KZYEE KC601 Heavy Duty Scan Tool, Diesel Truck Diagnostic Scanner

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Product Description

kzyee kc601 OBD2 Scannerkzyee kc601 OBD2 Scanner

heavy duty truck scanner kzyee kc601 OBD2 Scannerheavy duty truck scanner

Truck Diagnostic Tool

KC601 Heavy duty code readers is the latest portable vehicle code reader launched by KZYEE Company. With it, users can fast and efficiently read out DTC in automobile electric control system, diagnose fault position and find out fault cause. KC601 heave duty code reader is applicable in all auto repairing factories. It is portable for car owners to diagnose DTC in automobile electric control system anytime and anywhere.Functions

Reads ECU informationReads fault codeErases fault codeLive data

Diagnostic System: EngineTransmission, Body Controller,Chassis Control,Cruise Control, ABS,Instrument Cluster,Gateway etc.Instrument Use Notes

When you use the KC601 for testing, you must handle it with care and keep it away from heat source and electromagnetic field, so as to avoid interference with the main unitWhen electrical components are energized, you cannot disconnect the circuit to prevent the self-inductance, mutual inductance from attacking sensors and automotive ECU.When electrical equipment works normally, you should avoid putting magnetic objects close to the vehicle control unit, otherwise the vehicle control unit may be damaged. Vehicle control unit or electrical components dismounting should be done only 1 minute after the ignition switch is turned off.

code readercode reader kzyee kc601 OBD2 Scanner

code readers & scan toolscode readers & scan tools Supported Manufacturers

For Caterpillar,for Cummins,for Volvo,for Mack4,for Mack, Detroit Diesel,for Mercedes-Benz, for International,for Allison,for Eaton / Fuller,for Haldex,for ZF Meritor,for WABCO,for Bendix,for TRW,for Freightliner,for Stoneridge,for Dana, for Ford Motor,for John Deere,for Kenworth,for PACCAR,for Peterbilt, for Sterling,for Wabash,for White Freightliner,for White GMC,for Navistar,for Isuzu,for GM,for Nissan, for Mitsubishi Fuso,for Hino,for Noregon,for Takata,for Advantage, for Actia,for PSI etc.


Supports heavy duty trucks in compliance with standard protocols J1939 or J1587/J1708Power supply afforded directly by vehicles, more portable, efficient and safe Comes with both a 6-pin and a 9-pin cables for maximum vehicle compatibilityMenu and functions of products support all-in-one function of OBD/EOBD vehicle, multi-language, and LED-guided operations.
Display : 2.8 inch 320*240 LCD Input Voltage : 8.0-30.0V power provided via vehicle battery Working Current : Typical value <100mA Vehicle Cables : OBD-II/ 9-PIN /6-PIN Please let me know your truck information if you are not sure whether this scanner is compatible with your truck or not. Thanks!

 heavy duty truck scanner kzyee kc601 OBD2 Scanner heavy duty truck scanner

Check Engine Light Reset

Diesel scanner diagnostic tool accurately read out and erase all the detected DTCS (diagnostic trouble codes) to turn off the warning light. Geting live data of engine temperature, engine fluid level/ pressure,power takeoff information, etc. Solving vehicle problems in time to maintain the normal working of the truck.

Braking System

ABS system is a safety feature in vehicles that help the driver maintain control during emergency braking situations. Solve the hidden dangers of vehicle by getting real-time data.Such as electronic brake controller, engine temperature, fan drive, high resolution vehicle distance, turbocharger, electronic engine controller,vehicle distance etc.

Heavy Duty Scan ToolHeavy Duty Scan Tool

Exhaust Emission Controller

This controller ensures the most efficient operation of the air injection system and the EGR system which creats greater efficiency in combustion and lower generation of pollutant. By reading ECU information, read/erase codes and live data, Solving the problem of vehicle exhaust emission pollution in time. Which achieve the purpose of protecting the environment.

