Creator C501 OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner for BMW Mini Cooper Check Engine Light EPB ABS SRS Code Reader with OBD II Communication Modes 1-10

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Product Description

obd2 scanner for bmwobd2 scanner for bmw

CREATOR C501 Scan Tool for BMW is a professional scan tool for non-mechanics to do your home diagnostic work. This car code reader supports all OBD2 functions and full BMW systems diagnosis to read & clear the fault codes, show you the live data in graph on the 2.8” TFT screen and turn off the MIL after repair or maintenance.

OBD2 Scanner for BMWOBD2 Scanner for BMW

As everybody who has cars knows, people always spend hundreds of even thousands of dollars on their BMW/MINI vehicles just because the engine light was on. However, most of them don’t know they could make it off themselves with dozens of dollars – using Creator C501 OBD2 Scanner. This OBD2 scanner could resolve most reasons which caused engine light on, and tell you what’s wrong with your car engine, and if it is necessary to be sent to workshop. Altogether, the Creator C501 car diagnostic scan tool would save you much time and money. It is also a great choice if you are looking for an OBD2 scanner well-built, easy to use with the BMW & MINI cars.

In addition, it allows you to access the most commonly required service features such as:

Oil Light / Service Reset: Allows you to reset the service lamps on the instrument cluster.Airbag (SRS) / Antilock Brake System (ABS) Service: Allows you to use the scanner temporarily to activate or control anti-lock brake system, airbags or components.Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Calibration: Allows you to perform calibration of the steering angle sensor, which permanently stores the current steering wheel position as straight-ahead in the sensor EEPROM. After calibrate sensor successfully, its fault memory will be automatically cleared.CBS Reset: Engine oil, Spark plugs, Front brakes, Rear brakes, Coolant, Diesel particle filter, Brake fluid, Microfilter, Vehicle inspection, Exhaust emission inspection, Vehicle check, etc.

Car Code Reader for BMWCar Code Reader for BMW

Supports BMW & MINI Cooper between 2001 to 2018:

1 Series: 1’_E81/E81/E87/E88, 1’_F20/F21

2 Series: 2’_F22/F23, 2’_F45/F46, 2’_F87

3 Series: 3’_E46, 3’_E90/E91/E92/E93, 3’_F30/F31/F34/F35, 3’_F80

4 Series: 4’_F32/F33/F36, 4’_F82/F83

5 Series: 5’_E39, 5’_E60/E61, 5’_GT(F07), 5’_F10/F11/F18

6 Series: 6’_E63/E64, 6’_F06/F12/F13

7 Series: 7’_E38, 7’_E65/E66, 7’_F01/F02/F03/F04, 7’_G11/G12

X Series: X1_E84/F48/F49, X3_E83/F25, X4_F26, X5_E53/F15/F85/70, X6_E71/E72/F16/F86

Z & I Series: Z4_E85/E86, Z4_E89, I’_I01/I02

MINI Cooper: MINI_R50/R52/R53, MINI_R55/R56/R57/R58/R59/R60, MINI_F55/F56

Lifetime Free UpdateLifetime Free Update

Save Money and TimeSave Money and Time

Lifetime FREE Update

CREATOR provides lifetime FREE software update to fix the latest bugs or add newly parameters which makes it compatible to more vehicles in future and store newest car model data.

HELP Button

C501 with HELP button for quick access to common tips, this code reader will display the error code definition, finds out what caused and the result, tell you how to fix.

Save Money & Time

Perform a complete diagnosis of your car anytime, anywhere with C501 diagnostic tool by youself, help you save thousands of dollars on car maintenance, save time and effort on small repairs in daily life, and dramatically improve your car’s performance.

C501 for BMW C502 for Benz

Diagnose all systems for BMW/MINI between 2001 to 2018 Diagnose all systems for Mercedes-Benz before 2018

Support System
Support Body, Chassis, Drive and all Control Module Systems Support Body, Chassis, Drive and all Control Module Systems

Full OBD-II Function

Lifetime FREE Update

Multi-system scanner for BMW, Mini and OBDII/EOBD: Creator C501 not only is a professional BMW Scan Tool that works on the BMW between 2001 to 2016 but Works on all 2001 and later OBDII compliant PETROL European vehicle; Works on all 2004 and later OBDII compliant DIESEL European vehicles; Works on all 1996 and later OBDII compliant US and Asian vehicles.
For BMW and Mini Cooper: Compatible ECU systems including Drive, Chassis and Body all system. Supported function including read trouble codes, clear trouble codes, display live data stream, graph display, vehicle version information, clear adaptation, and reset Engine oil.
Smog Check: Clearly shows whether the emission-related systems are operating properly or ready for inspection and maintenance testing; turns off the MIL (check engine light) and resets monitors; views freeze frame data, read live PCM data stream, EVAP system test data, On-Board Monitor test data and display live O2 sensor test data.
Supports all OBDII protocols, including ISO9141, KWP2000, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW and CAN(Controller Area Network).
Multi-language Support: C501 OBD software language available: English, Chinese (Traditional), Spanish, German, Vietnamese; C501 BMW software language available: English, Chinese(Traditional), German.