How to Choose the Best Floor Jack

best floor jack

Before you buy a floor jack, make sure to take some time to compare the features. These include Lift range, Weight capacity, and durability. You should also consider price. If you’re a novice, a floor jack with a bypass system is the best option. You can use it to safely lift heavy loads without risking damage. However, keep in mind that a floor jack is not designed to hold a heavy load for long periods of time.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of a floor jack is its total lifting capacity. It also depends on the size of the footprint. Some jacks come with a bypass valve, which keeps them stable even if the load is higher than the capacity. It is generally safe to use a floor jack with a weight capacity of one third to three-quarters of the vehicle’s mass. This jack’s lift range is three-1/2 inches to fourteen inches.

The Torin 240330 floor jack comes with a dual-piston pump setup and an aluminum/steel hybrid construction. At 33.6 pounds, this model’s weight is just right for most garages. Its weight capacity is 2 tons. Its design makes it easier to maneuver on the floor and is compatible with most vehicles. It comes with a 90-day warranty. Although the Torin 240330 floor jack weighs 33.6 pounds, it does have exceptional safety features.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a floor jack is its weight capacity. While most cars weigh about two tons, most trucks and SUVs weigh between four and five tons. If you are not sure of your vehicle’s curb weight, you can Google it. A jack with a higher capacity will allow you to lift your vehicle more easily. If you need a bigger weight capacity, you can opt for a 3-ton jack.

A third consideration is the material used in the jack. Some floor jacks are made of steel. However, they are expensive and not intended for heavy-duty use. In general, you should choose an aluminum jack if you want to maintain good gas mileage. An aluminum jack is also lightweight, making it ideal for garage use. But if you want the best weight capacity, you can get a floor jack that uses steel.


A floor jack’s versatility makes it better suited for DIY auto repair projects than a scissor jack, which is meant only for changing tires. In fact, floor jacks are made to handle a greater amount of abuse than scissor jacks. This is because floor jacks are able to lift vehicles of all sizes and shapes, including boats and motorcycles. A floor jack will also last longer than a scissor jack.

The weight of a floor jack’s cylinder, which is a measurement of its total lifting capacity, should be a minimum of one-quarter of the vehicle’s weight. A floor jack with a weight rating of one-third of the vehicle’s total weight should be able to lift one wheel without exceeding the limit of its capacity. Generally, the weight of a vehicle will depend on its weight rating, which is calculated as a quarter or third of its total weight. One-third of a six-ton SUV is roughly 1.08 tons, so a 1.5-ton aluminum floor jack would be enough to lift a single wheel without exceeding its capacity.

Modern cars are built with jacking points with rubber pads at the inboard corner of each wheel. However, owners’ manuals may not be detailed enough to show where these points are located. A hockey puck can work well as a rubber pad. Make sure the rubber pad touches the jacking point with only one side, and it must not be positioned in such a way that it will pinch the brake line or fuel line, and even tear the floor.

Another important factor in choosing a floor jack is the saddle. A smaller saddle will focus the pressure on a small area of the vehicle, which may cause the jacking point to cave in on older vehicles with larger suspension components. It will also be harder to position a small saddle on a larger vehicle, such as a truck or SUV. Using the jacking points provided by the manufacturer should help eliminate these problems.


The price of a floor jack is a factor that many people consider before buying one. While cheaper products may not be as reliable and durable, they do perform as well as their more expensive counterparts. Oftentimes, the difference between a budget floor jack and an expensive one lies in the extra features and materials used in manufacturing. Whether you need a jack for occasional use or for a large construction project, there is a floor jack to fit your needs.

A Pittsburgh heavy-duty low-profile floor jack has an extremely low profile. It can raise or lower a car or SUV easily with three pumps. Another great feature of this floor jack is its universal joint release mechanism. Because it’s so versatile, it can be used for most types of vehicles. A limited lifetime warranty is also included, and it’s built to last for years to come. Despite the low price, this jack has the power to raise and lower vehicles of all sizes, including those with high-profile tires.

An aluminum floor jack is one of the lightest options, and it’s durable, yet lightweight enough for daily use. A dual piston jack, on the other hand, raises a car quickly but has a low maximum lift. Most of the models in this price range can raise up to twenty-inches, which is more than enough for most vehicles. Some buyers have noted that they have used the floor jack on a garden shed.

If you’re planning on buying a floor jack for home use, it’s important to consider the weight capacity of your car before buying one. This number is an essential part of a floor jack’s capacity. When you lift your vehicle, it puts more stress on the jack as different parts are raised. This is because most cars are heaviest at the engine. By weighing the vehicle properly, you can determine whether or not it’s the right floor jack for you.

Lift range

This Lift range of best floor jacks boasts precision-welded construction and an industrial-grade finish, enabling you to easily and accurately lift and lower heavy loads. Unlike a standard floor jack, this model has a lifting range of 20 inches. The patented dual-parallel pump technology enhances precision and helps you control loading. Its wider-than-usual casters enable you to move the jack to a different position without getting out of control.

This Floor Jack is made to fit under vehicles with low ground clearance. You can fit it under your vehicle with an ease of maneuverability. The Low-Profile floor jack has a safety release valve and solid steel construction. Its lifting range is 3-1/2 to 14 inches. Its lifting range is sufficient to lift medium-sized cars and pickup trucks. However, it cannot lift a large SUV. So, consider buying a floor jack with a wider range than the one you currently own.

If you’re concerned about lifting your vehicle, you should opt for the dual-piston lift jacks. These are the cheapest and lightest of all the models in the Lift range. But they come with lower maximum lift capacities than other models. An 18-inch lift range is only adequate for most vehicles. Most floor jacks in this price range go up to 20 inches. Nevertheless, these aren’t the best options if you need to lift a heavy vehicle.

The best floor jacks have a capacity to lift three-quarters of your vehicle’s gross weight. You can find this out by searching for your vehicle’s weight online. A larger lifting range means more safety. The Lift range of best floor jacks


When purchasing a floor jack, there are a few factors that you should consider. For one, the weight of the vehicle to be lifted should be considered. A lightweight model will have a lower lifting capacity than a heavy-duty one. Heavy-duty floor jacks will always weigh more than light-duty models. The type of load you need to lift will also determine the size of the floor jack. This article will review some of the different brands of floor jacks.

If you want to use a jack on a regular basis, you’ll want to invest in a top-of-the-line model. Though many floor jacks are inexpensive, the high-quality ones will last a long time. Some of these models are also portable, and you can get the best of both worlds. In addition to floor jacks, you can also find bottle jacks, air jacks, and scissor jacks. The differences between brands are mainly in materials and extra features.

If you’re in need of a floor jack with a three-ton capacity, you can consider buying the Hein-Werner 93652 hydraulic jack. The pump base and lift arm are made of cast iron, giving them added strength and preventing twisting under load. The hydraulic system is hidden under the blue frame, with a pressure-relief valve and U-joint for precise lowering.

Some of the top brands of floor jacks have a lifetime warranty. However, if you’re looking for an entry-level jack, it’s best to purchase one that’s lightweight and not too heavy. For occasional use, an entry-level jack can be enough. It is perfect for novice mechanics, weekend DIYers, and professionals alike. However, it won’t last as long as a more expensive model.