KONNWEI KW808 Auto OBDII Code Reader 2.8″Large Screen

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Product Description

The KONNWEI KW808 OBD2 Reader is a universal car computer fault code reader designed for engine system, have full OBDII diagnostic functions to check all engine related trouble codes from Vehicle ECU (Electronic Control Unit), like Emission Control, Oxygen (O2) Senor, Misfire, etc. KONNWEI KW808 code scanner will read the fault codes which caused the check engine light keep on and show you what’s the issue was, guiding you how to fix your car then erase trouble codes and turn off check engine light. KONNWEI KW808 car diagnostic scanner will also let you know what the real problem is before going to repair workshops, avoid unnecessary maintenance and save hundreds of money.


Read/Erase Fault Codes: Read and clear check engine light codes including generic, manufacturer-specific, and pending codes.

Live Data: Displays live data stream in digits and graph, allows you compare live readings to find out suspicious parameters.

Freeze Frame: Shows vehicle parameters recorded by ECU when an emission-related fault occurs.

O2 Monitor Test: Accurately identifies failures of the Oxygen sensor and vehicle emissions related errors.

Mode 6: Advanced test results (like misfire counts) for on-board diagnostic system monitors.

Mode 8(Component test): Allows initiating a leak test for the vehicle’s EVAP system.

I/M Readiness: Quick State Emissions readiness check and drive cycle verification

Vehicle Info: Check the produce year, VIN Code and other details of your vehicle.


1111 About KONNWEI

KONNWEI is a professional supplier of automotive diagnostic products, service and development solutions, we offer a broad product series like car OBDII code readers, diagnostic scanners, battery load testers and other auto devices.

Universal OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner

Compatible for all 1996 and newer vehicles

Works on all after 1996 and newer vehicles in the USA(OBD II&CAN) or other imported vehicles. Quickly read and erase the DTC on all OBD II protocols vehicles: CAN, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, ISO9141 and KWP2000 and support for 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch.


2. 8″ Large Screen

KW808 OBDII scanner has a 2.8 large LCD display which show test results more clearly. The menu option is easy to read and operate with 6 icons.


Excellent Performance

Powerful chip, can help you read codes within seconds no need to wait.

Also safety to protect your car from damage if there is a connect failure.


Review Back

This option allows you record and play back a readout or graph. Quite useful if you have an intermittent problem that doesn’t generate a code.


Exquisite Package

Full diagnostics tool kit, also comes with a protective carrying case, can prevent any possible damages, good to put it on a trunk, toolbox, or garage.








Fast I/M Readiness

KONNWEI KW808 is an advanced diagnostic scan tool with I/M readiness function, convenient to identify your vehicle’s condition for the smog check.

DTC Lookup

DTC library function can help you lookup the fault codes and its definition directly, contain up to 6000+ different code records, no need to search online.

Save Hundreds of Bucks

OBD code reader which can check engine-related issues, provides car owners with a convenient tool to read and erase fault codes, help you find out what happened before going to the auto repair shop, also have a possibility to fix it by yourself, can save a lot of time and money!

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Read and erase trouble codes within engine system, Smog Check Read and erase trouble codes within engine system, Smog Check Read and erase trouble codes within engine system, Smog Check Tests & Analyze 12V batteries ests & Analyze 12V batteries Read and erase trouble codes within engine system, Smog Check

Full OBD2 Service Function

Read and Clear Codes, I/M Readiness Status,Freeze Frame/Data Steam

Live Data
Exclusive 4 Live Sensor Readings in Graphs Single Live Sensor Reading Single Live Sensor Reading Waveform in Graphs Single Live Sensor Reading

Live Battery Monitoring

Screen Size
2.8’’ Color LCD 2.8’’ LCD 2.4’’ Color LCD 2.4’’ LCD 2.4’’ Color LCD

Service Functions
Reset check engine light and monitors Reset check engine light and monitors Reset check engine light and monitors Check battery status, cranking voltage, cranking time, charging test; test alternator & starter Check battery status, cranking voltage, cranking time, charging test; test alternator & starter Reset check engine light and monitors

Print Data / Free Update

DTC Look-up & Definition

Test range: 100-2000CCA Test range: 100-2000CCA

【Check Engine Light Code Reader】KONNWEI KW808 car obd2 scanner will help you find out the cause of check engine light (MIL) and read/erase the DTC code(engine fault codes), displays the error code definition, reduce or avoid maintenance costs. Save Time and Money.
【Enhanced Diagnostic Functions】cover many OBD2 diagnostic functions: read and erase fault codes, view I/M readiness, data stream and freeze frame data, retrieve auto vehicle information, O2 Sensor test to accurately locate bad O2 sensor, On-board Monitoring, etc.
【WORK ON ALL USA 1996 AND NEWER VEHICLES】Work on most 1996 and newer domestic and import gasoline or diesel vehicles(OBDII & CAN) that are located in USA, including passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks, etc. Simply connect the car engine fault code reader with car’s obd2 port, turn on ignition then it’s ready to analyze check engine light. No battery or apps needed.
【2.8” Large Screen & Data Review】KW808 code reader car diagnostic tool is equipped with user-friendly interface and optimized software, plug and play. With 2.8” LCD screen and real time graphical sensor, it can help you quickly identify the fault data in seconds. Plus 5ft obd2 extension cable is more convenient for you to use this automotive code scanner.
【3 YEARS LONG AFTER-SALE SERVICE】Gift box package includes OBD-II Scanner *1, 5ft obd2 cable*1, USB cable*1, user manual*1. We provide 3 years long after-sale service to every product, any OBDII Code Scanner issue or technical problem is welcomed to consult us, we have the most professional engineer 7*24 at your service. And if you are not satisfied with our product, full refund or new replacement is also available.