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Heavy Duty Truck Scanner with DPF Regen + OBDII Code Reader



1. Please check your truck user manual to make sure your truck ECU is in compliance with J1939, J1708 and J1587 protocols. Generally for American HD trucks ( Class4-Class8) are from 2006 on.

2. Please enter through “HD OBD” on the menu if your vehicle is Heavy Duty Truck (Class4-Class8 trucks ); Please enter through “OBD/EOBD” if your vehcile is car, SUV, Mini-Truck, light super duty or other light duty vehicles.

3. Please let me know your truck information if you are not sure whether this scanner is compatible with your truck or not..


DPF Regeneration & Reset

DPF support the following engines from 2010 – Now

* Maxxfforce Engine: DOC Cleaning Procedures, DPF Regeneration, DPF Onboard

* Detroit Engine: DPF Regeneration in Parking, DPF Regeneration in Driving

* Commins Engine: Aftertreatment Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration

* ISUZU / HINO Engine: DPF Regeneration

Sensor/Service Reset For the belowing engines from 2010 – Now

* Maxxfforce: O2 Sensor Calibration

* Detroit: EGR Delta Pressure Sensor Recalibration; ATD Maximum Sensor Value Reset

* Commins: Reset Service


Support : Read/Clear codes and show Live Data on the following ECUs (J1939, J1708 and J1587):

**Engine,ABS, ESP, EPS,Transmission, Instrument panel,Drivetrain,Braking system,Suspension,Fuel system**


1. Please check your truck user manual to make sure your truck ECU is in compliance with J1939, J1708 and J1587 protocols. Generally for American HD trucks ( Class4-Class8) are from 2006 on.

2. Please enter through “HD OBD” on the menu if your vehicle is Heavy Duty Truck (Class4-Class8 trucks ); Please enter through “OBD/EOBD” if your vehcile is car, SUV, Mini-Truck, light super duty or other light duty vehicles.

3. Please let me know your truck information if you are not sure whether this scanner is compatible with your truck or not.




Works on almost cars, mini truck and light duty vehicles (OBDII & CAN) for 1996 US-Based, 2000 EU-Based and 2007 Asian vehicles

Support Most heavy duty trucks in compliance with standard protocols (J1578, J1939 and J1708). Generally for American HD trucks ( Class4-Class8) are from 2006 on.

Built-in DTC library, no need search the codes definition on the book, just get it directly

NL102PLUS HEAVY DUTY diagnostic scanner from NEXAS supports all heavy duty trucks in compliance with standard protocols ( J1587,J1939 and J1708 Class 4- class 8 trucks). And also engine check diagnostic for all passenger cars & light duty vehicles from 1996 on.
Trucks appliance: for Cummings, for Detroit, for Maxxforce, for Caterpillar, for Freightliner, for International, for Kenworth, for John Deere, for Peterbilt, for Sterling, for Mack, for Paccar, for Westernstar, for Volvo, for Scania, for Man, for Renault, for ERF, for Foden, for Seddon-Atkinson, for Iveco, for DAF, for SISU, for STEYR, for ISUZU; and all Cars/ mini truck/ light duty from 1996.
DPF Regeneration And Oil Service Reset: Force DPF regen for Cummings, Detroit, Maxxforce, ISUZU, and HINO from 2010 till now . Oil service reset for Cummings, Detroit, Maxxforce from 2010 till now .(Note: Water Temperature is higher than 80 Degree and engine at idle speed for at least 10 minutes.)
Supported Truck Systems: engine, transmission, instrument panel, drivetrain, braking system, suspension, ABS, ESP, EPS, fuel system and more, which are in compliance with J1939, J1708 and J1587 protocols. Generally for American HD trucks ( Class4-Class8) are from 2006 on.
FREE UPDATE & EXCELLENT SERVICE—-2.8 inch TFT color screen design and user friendly software interface guide you to operate it as easy as pie.We provide one year warranty & lifetime free software online update and professional service team for your any questions within 24 hours.

If you are an automotive mechanic, then you should consider purchasing an OBD2 scanner for your heavy-duty truck. This device is portable, user-friendly, and compatible with most OBD2 engines. It is the perfect tool for mechanics to use to check various problems related to the transmission, brakes, and engine of your heavy-duty truck. Here are the features of the Autel NL102:

NL102 performs various bi-directional tests

The NL102 is an automotive diagnostic scanner that performs various bi-directional tests on heavy-duty trucks. Its All Systems Diagnosis feature helps technicians auto-diagnose 24v heavy-duty trucks. It provides graphical live data on the status of various truck systems. It also provides information on engine speed and idle hours. The NL102 is available in various colors and has a built-in USB port for convenient charging.

The NL102 can perform various bi-directional tests on the engine and transmission. It has a special function called ABS, which automatically controls the braking force, preventing the wheels from locking or slipping. It also offers a 20-percent slip rate, which ensures maximum adhesion between the wheels and the ground. Its software is updated to reflect the latest standards and can diagnose problems on passenger cars and heavy-duty trucks.

The NexLink NL102 also supports multiple OBD2 protocols, including J1939, J1587, and J1708. It has a wide range of vehicle make compatibility and is compatible with many heavy-duty truck models. The wide range of protocols it supports includes J1939, ISO 1576, and 14230, as well as many others. It is compatible with multiple brands, including John Deere, DAF, Patcar, and Terex.

NexLink NL102 scanners are compatible with various vehicles, including light-duty cars, mini-cars, and American and Asian heavy-duty trucks. The DTC library of the Nexas NL102 makes it easy to find the fault codes and understand them. The NL102 also has the ability to clear fault codes and shows the definition. If you have a truck that isn’t compatible with the Nexas NL102 scanner, consider buying an FCAR F507 instead. It supports all major and minor vehicle brands. A few other advantages of this scanner include compatibility, free software updates, and a lifetime warranty.

