Autel MaxiAP AP200M OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth, Auto OBDII Diagnostic Scan Tool for iOS and Android, OE-Level All-System Diagnoses, Full OBD2 Function, Oil/SAS/BMS/EPB/DPF/Throttle Reset Functions

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Product Description

Autel Diagnostic Scanner AP200MAutel Diagnostic Scanner AP200M


Autel AP200M is a professional Bluetooth OBD2 scanner with multi-functions but reasonable cost, designed to turn your smart mobile device (Android / iOS) into an advanced diagnostics and service tool.

All-system diagnosesOE-level DTCs reading & cleaning6 most common reset functionsRead DTCs with detailed explanationFull OBD2 FunctionsWireless Bluetooth ConnectionSupport all OBD2 protocols & all OBD2-compliant vehiclesCompatible with Android & iOS devicesSuitable for all European, Asian and US vehicles, 1996 and newerRecord real-time diagnostic data & generate repair reports

Autel auto diagnostic scanner AP200MAutel auto diagnostic scanner AP200M

Autel Car Scanner AP200MAutel Car Scanner AP200M


AP200M helps you check all the available system (Engine, Battery, Transmission, SAS, SRS, etc.) regularly by retrieving ECU information, reading & erasing DTCs, and viewing live data. With all-system diagnoses, this Bluetooth scanner AP200M can fast and accurately figure out the system faults, e.g.

Battery System: check why headlights dim and battery light comes on, etc.

Steering System: check why the car’s direction is out of control.

Suspension System: check the causes of uneven tire wear, excessive vibration, etc.

6 Commonly-Used Maintenance Functions:

Throttle Matching: regulate throttle to adjust the amount of air intake.

Oil Reset: reset the oil life reminder after oil replacement; EPB Reset: reset the brake pad after replacing brake pads.

BMS Reset: do the battery matching and clear the fault info;DPF Regeneration: clear particulate matter from DPF filter.

SAS Reset: reset the steering angle after replacing steering mechanical parts;

Bluetooth Diagnostic Scanner AP200M

Bluetooth Diagnostic Scanner AP200M

OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth AP200M

OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth AP200M

Autel Scanner Bluetooth AP200M

Autel Scanner Bluetooth AP200M

Stable BT Communication

AP200M Bluetooth car scanner can transmit vehicle data to your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth wireless communication, letting you get rid of the limitation of the diagnostic cable. The 33-feet (about 10 m) working range for BT communication allows you to diagnose freely both in and out of vehicle. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the stability of bluetooth connection as the singnal is strong after we tested it millions times.

Detailed Explanation of DTCs

With a powerful built-in DTCs library, OBD2 Diagnostic scanner AP200M shows you the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) with the detailed information by reading the DTCs. With the detailed information about the DTCs, you can identify vehicle problems and locate the issues quickly and accurately. Also, the solution for the DTCs retrieved can be directly obtained from the internet on this scanner.

OE-Level Diagnostics

All-system scanner AP200M, performs the same diagnostics as the OE scanner of the dealership, whose accuracy goes far beyond that of the ordinary diagnostic tool, and allows you to get the same information as the dealers. With this diagnostic tool, you can retrieve ECU information, read & erase DTCs, and view live data of all the available systems, 4 times more accurately than other scanners do.

Autel Scan Tool AP200MAutel Scan Tool AP200M

FAQ Related to the AP200M:

Q: What if the AP200M cannot communicate with the vehicle?

A:a) Check if the OBD diagnostic connector of the AP200M is OK. If it’s OK, connnect it with the car again.

b) Check if the OBD port on the vehicle is OK.

c) Update the AP200M to the latest version.

Q: What if the Bluetooth connection failed between the AP200M dongle and its APP?

A:a) Check if the Bluetooth module on the AP200M dongle is OK. If broken, send it back to repair or replace.

b) Check if the Bluetooth is off. If off, turn it on.

Q: What if you cannot use the OBD2 function (Eobd)?

A:a) Make sure your vehicle is OBD2-compliant vehicles. AP200M supports all OBD2-compliant vehicles, but not available for JOBD-compliant vehicle.

b) Try the OBD2 function on another OBD-compliant vehicle to rule out the possibility of device errors.

【NEW】: As a NEW generation of 2020 enhanced DIY vehicle diagnostic dongle, Autel AP200M performs OE-level diagnostics and maintenance, including full systems diagnoses, 6 commonly-used reset functions and full OBD2 functions on al makes since 1996. It turns the Android/iOS mobile into an advanced auto scanner via Bluetooth, which is the most poplar and convenient way to do repairing work.
【4】: Unlike other similar car diagnostic tools, Autel AP200M allows you to do the same level of analysis, diagnosis and maintenance as the OEM dealer. With OE-level diagnostics, this Bluetooth scanner AP200M reads trouble codes 4 times as accurately as other same-level diagnostic scanners do. AP200M helps you precisely and fast pinpoint car issues at a reasonable price, more importantly, helping you save lots of time with accurate diagnosis.
【6】: Auto diagnostic scanner Autel AP200M offers 6 commonly-used reset functions with this competitive price, including Oil Reset, EPB Reset, BMS Reset, DPF Regeneration, SAS Reset, and Throttle Matching, enabling you quickly access the vehicle systems for various scheduled maintenance. Combined with the on-screen instructions, it’s easy to use even you are a green-hand.
【10000+】: This OBD2 scanner can accurately retrieve and display 10000+ real-time data stream from vehicle’s ECU. The displayed data stream is accurate, comprehensive, and can be displayed in a customized mode (in Text, waveform, format, etc.) to meet your needs. With standard data stream for reference, it’s very convenient for users to analyze and compare the data, and figure out the issues quickly.
【ALL】: For just 59.95USD, you can get a all-system auto scanner. You can use the tool to diagnose Engine, Gearbox, ABS, SRS, EPB, Immobilizer, IC, DSC, etc. to check all the car modules in few minutes. These system diagnosis is exceptional OE-Level and 3 times higher accurate than its counterparts. When it expires, 19.99 USD enables you to continue diagnosing all the systems of your car for another year.