Autel Scanner MaxiCOM MK906BT with MV105, 2022 New Version of Maxisys MS906BT/MS908/MK908, Automotive Scan Tool with Advanced ECU Coding, All System Diagnostics, Bi-Directional Control, 31+ Services

Price: $1,299.00
(as of Jan 06,2022 04:13:34 UTC – Details)

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AUTEL, a famous brand in the automotive aftermarket, is synonymous with high quality, experience, and professionalism.

Since 2004, AUTEL has been deeply involved in global automotive diagnostics and inspections. After years of independent research, development, and innovation, we’ve formed our own unique core technology accumulation.

Now, AUTEL products allow us to see how significantly they changed ways of global auto repair and maintenance.

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👍【🅰🆄🆃🅴🅻 2022 MK906BT, Upgraded of Maxisys MS906】: As the upgrade version of MS906, same as MaxiSys MS906BT/MS908/MK908, Autel scanner MaxiCOM MK906BT can rapidly perform every job from OE-level all-system diagnostics, 31+ special functions, ECU coding, bi-directional control, to anti-theft IMMO service, guided functions, personalization, etc. With 140+ vehicle brands coverage and 24/7 technical support. Notice: Add-on Inspection Endoscope MV105 for making faults visible.
👍【MK906BT ECU REPLEACEMENT Same as MS906BT】: After the replacement of new ECUs/modules on most cars, we have to match, learn, code or even program the newly replaced ECUs. Otherwise, the car cannot start or some functions cannot work normally. Featuring the valuable ECU replacement function, Autel scanner MK906BT helps you match, learn, or code the newly replaced ECU on most vehicle makes, like Honda, Chrysler, VW, GM, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, etc. to get it back on track.
👍【Advanced ECU CODING & ONLINE CODING】: OBD2 diagnostic scan tool MK906BT has the capability of ECU coding to change preprogrammed options in the software. It not only helps you customize your car, unfold the hidden features, or disable the annoying functions to improve your car’s performance, but also reprograms the adaptive data for certain components after repairs or replacements. ECU Online Coding is available for BMW, VW, Porsche, Renault, etc.
👍【Comprehensive 31+ MAINTENANCE FUNCTIONS Same as MS906TS 】: Automotive diagnostic scan tool MK906BT enjoys 31+ service functions to meets all your needs for various service and maintenance. In addition to the commonly used 25 special functions (Oil Reset, EPB, BMS, IMMO, etc.), it also offers various advanced special functions for different models, such as Power Balance, ECU Initialization, etc. The smart AutoVIN technology and stable BT connection provide greater ease and mobility at work.
👍【ALL SYSTEM DIAGNOSES & ACTIVE TEST Same as Maxisys MS908/MK908P】: Same as Autel MS908& MK908P, Autel Scanner Maxicom MK906BT can access all available systems to perform OE-level diagnoses to greatly shorten the diagnostic time and reduce the diagnostic fee. Combined with Bi-directional Control, this car scan tool can output the commands to ECUs and monitor the operation of the actuators to let you quickly know if a specific system, component, or a subsystem is functioning properly or not.