Nexas NL102 is a professional diagnostic scanner that can read and erase fault codes. Its 2.8-inch color screen and intuitive software interface make it easy to operate. Moreover, you can erase and clear fault codes, and also retrieve information about your vehicle. The device can also retrieve vehicle information, including calibration ID and calibration verification number. It also performs live graphic data display and an O2 sensor test.


When using an obd2 scanner, you need to make sure the vehicle is on. Start the car and turn the ignition key on. You should then go into the menu of options and select the appropriate settings. Then, you will be able to select the types of codes you need to review. This process is called troubleshooting.

This tool supports a wide variety of vehicle models. It can test the engine, ABS, TPMS, CAN, and TCM. This helps you identify the cause of engine lights on the car.

The NexLink NL102 can read a wide range of harmful codes and is capable of detecting any malfunctions. It supports the CAN protocol and 16-pin OBD-II connector. You can even download the latest software through the Internet. Another great feature of this OBD scanner is its ability to perform battery power checks and clear P1 codes. It can also reset the Check Engine Light and identify pending codes.

The NexLink NL102P can read most major OBD2 protocols. It is compatible with J1939, J1587, and J1708. It is also compatible with HD OBD protocols. The NL102 supports ISO9141 and KWP2000 protocols.

Consumer-grade OBD2 scanners are a great way to get started on repairing your car. However, they can’t replace professional grade scanners. Dedicated hand-held scan tools plug into the OBD2 port. These scan tools have screens, buttons, and a computer chip that is designed for each model.

The NL102 is an ideal choice for people who want to perform OBDII diagnostics on their vehicles themselves. It features LIVE DATA readings and advanced diagnostics. It also has an advanced mode 4 that allows you to read PCM data in graphics format. Moreover, it offers a wide range of functions, including full OBDII diagnosis, support service lamp reset, and steering angle sensor calibration.

Before starting the diagnostics, you should always make sure the fluid levels are in the correct levels, especially transmission fluid. Check the O2 sensors and air filter to ensure they are in good condition. Make sure the timing belt is in good condition and properly tensioned.

NL102 has a 2.8 TFT color screen

The Nexas NL102 Heavy Duty Truck obd2 SCAN TOOL features a 2.8 TFT color screen. It is a highly professional device that can read all fault codes and clear them. The unit also provides detailed definitions of all fault codes, as well as the calibration ID and verification number. The NL102 is a universal scan tool that is compatible with all cars and mini-vehicles made from 1996 and up. The device is backed by a lifetime warranty and offers free software updates.

The NL102 has a 2.8 TFP color touch screen. The scanner comes with a built-in DTC library, which eliminates the need to spend time searching for code definitions online. It also features a multilingual menu, including English, Spanish, and French. The NL102 can diagnose problems with critical ABS systems, helping to improve safety and efficiency.

The NL102 Heavy Duty Truck obd2 SCAN TOOL has a 2.8 TFT color screen and supports multiple protocols. It supports J1939, J1708, and J1939, which are the most common protocols used for heavy trucks. It also supports special functions like DPF and O2 sensor tests. With the NL102, you can scan a variety of vehicles, from trucks to trailers to buses.

The MS908CV Heavy Duty Truck obd2 SCAN TOOL has complete capabilities and adapters for all electrical systems. The unit features a 2.8 TFT color screen for easy reading of live data. The MS908CV OBD2 truck scan tool supports over 80 commercial vehicle brands. The MS908CV Heavy Duty Truck obd2 SCAN TOOL supports proprietary CAN protocols and is compatible with 80+ brands.

The NexLink NL102 Heavy Duty Truck obd2 SCAN TOOL is compatible with most automotive protocols. It supports J1939 and J1708, and is compatible with the full OBD2 standards, including ISO 1576 and ISO 14230. In addition to heavy-duty trucks, the tool is also compatible with John Deere, DAF, SISU, and STEYR.

Autel scanners are worth the investment

The Autel HD3100 heavy duty truck obd2 scanner is one of the best options available in the market today. It is compatible with over 85 vehicle makes and models and is as easy to use as any other code reader for cars. This scanner is also capable of reading live sensor data and freeze-frame data, which is important when troubleshooting your truck.

If you work in the automotive service industry, you will definitely benefit from the Autel MS908CV. It is the best heavy duty truck diagnostic scanner you can buy. This device supports more than 80 public vehicles, and it offers excellent service delivery. It is an updated version of the MS906CV and has more features. The Autel MS908CV comes with a bright LED backlit touchscreen, wireless connectivity, and a long range of up to 230 meters.

If you need a professional scan tool for your commercial vehicle business, the Autel MP808K is worth considering. It comes with a one-year warranty and includes many professional functions. However, it’s expensive and may not be appropriate for a busy mechanic’s shop. For those who are on a budget, the Launch X431 V+ is a good option. It offers a lot of features and works with over 10,000 different vehicles.

The Autel MS908CV scanner is compatible with many OBD2 protocols. It can be used for both OBD and HD OBD vehicles and is capable of troubleshooting ABS lights. This scanner also features live streaming capabilities from selected inputs. While it’s not as advanced as the top-end model, the MS908CV comes with free software updates for life.

The Autel NexLink NL102 heavy duty truck obd2 scanner is well-worth the investment. It is capable of reading codes without clearing them, and is able to produce malfunction signals almost every time. This makes it a valuable tool for a shop’s technician. And it also comes with a battery that lasts for a very long time.