KONNWEI OBD2 Scanner Professional Car OBD II Scanner

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Product Description

The KONNWEI KW850 obd2 code scanner can read and erase codes but it can also retrieve a wealth of information from the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU is what triggers the Check Engine Light when there is a problem with your car. Works on most vehicles sold in the USA from the year of 1996; Supports all OBDII protocols: KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM and CAN.8 language available: English, German, French, Spanish, Italians, Dutch, Russian and Portuguese


Powerful Functions

Read engine fault codes and shows definitions.

Read and clear DTCs, DTC lookup

Read data stream

Turn off MIL and reset monitors

Graphs data (1996 and newer)

View freeze frame data

I/M readiness monitor status

Troubleshooter code tips guide

Display O2 sensor test data

Lifetime Free update software

Read vehicle information (VIN, CIN, CVN)

Print data via P

Battery check

Test data review

Internet upgradable

16-PIN interface location16-PIN interface location

KONNWEI KW850 OBD2 scanner

How do I verify whether my vehicle is ready to pass the emission test?

There are three LED indicators on the code reader. Green LED indicates your vehicle is in good condition. Yellow LED indicates there are some issues waiting to be fixed and clear codes. Red Led indicates your vehicle serious problem, you may not pass the emission test if these problems could not be fixed.

Where should the code scanner insert to?

The OBD2 port is often under the dash, or under a panel below the handbrake in the center console.

Why I can’t erase the fault code?

The fault causing the fault code to show will need to be repaired first then code can be erased.

Warm Tips Works on vehicles –12V battery 16 PIN OBD II protocol ONLY KONNWEI KW850 cannot work on non-OBDII systems (ABS/air bag/oil service light, etc.). KONNWEI KW850 can NOT be updated on MAC systems

code readercode reader

Full 10 OBD Service Modes

Service 01 – Identifies the Powertrain information and shows current data available to the scan tool

Service 02 – Displays Freeze Frame Data

Service 03 – Display the type of powertrain or emission related DTCs stored by a 5-digit code identifying the faults

Service 04 – Used to clear DTCs and Freeze Frame Data

Service 05 – Request Oxygen Sensor Monitoring Test Results

Service 06 -Non-Continuously Monitored Systems test results

Service 07 – Request for DTCs (pending) from Continuously Monitored Systems after a single driving cycle has been performed to determine if repair has fixed problem

Service 08 – This Special Control Mode requests control of the on-board system, test, or component bi-directionally (where applicable)

Service 09 – Reports vehicle information

Service 01 – Request Emission -related Diagnostic Trouble code with Permanent Status

DTC look upDTC look up





KONNWEI OBD2 code reader has a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)lookup library which built-in over 3000 generic codes definition look up library, it can display current and pending codes stored on the car computer, allows you to search for the definition of DTCs, saves your searching time.


KONNWEI KW850 automotive scanner with unique one-click I/M readiness status design, which test misfire, fuel system and comprehensive component, make full preparation before smog check.


Have problems on working your vehicle?

Don’t worry, just turn the “FEEDBACK” option on in the Settings and then send us the recorded issue file via PC, you’ll get assistance in few days.


1.Keep pressing any button of the scanner, then connect it to your PC.

2.Search online our technical support website which will be displayed on the scanner screen when connected to PC.

3.Download the program online and install it on PC for one-click updating and printing.

(NOTICE: Please make sure that your computer system is official version. CAN NOT be update on MAC SYSTEM! Turn off the computer anti-virus software before download the update software.)

69.99 54.99 59.99 16.99 41.99 29.99

Read and erase trouble codes within engine system, Smog Check Tests & Analyze 12V batteries Read and erase trouble codes within engine system, Smog Check Read and erase trouble codes within engine system, Smog Check Read and erase trouble codes within engine system, Smog Check Read and erase trouble codes within engine system, Smog Check

Full OBD2 Service Function

Read and Clear Codes, I/M Readiness Status,Freeze Frame/Data Steam

Live Data
Exclusive 4 Live Sensor Readings in Graphs Waveform in Graphs Single Live Sensor Reading Single Live Sensor Reading Single Live Sensor Reading

Live Battery Monitoring

Screen Size
2.8’’ Color LCD 2.4’’ Color LCD 2.8’’ LCD 2.0’’ Color LCD 2.4’’ LCD

Service Functions
Reset check engine light and monitors Check battery status, cranking voltage, cranking time, charging test; test alternator & starter Reset check engine light and monitors Reset check engine light and monitors Reset check engine light and monitors Reset check engine light and monitors