Diesel Particulate Filter

DPF is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of diesel engine vehicles. OBD2 live data scanner obtains relevant information by scanning ECU, helps you master the dynamic information of your truck. Meantime, it also plays an important role in the repair and maintenance of the car.


Ability to figure problems out via reading/clearing error codes in the transmission system, or check the health status via live data viewing. By shifting the engines to work at their best performance of state power.

Cruise Control

Which is a system that automatically controls the speed of a motor vehicle.The system is a servomechanism that takes over the throttle of the car to maintain a steady speed as set by the driver.

truck diagnostic tooltruck diagnostic tool

Product Configuration List

Heavy Duty Code Reader *1

USB Cable*1

OBDII Cable*1

OBDII to Diesel-6 and Diesel-9 Cable*1

Outer Package*1+Storage Bag*1+User’s Manual*1

Test voltage
24V/12V 12/24V 12-24V Triple Lens cameras 10M/33FT Cable Length 10M/33FT Cable Length

Read, erase codes and retrieve live data for Multi-system for Heavy Duty Turcks Analyze battery health, and alert you to any needed changes Continuity Testing Testing of signal circuits Testing trailer lighting Check voltage and polarity Locate short circuits Testing relays and components Testing bad ground contacts Acoustic monitoring of electrical signals Snapshot, Video Recording, Adjustable Brightness, Semi-Rigid Cable, 360⁰ Rotation, 360⁰ Field of View Home Inspection, HVAC Inspection, Auto Repair, Wall Circuit Detection, Drain Pipeline Repair, Industrial Applications Home Inspection, HVAC Inspection, Auto Repair, Wall Circuit Detection, Drain Pipeline Repair, Industrial Applications

Read and Clear Codes, Vihicle Info.

Battery Test/ Charing Test/Start up Test/Load Test 1080P Resolution, IP67 Waterproof, 8mm Diameter Probe 1080P Resolution, IP67 Waterproof,6500K Daylight LED, 5.5mm Diameter Probe 1080P Resolution, IP67 Waterproof,6500K Daylight LED, 5.5mm Diameter Probe

Support All OBDII Protocols
Protocols J1587/J1708, J1939 For all kinds of 12V/24V batteries 8 Leds compatible with both Android (Above Android 2.3) and iPhone IOS system (Above IOS 6.0) compatible with both Android (Above Android 2.3) and iPhone IOS system (Above IOS 6.0)

O2S, EVAP, Mode06 Test
Diagnose Engine, ABS,Tranmission, body controller, chassis control, cruise control… Test range 100-1700 CCA 4.5inch IPS Technology APP Operation +wifi APP Operation +wifi

Internet Update

× 1080P HD Connect via WiFi from endoscope WiFi hotspot box Connect via WiFi from endoscope WiFi hotspot box

❶【What is the KC601】 It is the latest portable vehicle heavy duty code reader. You can use it to quickly and efficiently read DTCs in the vehicle’s electrical control system, diagnose the fault location and find out the cause of the fault. Good for all auto repair shops to read and clear fault codes and read live data.
❷【Powerful Functions】KC601 scanner is able to read and clear fault codes of all major systems, including engine, transmission, ABS, and supports checking body, chassis, cruise, instrument cluster, gateway and other control modules. Equipped with a standard OBDII diagnostic jack, allowing you to diagnose DTCs in your vehicle’s electrical control system anytime, anywhere.
❸【Unmatched Compatibility】KZYEE’s KC601 diagnostic scanner supports heavy-duty vehicles in compliance with standard protocols (J1939 or J1587/J1708). Covers most ECU such as Cummins, Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Mack, VOLVO, etc. Power is supplied directly from the vehicle. Included are both a 6-pin and 9-pin cable for maximum vehicle compatibility and a micro USB cable for internet update.
❹【User-friendly design】The 2.8-inch, 320*240 LED display meets the operating habits of each user. The well-designed appearance, menu and functions of the products support the all-in-one function of OBD/EOBD vehicles, multi-language and LED -guided operation. Easy operation and high practicability
❺【100% Satisfactory Service】What you get ➤KZYEE KC601 high performance code reader, user manual, USB cable, storage bag, OBDII cable and diesel-6 and diesel-9 cable. KZYEE offers 30 days return policy & 1 years warranty & lifetime technical support & friendly customer service.

