How To Choose The Best OBD2 Scanner For Your Car

If you want to buy the best OBD2 scanner for your car, you need to look into several factors. For example, you should consider whether you need a scanner with Bluetooth connectivity, or a device with a wired connection. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to use your scanner without an internet connection. Similarly, the software allows you to use the same device on multiple vehicles. In this article, we will take a look at the features of the top Bluetooth OBD2 scanners.

Ancel OBD2 scanner

For those who have a basic diagnostic code reader, the ANCEL AD310 is an excellent upgrade. This device reads and erases any error codes stored in the engine. After plugging into the 16 pin OBDII DLC port, the ANCEL AD310 powers on and prompts you to turn the ignition. This device will help you diagnose why your Check Engine Light is on. Here are some other benefits of the ANCEL AD310.

o Ancel’s OBD2 scanner can perform basic diagnostics, ECU programming, and TPMS relearning. It can diagnose the powertrain, chassis, and body systems, but it does not support forced DPF regeneration and relearning brake pads. It is best suited for cars with an OBD2 connection, such as those made between 1992 and 1995. Ancel also includes software and an SD card for further updates.

o Portability: The Ancel AD310 is highly portable. It can be easily taken with you wherever you go, since it draws power from the OBD2 Data Link Connector in your car. Another benefit of the Ancel AD310 is its compatibility with more vehicles. Although it cannot detect Japanese cars, it works on U.S. and European vehicles. And although it is not universally compatible with Japanese cars, it is highly compatible with other brands.

Foxwell NT301

The Foxwell NT301 odb 2 scanner plugs into the code reader port under your dashboard. When connected, the scanner will automatically turn on menu options that allow you to monitor your vehicle’s status. This tool also allows you to switch off your check engine light. The scanner has many service modes, including a smog check helper. For more advanced diagnostics, you can also purchase a Foxwell NT301 odb2 scanner with a built-in speaker.

This OBD2 scanner is compatible with most domestic and imported cars, light trucks, and SUVs. It also reads European On-Board Diagnostics and can test the software that’s installed in your vehicle. It comes with an inexpensive price tag and features such as easy-to-read graphs, one-touch hotkeys, a decent color screen, and more. It even has a freeze frame data mode.

The Foxwell NT301 OBD2 scanner reads engine fault codes and erases trouble codes to turn off your check engine light. It also reads freeze frame data that displays the engine’s conditions when the MIL was set. This scan tool includes updates and features such as an O2 monitor tester and component tester. It also supports many vehicles with OBDII and supports the latest protocols. It is an excellent choice for beginners and small shops. The scanner is also cheaper than the entry level scan tool.

The Foxwell NT301 odb 2 scanner comes with a 1-year warranty and free lifetime updates. It also comes with a black rubber cover for protection. Despite the positive reviews, some customers have reported that the Foxwell NT301 doesn’t support complex functions. In addition, the connection cable is incredibly short, and you have to bend over to view it properly. The device comes with an average rating of 4.5 on Amazon.

Innova 3040c

The Innova 3040c is a professional scan tool for your vehicle that is compatible with a wide range of models. It also features internet connectivity. Read our full Innova 3040c review for more information. The Innova 3040c has many diagnostic features, including freeze frame data and live data reading. This scanner offers detailed readings and great compatibility. The Innova 3040c comes with a 3-AA battery pack and allows you to scan up to three vehicles.

This diagnostic scanner is suitable for most ODB-compliant vehicles. It scans 20 points per second and relays the information on its bright display. Moreover, it supports SRS and ABS systems in most post-1996 models. However, it lacks the more advanced engine scanning function of the 3130 and does not support ODB1 cars. Despite its benefits, the Innova 3040c is a solid and professional piece for general scans. It is easy to use and is a perfect tool for DIYers and small shops.

The Innova 3040c comes with a 1 year warranty. This warranty covers normal wear and tear. Furthermore, the company also offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the device. You can also contact Innova support via email or phone. There’s a FAQ page online that answers many common questions. Aside from providing you with useful information, Innova 3040c also has other useful features, including an intuitive display and an easy-to-understand interface.

Innova FixAssist 5160RS

As the most comprehensive scan tool in the Innova range, the Innova FixAssist 5160R provides enthusiast-level DIYers with professional-level functionality. With the 5160R, DIYers can perform dealer-level functions such as bidirectional system testing. In addition, the 5160R features the latest in scanning technology, including a 4.3-inch color touch screen.

Its features are extensive, and it can be used on all types of vehicles. It has been tested on Ford, BMW, Chrysler, Nissan, and Mercedes models. It also offers real-time information about the temperature of clutches and fuel pumps. Its high-resolution display lets you see up to four live data parameters at one time, making it ideal for any vehicle.

The Innova FixAssist 5160Rs odb2 scanner has professional-grade features. It pairs with the RepairSolutions2 mobile diagnostic app. The diagnostic app allows you to access an extensive automotive repair database, which includes verified fixes by ASE Master Technicians. It also has a wide selection of test and measurement methods. Innova’s diagnostic tools are made for every make and model.

If you’re looking for a cheap OBD2 scanner, you can try the Innova FixAssist 3100RS WiFi, Bluetooth, and Cable OBD2 Scanner. It is an affordable scanner, capable of sending data to a smartphone. With an integrated camera, it can scan DTCs on your phone and show you over 20 pieces of information. This scanner works on all cars, from 1996 to the latest.


When choosing an OBD2 scanner for your SmartCar, you’ll want to choose one with the right software. There are a number of options available to you. SmartCar offers a number of features to help you diagnose problems with your vehicle. Its smart diagnostics capabilities can help you save money on auto repairs and maintenance. Smartcar’s onboard diagnostics apps are ideal for a variety of industries, including general shipping, taxi services, and more. With SmartCar, you can monitor your vehicle and see if it’s in need of an oil change, transmission fluid, or other maintenance. These applications can even be customized to suit your specific needs.

This device connects via Bluetooth to the OBD2 port on your vehicle and reads data from the sensors. The data from the scanner is sent through Bluetooth to your smartphone via an app. The app provides clear descriptions of problems and unlimited repair reports. It also has a simulated smog test option, which is handy for identifying any problems with your car. SmartCar OBD2 scanners can be a great investment if you want to diagnose car issues quickly and easily.

When shopping for an OBD2 scanner, there are many things to consider. Regardless of whether you’re a professional technician or an average car owner, there are a variety of different scanners on the market. If you’re not sure what to buy, answering these questions beforehand will make the selection process easier. You can also choose between a SmartCar OBD2 scanner and a FIXD scanner.


Whether you are looking for troubleshooting tips, diagnostic tips, or just want to know if your car needs any repairs, a FIXD ODB2 scanner is an essential tool. It translates car problems into easy-to-understand terms and technical definitions. In other words, FIXD can help you determine what’s wrong with your car in no time. Listed below are some of the features of a FIXD ODB2 scanner.

This scanner has several benefits, including a convenient app that allows you to watch video tutorials on a variety of issues. It’s compatible with gas and hybrid cars, and it works on vehicles made after 1996. One of the biggest benefits of FIXD is that it can work on any car that has an OBD-II port, which can usually be found under the glove box or in the dashboard.

Using a FIXD ODB2 scanner puts you in charge of your car’s diagnosis. You’ll know the root cause of the light and can then choose a reputable mechanic to fix the problem. In addition to clearing up the check engine light, this scanner will also help you customize your car’s codes. While it’s a European-based product, some users have complained about poor customer support.

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