Autel Scanner MaxiCheck MX808TS, 2022 Same as MK808TS

Autel Scanner MaxiCheck MX808TS, 2022 Same as MK808TSAutel Scanner MaxiCheck MX808TS, 2022 Same as MK808TSAutel Scanner MaxiCheck MX808TS, 2022 Same as MK808TSAutel Scanner MaxiCheck MX808TS, 2022 Same as MK808TSAutel Scanner MaxiCheck MX808TS, 2022 Same as MK808TSAutel Scanner MaxiCheck MX808TS, 2022 Same as MK808TS
Price: $759.00 - $699.00
(as of Nov 30,2022 15:59:37 UTC – Details)

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【2022 ADDED FUNCTIONS】Autel MaxiCheck MX808TS scanner has been added $300+ valued powerful functions to make MX808TS more widely used. You are allow to perform battery test for cranking test and charging test, supports Endoscope function. FCA Auto Auth is also added in, you can connect with 2018 and newer FCA cars (Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep,etc) in US/ Canada/ Mexico from diagnose to service. Autel cloud space supports uploading printed reports to the Autel cloud, saving running memory.
【BI-DIRECTIONAL CONTROL/ ACTIVE TEST】Autel MaxiCheck MX808TS is a bi-directional scan tool, which can send commands to the vehicle’s ECU, testing the working status of components, confirm if the actuator functions well. It includes but not limited to Fuel Injector Pump, Window/ Mirror/ Door Lock/ Horn, Cycle A/C Clutch On/Off, Air Conditioning, Wiper, Solenoids, Valves, Wipers, Headlamp Test, etc. Please reach us with VIN to auteldirect @ outlook . com check compatibility.
【30+ SPECIAL FUNCTIONS, EVERTHING FOR YOU】Upgrade of MK808BT/ MK808/ MX808, Autel MaxiCheck MX808TS supports more special services functions to sweep all tiny issues: TPMS, EPB, Headlamp Reset, Suspension, Oil Reset, ABS, BMS, IMMO, Throttle, Odometer, Cylinder, Coolant Bleed, Gearbox Learn, Win-Calibration, IMMO, SAS, D-PF, Idle Relearn, Injector Coding, etc. to fully meet various needs. More than 10000+ vehicles in the US, EU, Asia, Australian can be served by Autel MX808TS scan tool!
【SPECIALIZED FULL TPMS SOLUTION】Upgrade from TS608/ TS508/ TS601, Autel MaxiCheck MX808TS TPMS scan tool has added pro TPMS module to resolve all TPMS related issues quickly. The services includes TPMS diagnostics, activate all know sensors, view sensor data like sensor ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, sensor location, 99% TPMS sensor relearn in 3 ways, MX-sensor programming in 4 ways. TPMS retrofit guide is also a special functions included.
【TPMS RETROFIT – TPMS DIY FOR SAFER DRIVE】TPMS retrofit is an enhanced PRO TPMS service, which allows to remould TPMS module to the vehicles without TPMS pre-installed for safe tire monitoring and safe driving. Only equipped on MX808TS and above, TPMS relearn tool like TS501/ TS601/ TS508 aren’t equipped. Steps:1:Copy original vehicle data; 2:Code TPMS module;3:Set up TPMS module;4:Program Autel tire sensors; 5:Activate sensors;6:Relearn the sensors with on-board TPMS module.
【ALL SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS, PLUS FCA AUTO AUTH】Autel MX808TS car diagnostics scan tool can diagnose all available systems and perform OE-level diagnosis on 10000+ car’s systems, like Engine/ ABS/ SRS/ SAS/ EPB/ A/C etc. MX808TS can read/ clear codes, view live data of multiple sensors in text, graph & analog, freeze frame data, ECU info & Active Test etc. It also supports Chrysler/ Dodge/ Jeep/ Fiat/ Alfa Romeo After 2018 with Security Gateway Module(SGM/ SGW) to do from diagnose to services.
【1 YEAR WARRANTY & 1 YEAR FREE SOFTWARE UPDATE】Purchase it, MX808TS offers 12 months warranty, 30 days refund & replacement and 24/7/365 after-sale service, with 295 USD valued 1-year free online software update via WiFi for the latest official optimization for auto system and software. Any question, pls contact auteldirect @ outlook . com.