INNOVA 3100RS – OBD2 Scanner, Engine ABS SRS Scanner,

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MAINTAIN PEAK PERFORMANCE AND SAFETY ON THE ROAD – Innova’s 3100RS OBD2 Scanner helps you easily find the problem and fix the problem. The included car code reader app, RepairSolutions2 gives you real-time solutions to troubleshoot and fix your automotive issues. Get verified fixes from this code scanner, find and purchase the exact part required for repair, view maintenance schedules, receive technical bulletins, recalls, and access to Innova’s best-in-class database.
PREMIUM OBD2 CODE READER WITH ENHANCED COVERAGE AND FUNCTIONALITY – This car diagnostic tool empowers home mechanics, automotive enthusiasts, and service & repair technicians with professional-level functionality. It is a scan reader that reads and clears OBD engine codes and displays all vehicle information from when a trouble code was triggered. This Innova scan tool supports English, Spanish, and French.
LIVE DATA FOR MORE ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS – With the Innova 3100RS OBD2 code reader you can see your vehicle’s essential information like RPM, speed, and oil temperature in real time to help identify and correct problems. You can also check and test your battery and alternator, so you know whether you need to bring your car to a technician or not.
EASY SELF-DIAGNOSIS OF EMISSION STATUS AND OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Know your smog check results before your state does. This car scanner tool determines whether you’ll pass a state vehicle smog test. This diagnostic tool can also read and show your oil life display & level that helps you monitor your auto’s lubricant status easily. This code reader includes functions for ABS (Brake), SRS (Airbag and Seatbelt) to make sure you’re always driving safely.
BUY WITH CONFIDENCE WITH USA DESIGNED AND SUPPORTED PRODUCTS – Our California-based, ASE-Certified Customer Support Team is glad to assist you as you navigate through this product. It’s a perfect diagnostic car scanner for all cars compatible, use it on any foreign or domestic 1996 or newer OBD2 car, light truck, SUV, or hybrid vehicle. Questions? We’re here to assist you.

The INNOVA OBD2 3100 Diagnostic Tool empowers car owners with the ability to diagnose problems themselves. It is an affordable and easy-to-use hand tool that works on a wide variety of cars, light trucks, SUVs, minivans, and domestic vehicles. The INNOVA 3100 is compatible with a wide variety of vehicles, so it will not just work on a car, but also on the vehicle of your spouse, co-worker, or friend.

Code Severity Levels

The Innova Model 3100RS OBD2 Scanner is an affordable, reliable diagnostic tool that can read and clear the check engine light on most cars. It supports ABS, SRS, and most 1996 and newer vehicles, and comes with built-in smog check LED indicators. Its powerful software will also display essential vehicle data, such as the current speed and voltage, and the code severity level.

The Innova 3100RS OBD2 Scanner also features a Code Severity Alert function, identifying whether a car needs an immediate repair or can be repaired at home. The tool also comes with a 12-month warranty, so you can rest assured that it will work as advertised. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can exchange it for a new one.

The INNOVA 3020RS is one of the best OBD2 scan tools for everyday drivers. It is easy to use, super portable, and affordable for any budget. For advanced users, the INNOVA 3100RS and INNOVA 3120RS are excellent choices. The INNOVA 3100RS supports all universal and manufacturer-specific OBD2 protocols, while the INNOVA 3120RS supports only a few proprietary protocols.

The Innova 3100RS OBD2 Code Reader also includes basic OBD2 functions, such as reading the live data stream. It has features such as ABS and EVAP system tests, as well as a component test and Inspection and Maintenance readiness. This device is also capable of displaying oil life and oil temperature, which will help you identify any potential problem with your car.

Bluetooth compatibility

If you are looking for a Bluetooth-compatible OBD2 scanner for your car, the Innova 3100RS is a great choice. Its automatic refresh feature keeps you up to date on the latest vehicle information. You can even freeze frame the data to take notes and analyze it properly. It is an ideal tool for general troubleshooting, but it does have limitations. You can only read standard codes and may not be able to scan for network-specific issues, such as the electronic parking brake.

The Innova 3100RS OBD2 Scanner is compatible with a variety of vehicles. It supports American and import cars as well as trucks and larger vehicles. It can also scan TPMS-compatible cars. Because of its Bluetooth compatibility, this OBD2 scanner also works on smartphones and other mobile devices. It has an intuitive interface and is compatible with most vehicles. It is also compatible with many different makes and models.

The INNOVA 3100RS OBD2 SCANNER also supports RepairSolutions2, a service program that lets you connect your car to an app to access diagnostic data and repair advice. This app has a comprehensive database of automotive repairs, paired with verified fixes from ASE Master Technicians. The INNOVA 3100RS OBD2 Scanner is Bluetooth-compatible and works on most vehicles.

