BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro Bluetooth Wireless Scanner – A Professional Scans Tool

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro Bluetooth Wireless Scanner – A Professional Scans Tool

For the last couple of years the BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro has been a highly sought after car tool that plugs into your automobile’s diagnostic system (OBD2) to provide real time data on the condition of your engine. From the information gathered, the BlueDriver software can display all kinds of trouble codes, diagnosis results and other pertinent data that will help diagnose the problem. This is accomplished by plugging the BlueDriver onto the OBD reader/driver that your vehicle uses to communicate with the OBD2. The software also allows the user to run numerous diagnostic tests in a short period of time without having to manually change anything on your vehicle’s computer system.

But what kind of information does the BlueDriver offer? What can it do and is it accurate when the Blue Rider Bluetooth Pro is used as it claims to be? To find out we took two test cars and went over all the features to see which of the BlueDriver scanning tools were really the best to assist you with your diagnostic needs. Here are some quick thoughts on each.

Wireless Scanners: BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro and the bluedriver scan tools work great together as both are designed to perform similar functions. They both support a variety of popular wireless scanners that have the common goal of disassembling the data flow from your car’s computer system to aid with troubleshooting. Wireless scanners capture data readings from the computer system’s Bluetooth ports and other interface ports. These common fixes include:

*Bluetooth Low Energy: This scan tool reports Bluetooth low energy readings and is one of the most common reasons why Bluetooth Smart Devices may not communicate with one another. With this particular scanner review, we found that BlueDriver did report Bluetooth low energy data readings but also that it was able to work with a battery power source. In order to ascertain whether the scanner could work without a power source, we left it on and plugged in an AC adapter. Yes, the BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro scanner did indeed work as long as the battery power lasted. If you’ve got a long commute to work or another device that requires a battery power source, this scanner might not be for you.

*Bluetooth Low Energy: This is yet another common fix for Bluetooth Smart Devices and one of the reasons why they don’t always communicate with one another. Bluetooth Low Energy is a specification that lets devices communicate despite low power levels. Bluetooth Low Energy is useful when you’re away from an outlet or air inside buildings or other areas with low signal reception. BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro and the blue driver scanner, however, cannot work with these types of wireless transmitters because the devices do not support it.

*scan Tool: The scanner review concludes that the blue driver scanner works very well with the BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro. The device works just as well as any other Bluetooth devices in terms of speed and connectivity. If you’re looking for Bluetooth Smart Device compatibility, this is definitely the Scan Tool that you should use.

*Common Fixes: There were quite a few other fixes that we found in this BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro Bluetooth Wireless Sensor Review. Some of these common fixes include trying to reset the Bluetooth Smart Device if it’s not working properly, updating the firmware on your computer if it’s out of date, checking for the “Check Engine Codes” on your vehicle’s dashboard to see if the codes are related to your Blueado and updating the firmware on your car if it’s not compatible with your Blueado. It’s important to note that updating your firmware can cause some compatibility issues for Bluetooth scanners like BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro. For this particular scanner, the most common problems it causes occur during Setup/Reinstall.

Overall, the blue driver scanner from BlueDriver is very reliable and easy to work with. Scanning for Bluetooth enabled devices is extremely fast and smooth. Most of the time, you won’t have to worry about compatibility or performance issues and you’ll just need to know how to plug it in and go. A professional scan tool is definitely in order for this type of device if you’re going to be using it to its fullest extent