kzyee kc601 OBD2 Scanner

The Kzyee KC601 OBD2 Scanner is an entry-level tool that is a perfect fit for a DIY mechanic. The lightweight, ergonomic design makes it easy to use in any setting, including the workshop. The scanner supports both 6- and 9-pin cables, and can work with a variety of different types of cars and trucks. The KC601 comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime updates. This scan tool is designed for beginner and DIY users alike.

The KC601 OBD2 scanner is ideal for heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks. Its 2.8-inch LED display is easy to read, allowing you to view its menu at a glance. Its sleek, stylish design helps you stay organized while working, and its multi-language interface makes it even easier to use. This tool also includes a software updater, which makes it more useful and convenient.

This scanner is equipped with a built-in memory, making it an ideal choice for DIY mechanics and beginners. Its advanced diagnostic software allows you to identify a variety of faults and trouble codes. It’s compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including light-duty trucks. The KC601 OBD2 Scanner’s 2.8-inch LCD screen also makes it easy to navigate.

The KC601 OBD2 scanner offers advanced features and is the latest portable vehicle code reader. Its easy-to-use interface and 2.8-inch LED display make it convenient to operate and understand. In addition to reading trouble codes, it also provides real-time engine data. The KC601 OBD2 scanner supports multi-language operation. You can find a full range of information about your vehicle using this device.

The KC601 scanner’s 2.8-inch LED display makes it an attractive portable vehicle code reader. Its operation is easy and the appearance has a sense of style. It has a wide range of features, including a high-resolution interface, ECU information, and fault codes. Unlike other portable codes readers, this scanner supports more than one language.

The Kzyee KC601 OBD2 scanner is a powerful device that will give you comprehensive vehicle information. Its 2.8-inch LED display gives you an overview of the menu. It also has a sense of design, and its LED display will make you feel confident using it without much effort. This unit supports several languages, and a KC601 OBD2 scanner will be useful for people of all walks of life.

This scanner is a heavy-duty version of the KC601 OBD2 Scanner. It is compatible with most types of vehicles, including passenger cars and trucks. It also has a USB interface. A good OBD2 scanner is very easy to use and will save you a lot of money in the long run. If you’re in the market for an OBD2 scanner, look no further. You’ll be glad you did.

The Kzyee KC601 OBD2 Scanner is a portable, multi-language device that allows you to diagnose all kinds of fault codes. Its user-friendly interface makes it a great tool for the garage. The KC601 has a variety of features, including a diagnostic port and a GPS. It will also be able to check if your vehicle has any other errors. If it does, you can repair it yourself.

The KC601 is an entry-level OBD2 scanner that supports J1939 and J1708 protocols. It can also read trouble codes on diesels. The KC601 scanner is a good choice for a beginner or professional mechanic who needs an OBD scanner for heavy duty vehicles. There are many benefits to this scanner, but its price may be the most important.

This scanner is extremely convenient for a DIY mechanic. It features a 2.8-inch color display, four OBD cable adapters, and multiple functions. It is also designed for heavy-duty vehicles, such as buses and trucks. The OBD connectors on this device are universal. It can be used for a variety of vehicles. You can connect up to four devices to your KZYEE KC601 OBD2 Scanner and scan.

The KC601 OBD2 Scanner is compatible with most models of cars and light-duty trucks. Its high-performance OBD2 technology supports a variety of applications. By connecting to your car’s OBD port, the KC601 OBD2 ScanNER is an invaluable tool for any professional or amateur mechanic. Its high-quality display makes it easy to read vehicle trouble codes.