Kobra Newest Version OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader –

Price: $29.99 - $19.99
(as of Feb 25,2022 07:21:58 UTC – Details)

The OBD V310 Scanner makes it easier than ever to determine why your check engine light is on. The universal scanner is compatible with the majority of cars regardless of make or mode and is easy to use. The scanner does not require batteries or charging, but is powered by a car through the OBD connector link. Plug it in, turn it on, and follow the simple steps to get a quick and accurate code reading. In addition to reading codes, the OBD scanner can also erase codes, run I/M readiness tests, freeze frame data, and pull vehicle information. It is designed to easily fit in your hand, but the shape also makes it convenient to store and transport.
COMPATIBILITY – Works with more cars than ever before. The universal scanner is compatible with the majority of US, European, or Asian model cars.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – The OBD V310 code reader allows you to quickly determine the cause of your engine light. It also can read codes, erase codes, run I/M readiness, freeze frame data, and pull needed vehicle information.
USER-FRIENDLY – Easy to operate without the use of batteries or chargers. The scanner plugs into the OBD Connector Link and starts identifying codes. Simple buttons and LCD screen make it easy for any user to work with.
ACCURATE – Quickly and accurately detects codes to save time and money. The scanner gives you a correct code reading that is easy to read.
COMPACT DESIGN – The handheld shape makes it convenient to use and convenient to store in your car or transport.