Print Data / Free Update

DTC Look-up & Definition

Test range: 100-2000CCA

【A Professional Vehicle Doctor for Car Owners, Easy to Use】 — The obd2 scanner can quickly read and erase DTC (engine fault codes), on-screen DTC definitions and built-in DTC look up library allow you accurately determine causes of the check engine light and turn-off Check Engine Light, Reset Monitors; I/M Readiness Monitoring; Graphical and Numeric Live Data Stream; Automatic VIN acquisition, etc. Perfect for father’s day gifts!!!
【Strong Compatibility】–Works on most gasoline vehicles 1996 US-Based, 2001 EU-Based and Asian cars, and newer OBDII/Eobd & CAN domestic or import vehicles. Supports all OBDII protocols: KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM and CAN. 8 kinds of language available: English, German, French, Spanish, Italians, Dutch, Russian and Portuguese.
【Exclusive OBDII Diagnostics】– This automotive scanner with unique one-click I/M readiness status design, which make it easy to use this car scanner right out of the package. Red-Yellow-Green LEDs and build-in speaker indicate emission monitor status allow you easily determine whether your vehicle meets the State Emission Monitor Status and assist you to pass the Smog Check.
【A Necessity in Your Vehicle Toolbox】– Anti-shock and Slip Designed OBD2 Code Scanner for Cars, 15ft Height Drop-test Passed, Survive Longer in Complex Environment. 2.8″ TFT Big Size LCD Color Screen and More Comfortable Hand Feeling. Exclusive 5-ft Long Diagnostic Cable Allows You to Perform a Professional Diagnostics in or Out of Your Vehicles. No battery required, it is charged directly from the OBDII car scanner interface in your vehicle.
【Lifetime Updateable and Warranty】–KONNWEI provides life-time FREE software update to fix the latest bugs or add newly parameters which makes it compatible to more vehicles in future and store newest car model data. Just download the software from website in the manual, then follow on-screen instructions to go, very easy. Please Note: CAN NOT be update on MAC SYSTEM! 100% Full Refund & Return Guarantee and Lifetime Free Warranty

If you’re in the market for a car diagnostic scanner, you should look at the KONNWEI KW850. This OBD2 scanner is a powerful tool that reads fault codes on engine systems and can turn off the check engine light and reset the I/M Readiness Monitoring. It can also display a live data stream and automatically acquire the vehicle’s VIN.


The KONNWEI KW850 Professional Auto Diagnostics Tool is a powerful OBD/EOBD car fault diagnostic tool that has a color LCD display. You can diagnose minor car faults without a trip to the mechanic or spending a lot of money on a diagnostic test. This device also reads minor faults from your car’s computer, so you can repair them without spending a fortune on a mechanic.

This OBD2 scanner is compatible with a wide range of automobiles, including diesel and gas engines. It also works with 1997 and newer diesel engines. It simply plugs into the OBD2 input port on your car to obtain diagnostic codes and manufacturers’ specific fixes. The device is designed to be compatible with more cars than any other OBD scanner available on the market today, so you can use it to fix your car’s problems and save money by doing the work yourself.

KONNWEI KW850 features

The Konnwei KW850 is a color LCD display OBD2/EOBD car fault diagnostic tool. It helps you to identify any car problem without the need to visit a mechanic. This tool is capable of reading minor faults that are caused by a number of common car problems. In many cases, the KW850 can read the problem on your own without the need for an expensive car service.

This OBD2 scanner plugs into your vehicle’s OBD II port. There’s no need to remove the battery, and the scanner is powered by the ignition. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use, while its optimized software algorithm ensures accuracy. The KW850 is 2-3 times faster than other OBD2 scanners. The device also has a lifetime free online update service. You can download the latest software for free from its official website and install it on your car with a few clicks.

KONNWEI KW850 price

The KONNWEI KW850 professional OBD2 scanner is a powerful tool for determining the health of your car’s engine. It comes with diagnostic codes and auto-technician-tested fixes. It is compatible with gas engines 1996 to present, and newer diesels. The scanner plugs into the OBD2 port on your vehicle, and will provide you with manufacturer-specific codes.

Designed for use with any car that was manufactured after 1996, the KONNWEI KW850 Professional OBD2 scanner provides comprehensive engine diagnostics and can turn off the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. The device also comes with a built-in DTC lookup library that shows you the definition of the error code. This device also supports the latest diagnostic interface.

KONNWEI KW850 compatibility

Whether you are trying to diagnose a faulty vehicle or you are looking for information about the engine’s trouble codes, the Konnwei KW850 OBD2 scanner is a great option. It has auto-technician-tested fixes and is compatible with most gas and diesel engines. Simply plug it into your car’s OBD2 port and start getting information about your vehicle’s diagnostic trouble codes.

The KW850 has an ergonomic design and a compact, lightweight design. This device also has an excess voltage protection feature. The user interface is easy to navigate and features a durable build. It has a storing case to protect it from dust and damage and is compatible with most models built after 2007. Unlike other car scan tools, this one does not work with iOS devices or Mac PCs.

KW850 price

Compared to other car diagnostic scanners, the KONNWEI KW850 is one of the most popular and efficient ones on the market today. It can read and erase all kinds of engine fault codes, and it also functions as a battery tester. It also comes with a look-up library with over 8, 000 generic code definitions. The KW850 is a great tool for anyone who needs to pass their annual emissions test with ease. The device can be plugged into an OBD2 port and will give you the information you need to diagnose your car and fix any problems in your car. Its 2. 8 inch color display and graphical real-time sensor analysis make it more convenient than ever to perform repairs on your car.

The KW850 is a plug and play device that works on most models of petrol and diesel passenger cars and light trucks. It supports eight languages and gets its power from the car’s obd port. It is compatible with PC and includes a software program to install on your computer. It can also provide you with information about your car’s engine condition, including the I/M key readiness status and diagnostic data.

KW850 features

The Konnwei KW850 is a color LCD OBD2 scan tool for your car. It can diagnose the faults in your car without taking it to a service center. The KW850 can detect even minor faults in your car, saving you money on expensive car service bills. Here are some of its features:

First, this scan tool has a multilingual diagnostic interface. It supports 8 languages including English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and Spanish. It also has a high-quality TFT display and a built-in speaker. It features bright color-coded LEDs and audible readiness verification. This scanner is a must-have for professional car mechanics, DIYers, and auto enthusiasts.