How to Find torque Pro in the Market – Simple Steps to Download the torque Pro App for Smartphones

torque pro is a free android and Iphone app. It helps in checking and monitoring all the electronic systems of your vehicle. torque pro is designed by experts and it has been developed after a long time. torque pro software is fully compatible with almost all the vehicles made by any of the major car manufacturers. torque pro can also monitor torque, engine temperature and fuel system pressure.

torque pro app

It is absolutely free software used for analyzing the engine, gearbox or functioning condition. It is a licensed application designed for mobile devices, with the assistance of Bluetooth 2.0 adapter you can easily check all your vehicle’s property. For this you need to connect your device with the computer and run the torque pro app. This app will act like an interface between your torque wrench and torque gauges on the vehicle. The torque app displays all the instruments related to your vehicle’s torque system and helps in understanding the performance of your vehicle.

In fact android devices are highly capable of acting as a portable torque pro app. They are extremely easy to install and run on most of the android phones. android devices support Bluetooth technology, so this feature makes it possible for the torque pro app to work on these devices. As far as the user interface of the torque pro app is concerned it is very simple. You just need to follow few steps to install the app on your phone and get started with its functionalities. There are various examples shown on the screen to guide the users.

You just need to install the torque pro app on your device and it will start collecting the data that is normally sent by the torque sensors to the computer. After collecting the data, it will send them via email or SMS to you. The torque pro app will also allow you to track the speed of your vehicle and the gear ratio estimation. This feature is supported by most of the latest android phones.

You can also track the torque and speed of your vehicle using the GPS feature of your android smartphone. This facility of viewing the location of your vehicle through the GPS enabled smartphone makes it possible for you to find out where you are. This facility is supported by most of the latest android phones. It is a very powerful feature as it helps you to locate any person, place or thing on the maps using your mobile phone.

The main screen of the torque pro app presents you with a lot of options to choose from. You can select one of the options and get started. You would automatically receive push notifications whenever the app detects that one of the telemetry parameters has been changed. It uses the Bluetooth adapter to connect to the computer over Bluetooth and then sends the data to the computer for analysis.

The torque pro app works well with the android devices running on androids 4.4 (Kit Kat) operating systems. The connectivity of the torque pro app with a smart phone is made easy with the Bluetooth adapter as it is used by the torque drivers to communicate with the computer over Bluetooth. You do not have to install any drivers for the Bluetooth adapter as it is installed as part of the system of your smartphone. You would simply need to scan the QR code in the app and your smartphone would detect the device and automatically connect to it. You would also receive push notifications whenever new parameters are updated in the software. It is a very easy process, as all you would need to do is just install the torque pro app on your smartphone and connect to the computer using Bluetooth.

The official website of torque pro also provides instructions to download and run the software on your smartphone. Once downloaded, the software could be installed on to your smartphone. You can also enjoy the free trail version first before you opt for the full version. It is very simple to download and run the app as it does not require any complicated installation processes. The only thing you need to do is just to scan the co2 emissions sensor with your smartphone. It will automatically detect the device and download the required software and run it on your smartphone automatically.