Essential Auto Tools

auto tools

Many of us don’t have the necessary auto tools to make our lives easier. This article covers essential tools such as Flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers, Oil filter wrench, Ratchet and socket set, and more. By understanding what each tool does, you’ll be able to do more than just fix a car. These tools are essential for any car owner, whether they’re working on a classic or the latest model.

Dead blow hammer

A dead blow hammer is a special kind of hammer that is designed to cause minimum damage when striking something. They are especially useful in the case of costly automotive parts, such as suspension bolts. Unlike conventional hammers, a dead blow hammer is designed to strike threads without damaging the material. It is easy to use a dead blow hammer for most tasks, especially when it is equipped with a rubberized handle.

The body of dead blow hammers is made of steel and is wrapped in a poly jacket that is orange. A square handle is carved into it to provide a secure grip even when the tool is wet or dripping with oil. Steel shot is filled in the head of dead blow hammers to reduce the force and vibration of the impact. Dead blow hammers are built to last for many years.

The face of a dead blow hammer is 2.3 inches. The weight of the hammer makes it ideal for light-duty tasks and avoiding damage to sensitive surfaces. Its head is made of polyurethane, which minimizes the risk of sparking and marring the surface. Users will find the hammer comfortable to use and appreciate its precision. It is a great tool for auto maintenance, but it is important to remember that eye protection is recommended when using this type of tool.

Flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers

Flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers are both equally important. However, if you need a ratchet screwdriver, you may not want to buy one. These tools allow you to screw only one way and are very useful in shortening the time that is required to complete the task. While both types of screwdrivers work well, using the wrong type could damage the workpiece.

A screwdriver with a flathead head is also commonly used for mounting hardware. A flathead screwdriver has a two-prong tip that works on screws that have depressions on the head. These screws are too hard to remove without one. Flathead screws are commonly used in bathrooms, elevators, and bus terminals. Flathead screwdrivers have a welded nut underneath the handle. This nut increases the torque of the screwdriver.

A screwdriver with a square protrusion is often called a Robertson head. This head screwdriver engages the screw’s square opening. This eliminates the cam-out effect and offers good locking. It is most popular in Canada and the United States. This type of screwdriver has a standard range of tip sizes, ranging from 1.77mm to 4.85mm.

Ratchet and socket set

A quality ratchet and socket set includes several pieces that are essential to any mechanic’s toolbox. A good set will have a combination of imperial and metric sockets, as well as a ratchet drive end in three sizes that will make it easy to remove stubborn lug nuts. You should also get pliers, a hammer, and Allen keys. This set is inexpensive and versatile enough to be used for all sorts of jobs.

Socket sets come with a variety of sizes, so it is necessary to have a wide range. One set may contain a ratchet of a “set size,” while another may contain sockets that are too large for the fastener. Socket sets can also come with several types of drive adapters, which will allow you to use the right type of tool for the job. Several sets also include impact sockets, which can be used with both power tools and hand tools.

Another type of ratchet and socket set is the extension arm. This tool is used for removing difficult nuts. It features a knurled section for a better grip. It is also equipped with a chrome finish. This set includes 14 external Torx sockets, five in the 1/4, three-eight, and four-inch sizes, and three security-torx bits. These sets also include an assortment of other bits and extensions for various uses.

Oil filter wrench

An oil filter wrench is a handy auto tool that makes it easier to remove an oil filter from a car. There are three types of oil filter wrenches available on the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. End cap filters are the easiest to remove and are often made of thin plastic. Claw-type wrenches can be used on any type of oil filter, and come with a single or double set of claws.

A good oil filter wrench is made of high-quality, durable steel. A good quality one will have a textured, three-position design with large teeth for a secure grip on the oil filter. A long handle with soft non-slip grips is also useful. A well-designed oil filter wrench will make your job much easier. Here are the benefits of an oil filter wrench:

The best oil filter wrench will allow you to tighten or loosen filters efficiently. If you’re using a spin-on oil filter, tighten the filter until the base makes contact with the gasket. Don’t tighten the canister filter too tightly, because the O-ring will break if it is too tight. For most filters, the torque should be between 10 and 20 foot-pounds. Remember to recycle the used oil. Many car parts stores accept used oil for recycling.

Floor jacks

Floor jacks are a necessary part of any mechanic’s toolbox, and it’s easy to buy a cheap floor jack online. But what are the best options? Here are a few considerations. Aluminum jacks are lightweight and inexpensive, and they are easy to maneuver and store. Aluminum jacks typically have a dual pump piston that is powerful enough to lift your vehicle. They also have a bypass valve and overload protection to prevent over-exertion of the hydraulic system. A detachable handle makes storage easier.

Before purchasing a floor jack, determine the weight of your vehicle. Check the owner’s manual or a sticker in the driver’s door jamb to determine how much weight is on your vehicle. Some floor jacks feature a split weight gauge to help you determine how much weight your car can safely support. Heavy-duty jacks are also heavier and slower to operate, so you’ll need to consider how much weight your car is likely to bear.

Steel floor jacks are more expensive. You can find steel floor jacks for less than half that price online. For a cheap floor jack, look for one that’s lightweight and geared towards garage use. Steel floor jacks are not as lightweight, so consider how much you’ll use it. The Pittsburgh Automotive floor jack has a 3-ton capacity and weighs 79 pounds. Another feature that makes it better for a garage is a bypass device that keeps the jack from over-pumping. A magnetic tray is also included with some floor jacks.

Floor stand

Floor stands are necessary for many automotive repair jobs. These auto tools allow you to lift the entire car off the ground. This helps you avoid dangerous accidents while working on the vehicle. In addition to car repair, floor jacks and axle stands are essential for drivetrain and suspension work. If you are working on an older vehicle, you may also need to purchase thread repair kit and bolt extractor set to make the job easier. You may also need an electrical repair tool such as a crimper, a soldering iron, a test light, and a battery charger.

Air compressor

If you own a small shop, an air compressor is an essential tool. It powers various automotive air tools, from a low CFM rating air hammer to an electric impact wrench. A powerful air compressor can also power a buffer polisher or die grinder for heavy-duty work. In addition to powering these tools, an air compressor can also be used to operate an HVLP spray gun for the painter’s needs.

The air compressor comes in a variety of sizes, from a 12-volt air compressor for car tires to industrial-grade rotary pumps. Its PSI (Pounds-Per-Square-Inch) rating indicates how much force is required to operate the tool. Most tools require at least 90 PSI. Another measurement of air pressure is SCFM (Standardized Cubic Feet-Feet-Milled), or CFM.

Pneumatic tools are more resilient and durable than their electrical counterparts. They also have higher torque ratings, with some impact wrenches boasting a thousand foot-pounds of torque. A pneumatic air compressor works by pumping air into a small tank. A pressure switch monitors the pressure in the air tank, and the compressor turns off when the target pressure has been reached. This can make air tools very handy in a variety of situations.