Innova 3130RS OBD2 Scanner/Car Code Reader with ABS,

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INNOVA 3130RS OBD2 Scanner/Car Code Reader with ABS, SRS, Live Data, Service Light Reset, and Network Scan

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INNOVA 5410 Scanner

The Innova FixAssist 3130RS is designed to empower any DIYer or technician when it comes to vehicle diagnostics and maintenance. Easily find the right fix with the comprehensive all-system network scan and do it yourself with advance maintenance reset functions. Powerful features that are fast and straightforward to use are what make the 3130RS a favorite go-to amongst DIYers. Read and clear the check engine light with a single button. ABS and SRS compatibility allows you to diagnose the braking and safety systems of most 1996 and newer domestic, Asian, and European vehicles. The all-system network scan allows you to go beyond powertrain, ABS, and SRS modules. Comprehensively read and clear all ECU modules and their trouble codes. Diagnose battery and charging system issues on hybrid vehicles with the ability to read hybrid battery cell voltage. Code severity levels quickly identify if your vehicle needs an immediate fix or if it can wait until you get home to fix it yourself. Find out immediately if your vehicle will pass an emissions test with the built-in smog check LED indicators. Live data allows you to see essential information about your vehicle (e. g. RPM, oil temp, etc.) in real-time to aid in diagnosis. Freeze frame data shows all vehicle information from when a trouble code was triggered. Use the battery and charging system test with the BMS/battery reset function to find and fix issues with your battery and alternator. Reset your oil maintenance light and view important maintenance information, like oil level and oil life, necessary for servicing your vehicle. Get the most out of your Innova FixAssist 3130RS. Packed with professional-grade features and benefits, Innova’s new range of tools come with Bluetooth and WiFi technology and pair seamlessly with the all-new RepairSolutions2 diagnostic app. The app now includes unlimited free vehicle health reports.
RepairSolutions2 App: Get verified fixes, the exact part required for repair, maintenance schedules, and more; get the knowledge to fix your vehicle; includes unlimited free vehicle health reports
All-System Network Scan: Scan beyond check engine, powertrain, ABS, and SRS modules; comprehensively read and clear all ECU modules and their trouble codes
ABS & SRS: Diagnose the braking and safety systems of most 1996 and newer domestic, Asian, and European vehicles
BMS/Battery Reset & Initialization: Ensures your vehicle is programmed correctly to accept a new battery
Live Data: See essential information about your vehicle in real-time (e.g.RPM, oil temp, etc.) to aid in diagnosis

If you are a do-it-yourselfer or a mechanic, you may be interested in buying an Innova 3130RS OBD2 SCANNER. This device allows you to scan any OBDII-compliant vehicle and read diagnostic codes. You can view the readings on the 2.8-inch screen, and you can read all the error codes on your vehicle. It also checks the battery levels, checks the alternator, and performs emissions tests. It can also perform a variety of tests on your vehicle, including checking the engine’s power.

The Innova 3130RS OBD2 SCANNER is capable of checking the engine’s code, and it can also check the alternator and battery performance. It can also reset the check engine light, check the battery or alternator, and reset the service light. It supports all 1996- and newer models, and you can download a free mobile app from the Amazon store. The Innova 3130RS has a warranty that protects you in case it gets damaged during shipping.

Another notable feature is its All-In-One color display. It features over 20 pieces of information, including code definitions and more. You can even use it with Bluetooth to pair with your smartphone and diagnose your vehicle remotely. You can also use it to diagnose the alternator and battery. You’ll also be able to check your car’s oil and air filter. Its battery life is long enough to prevent any future engine damage.

The Innova 3130RS OBD2 SCANNER has a wealth of features, including a WiFi connection and Bluetooth capabilities. The Innova scanner pairs with the RepairSolutions2 diagnostic app. You can easily pair your new device with your car and start diagnosing your vehicle in no time. This device is also useful for smog tests and can even diagnose a check engine light on vehicles that have passed the smog test.

The Innova 3130RS OBD2 SCANNER offers many advantages over the previous models. With a multi-language display, the Innova 3130RS can be used in English, Spanish, and French. The Innova 3020RS also features a repairSolutions2 app that provides real-time automotive fixes. The app allows you to purchase parts and download technical bulletins.

The Innova 3130RS OBD2 SCANNER offers advanced diagnostics and is easy to use. It works with most ODB-compliant cars. It scans 20 points per second and provides information to its users on a bright display. The Innova 3130RS OBD2 scanner supports both SRS and ABS on post- 1996 models, while it lacks the advanced engine scanning feature of the 3130RS.

The Innova 3130RS OBD2 SCANNER is equipped with Bluetooth technology. It supports ABS, SRS, and Transmission codes. It has a programmable keyboard that can also erase trouble codes. It also has a trilingual interface so you can easily understand the results on the screen. If you need to scan multiple vehicles, the Innova 3130RS is the right choice. This product is Bluetooth enabled and comes with an LCD display that is large enough to read on your dashboard.

The Innova 3130RS is a powerful, compact, and affordable OBD2 Scanner that is great for DIY use. It is able to read emission-related and ABS codes, as well as detect problems with brakes and airbags. The Innova 3100RS OBD2 Scanner is ideal for those who want to perform repairs at home but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a scanner.

The Innova 3130RS OBD2 SCANNER is capable of working on most ODB-compliant cars and relaying diagnostic information to a large, bright display. It supports SRS and ABS on post-1996 models but lacks the advanced engine scanning function of the 3130RS. It also doesn’t work on ODB1 cars. Its price is lower, but it doesn’t have the same features as the 3130RS.

The Innova 3130RS OBD2 SCANNER is a great choice for general scans. Its large LED display makes it easy to read and use. The Innova 3130RS OBD2 scanner is a highly versatile tool that works with most OBD2 vehicles. It also works with OBD1-compliant cars. You should be able to use this scan tool with ease and confidence, but it is best for professionals to test the car first before making any changes.