The Innova 3100RS OBD2 Scanner is an extremely sturdy device made from quality materials. It weighs 1.1 pounds and has reasonable dimensions. It also has rubber bumpers and well-indicated buttons for quick and easy operation. Its LED display can be used for reading codes and communicating with the Anti-Lock Braking System. If you need to check ABS codes, the Innova 3100RS OBD2 Scanner is a great option.

Non-OBD2 transmission codes

The INNOVA 3100RS is a better option for the newer vehicle models, but if you drive a car that was manufactured before 1996, the 3120RS is an excellent choice. While both models read OBD2 transmission codes, the INNOVA 3120RS can read non-OBD2 transmission codes. The INNOVA 3100RS also supports non-OBD2 transmission codes, and is able to read freeze frame data from a car’s engine. This is particularly useful for hybrid vehicles. In addition, the INNOVA 3120RS can read all of the major OBD2 protocols, including pending codes and manufacturer-specific codes.

The full-color screen on the INNOVA 3100RS and the INNOVA 3120RS is easier to read and interpret than the one on the INNOVA 3020RS. The INNOVA 3100RS and 3120RS OBD2 scanners are also more intuitive to use and have more features and hotkeys. These extra features and hotkeys can make the diagnosis process much faster.

The INNOVA 3100RS OBD2 scanner has an optional app, RepairSolutions2, which helps you diagnose and repair your vehicle. The app offers additional diagnostic information, including repair suggestions and verified fixes. The 3100RS and 3120RS don’t include the features necessary for troubleshooting, including live data and oil reset. However, they are an excellent option for the average driver.

For the non-OBD2 transmission codes, you’ll need a scanner that reads OBD2 transmission codes. These codes will indicate which transmission systems are faulty. You can then choose the best OBD2 scanner for your needs. This will help you identify the problem and fix it before it becomes too expensive. If you need to perform repairs on your vehicle, the INNOVA 3020RS is an excellent choice.

ABS/SRS code support

The INNOVA 3100RS OBD2 SCANNER supports reading ABS and SRS codes. The device also supports reading tire pressure and sensor data. The SRS/ABS code reader is also an airbag scanner. You can perform diagnostics and fluid changes with its real-time transmission fluid temperature verification. A variety of language options are available. In addition to English, it also supports Japanese and German.

Innova has made the Innova 3100RS code reader even more powerful with added features. It comes with an app, RepairSolutions2, which offers verified fixes, parts information, maintenance schedules, and recalls. The app even allows you to perform diagnostics on a wide variety of vehicles. The Innova 3100RS OBD2 Scanner is easy to use and is compatible with both European and American vehicles.

The Innova 3100RS is compatible with most popular carmakers, including Hyundai, Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz. The Innova 3120 supports the OBD2 port and displays up to 20 pieces of information on its all-in-one LED display. The tool is ideal for a quick check of ABS or SRS codes on your vehicle, and is also a handy tool for general troubleshooting.

Innova 3100RS OBD2 scanner supports the latest CAN protocol. You can connect your scanner to your car to diagnose the problem and resolve it. It has an ABS/SRS code clearing function and works with most popular US car models. The device can also read codes related to airbags. The device supports the 10 most common OBDII test modes.


The INNOVA 3100RS OBD2 scanner is an affordable handheld device that empowers vehicle owners with basic vehicle maintenance tasks. This device works on domestic and foreign cars, light trucks, and SUVs. This handheld diagnostic tool is easy to use and affordable, making it an ideal choice for the average vehicle owner. Its easy-to-use features make it easy to diagnose check engine light problems on your car.

The 3100RS has an impressive feature set. In addition to reading engine codes, it can also read emission codes and predict smog test results. The Innova 3100RS has a full list of 10 OBD2 modes. It also features a full color All-in-One display with over 20 pieces of information. It is the perfect tool for anyone who regularly checks their car’s engine.

The Innova 3100RS is a handy scan tool that fits into any toolbox. The device is inexpensive, and can be used by anyone to diagnose issues with their vehicle. Its wide coverage means it can work on cars of all make and models. It can also diagnose problems and send accurate reports. By using this scan tool for diagnostic purposes, you can save money and avoid stranding yourself in a cab.

The Innova 3100RS OBD2 scanner empowers home mechanics by giving them professional-level functionality. The device reads OBD trouble codes and displays vehicle information as soon as a trouble code is triggered. The Innova 3100RS is compatible with 1996 and newer vehicles, and is multi-lingual in English, Spanish, and French. You can even perform diagnostics on your car from the comfort of your home.

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