How Does FixD Work With Smartphones?

If you are looking for a solution to your common vehicle maintenance and repairs, then the answer would be yes. The question is does find work for all makes and models of vehicles? Is it applicable for your vehicle? And, most importantly, will it bring you the results you desire? Before you get excited about trying the FixD system on your vehicle, have a look at the answers to the following questions and think about whether or not it might be something you want to consider.

does fixd work

Does FixD work for all makes and models of vehicles? While this is not an absolute, one size fits all answer, there are many manufacturers of automobiles and trucks, as well as transmission and brake maintenance and repairs, making it more than possible that the majority of vehicles you have in your garage can use the fixd app. The key here is determining which make/model of vehicle you need to check.

Does fixd work only with a smartphone? FixD is completely mobile – it can easily be carried from vehicle to vehicle, taken with you, or updated wherever you go with the push of a button. This ability to be portable opens up the opportunity for the mechanic or owner of the car or truck to check on their vehicle anywhere they are. This is certainly true for someone driving their vehicle to work or for someone who takes their car for a daily or weekly maintenance run. Any of these scenarios is a prime candidate for using the fixed platform.

Does fixd work only with live data? Many mechanics appreciate the ability to access and view their vehicle’s maintenance history and codes right from their smartphone. With the push of a button, this same information can be sent to their laptop, computer, or tablet to capture it for real time analysis and reporting purposes. As a result, many mechanics are turning toward this method of viewing maintenance data to make sure they are not missing any important signs or symptoms of potential trouble.

Does fixd work with multiple cars and trucks? This is an ideal way to use the app. Having access to multiple vehicles means the ability to monitor more than one vehicle at a time. With the ability to zoom in on one vehicle, zoom out to multiple vehicles, and switch between them with just one button, the ability to manage multiple vehicles with the use of this app is invaluable. Mechanics can also see exactly which components of their vehicles they should be paying the most attention to with the various sensors included with the fixed platform. This helps them pinpoint weak areas of their control or identify areas where certain repairs need to be prioritized.

Does fixd work with infrared technology? Infrared heat detection has been used for years by automotive manufacturers and now this technology is available on fixd to help you maximize efficiency and minimize costly repairs. The use of this smartphone app sends out infrared pulses just like radar signals to any problematic areas of a vehicle’s body so that any areas that need repair are prioritized accordingly.

Does fixd work with OBD-II port? Vehicles that use the OBD-II interface are considered “mechanically sound” and need some detailed information from their diagnostic system. The problem with this diagnostic interface is that it can be difficult to troubleshoot a vehicle using its specific codes. I’d recognizes these codes and can easily access them using this smartphone app.

Does fixd work with any smartphone devices? Yes. Any smartphone that has an iOS version can be used as a tool for troubleshooting and locating vehicles with this convenient mobile app. Best of all, many manufacturers include OBD-IOS sensors in their devices, meaning that users do not need to buy separate apps for each different type of OBD-IOS sensor.