eight different languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Russian.


The LAUNCH CR629 OBD2-Scanner is a high-quality device that can provide you with the data you need to diagnose any problems with your vehicle. Compatible with 41 different vehicle models, this device can also be used with older vehicles. Updates are regularly made to increase its compatibility with more vehicles. The device’s coverage includes vehicles from various regions around the world, including Fiat, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Saab, Hyundai, and VW. The device is also compatible with various makes and models of American, European, and Asian automakers, including Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, and Subaru.

This device also has full OBD2 functions to help you diagnose emission problems. Its extensive features enable you to quickly identify the source of an issue and fix it before it causes more damage. You can also reset your vehicle’s oil life, SRS, or brake system using the Launch CR629’s Oil Reset feature. This feature enables you to save a snapshot of stored codes and make sure that your car is running properly.

The LAUNCH X431 CRP479 car diagnostic scanner is the most technologically advanced scanner on the market. It was designed specifically for the latest vehicles. The LAUNCH X431 CRP479 scanner is one of the best scanners in the world. It supports all ten OBD modes, reads trouble codes, and displays graph data in real-time.

Compatible with all 10 modes of Obdii, the Crp123x Car Diagnostic Scanner is the perfect tool for auto technicians to keep their vehicles running smoothly. Its features include O2 sensor and ABS sensors tests, as well as I/M readiness testing. It also features a built-in DTC library and an acronym database. The Crp123x is compatible with most major car models, including Subaru, Ford, and Honda.


The Launch CR629 OBD2 scanner is a high-quality diagnostic tool that supports ten modes of OBD2 tests. It is used to diagnose the check engine light, solve emission problems, and pass smog tests. The scanner’s CR Data Stream feature combines live data and merge graphs for easy diagnosis. It also features Oil Reset and SAS calibration. Compared to other brands, the Launch CR629 OBD2 scanner is priced fairly affordable.

The Launch CR629 OBD2 scanner offers a 3.5-inch LCD color display. It has three hot keys that allow you to quickly access the target interface. You can easily enter code numbers by pressing one of the keys. PC Printing features enable you to print valuable information from the device when it is connected to your PC. With its lifetime warranty and free software updates, this device is worth every penny.

The LAUNCH CR629 is compatible with 41 different vehicles, and with frequent updates, the coverage will grow to more vehicles. The device includes coverage for many European, Asian, and American vehicle brands. It is also compatible with Japanese and Australian vehicles. The price of the LAUNCH CR629 OBD2 scanner is around $100, and the device is widely available. If you’re looking for an affordable OBD2 scanner, you can start by checking out the reviews.

The LAUNCH X431 CRP429 is one of the most versatile and advanced car diagnostic scanners available on the market. It supports all ten OBD modes, resets the check engine light, and reads diagnostic codes. In addition, it can display graph data in real-time. And it has Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi. Its 8-GB built-in memory makes it easy to store your scan sessions.

Bluetooth connectivity

The Bluetooth connectivity in the Launch CR629 OBD2 scanner allows you to connect the device to your computer for diagnostic data printing. This feature also helps you to better understand the data gathered by the device because it can be displayed in a graph format instead of a data stream. Bluetooth connectivity is available on some versions of the device, but not all. Some of the more popular models still do not support Bluetooth connectivity, making them inaccessible to some devices.

The X431 PROS Mini Bluetooth device is designed specifically for mobile use and supports more than 40 car brands. The device is capable of bi-directional use and lifetime updates, which are helpful in case of hardware malfunctions. The device also comes with Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can easily access the car’s diagnostics from your smartphone. Its tiny size and lightweight design make it a great choice for people who do not have a lot of time to work on their cars.

The Launch CR629 OBD2 scanner lacks Bluetooth connectivity. The scan tool is powered by the battery of the vehicle and has a 3.5-inch non-touch screen. The screen is not touch-sensitive, and you must operate the device with the vehicle’s orientation. There are two status indicator LED lights on the device’s right side. The device is also portable and lightweight, which is important when you’re using a device on the road.

The X431 CRP479 is the most technologically advanced diagnostic scanner available on the market. It was developed for modern, high-tech cars. It has the ability to reset the check engine light, read trouble codes, and display graph data in real time. And the best thing about it is its versatility. It can perform all 10 OBD modes. It also supports 54 vehicle brands, which makes it an excellent choice for anyone.

Requires proper equipment

If you’re a DIY mechanic, you should consider getting a Launch CR629 OBD2 SCANNER. These tools have advanced service functions that are great for the garage. They can reset the oil light, erase DTCs, check the I/M Readiness Status, and even print diagnostic information. The CR629 includes lifetime free updates and a user manual. The 3.5-inch display is small but user-friendly, with two LED lights to show status.

This diagnostic tool offers a full array of features, including bidirectional testing of the SRS, ABS, engine, and transmission. It can also read and diagnose fault codes. The Launch CR629 OBD2 Scanner also features a built-in library of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). The tool also provides useful advice for potential solutions for various vehicle problems.

This OBD2 Scanner is compatible with almost all vehicles. It requires an OBD/OBD2 cable to connect to your vehicle. It does not require batteries or charging and automatically turns on when it’s connected. There’s no Bluetooth, and the length of the included wire is limited. Depending on where you’re installing the Launch CR629 OBD2 Scanner, you may need to register your tool. Afterwards, you’ll have access to free patches for life.

Another Launch CR629 OBD2 SCANNER is compatible with most makes and models of cars and trucks. This scanner can also read codes in your car’s computer and reset warning lights. The Launch CR629 OBD2 scanner supports EOBD and JOBD and is compatible with over fifty different vehicle brands. These scanners are ideal for mechanics, auto technicians, and DIYers alike.