ANCEL FX3000 Upgraded OBDII Scanner, Vehicle Engine

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ANCEL is a global leader in automotive diagnostic technology, providing software development, maintenance, updates and customer services related to automotive testing to its customers. ANCEL is committed to solving automotive aftermarket problems cost-effectively, efficiently and conveniently.

Our Vision

We strive to make friends with our customers with excellent products and quality services, and to be the company most trusted by our customers.

Our Mission

To provide professional, efficient and high quality automotive diagnostic products so that every car owner around the world can enjoy a better life made possible by technology.

Our Value

The company constantly strives for product quality, technology, design and sustainability and adheres to the spirit of people-oriented and innovative efforts to make great contributions in the field of automotive technology.

Automotive diagnostic tools

【OBD Level Diagnostics】FX3000 can easily diagnose problems with the engine and turn off its warning light. It can not only read and clear codes, but also perform DTC search, O2 sensor test, I/M readiness test, on-board monitor test, live data stream display, freeze frame data display, EVAP system test, retrieve vehicle information, etc. Reading the error memory regularly helps you foresee potential problems at an early stage to prevent having severe issues that could turn out to be expensive.
【Manufacturer-level Diagnostics】This scanner will read fault codes related to other critical systems of your car such as ABS, airbag, transmissions, and more, and not just about the engine. When these systems warning lights on the dashboard are flashing, FX3000 can read data from various systems to help you understand the meaning and severity of fault codes. The FX3000 can even clear the fault code and turn off the warning light. So you can easily save money on car maintenance and repairs.
【DIY Car Maintenance】There are built-in maintenance features in your car that you might not have access to operate. FX3000 guides you through simple maintenance fixes. You can not only reset BMS module, but also change your oil or brakes yourself. In addition, FX3000 can perform steering angle sensor calibration, electric parking brake reset and anti-lock braking system reset. Even if you are a beginner, you can perform basic maintenance on your own.
【Clarity of Information】The most functional scanner will be the one where you can clearly read out and understand the information that the device is displaying. FX3000 OBD2 scanners are meant for beginners and professionals, no car knowledge required, as the data is usually displayed in a highly understandable way where you also get code definitions. Built-in help menu that makes it very easy to use.
【Powerful Compatibility】Most OBD2 scanners work with vehicles manufactured after 2001, but FX3000 works on most vehicles that comply with the standard post-1996 OBD2 protocol, and is compatible with more than 57 car brands. Supports English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Polish and Portuguese, allow you choose your native language to perform the diagnostic work efficiently and easily.
【Lifetime Free Updates】Many OBD2 scanners require you to pay an additional fee for new upgrades after the warranty period has expired. ANCEL FX3000 offers lifetime free software upgrades, new parameters, functions and the latest vehicle data are constantly updated via the USB2 port over the internet annually. Perform the upgrades on the device via WIFI, the scanner will always be up to date with the latest system within minutes.
【24/7 Technical Support】ANCEL’s official store offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, no-hassle warranty, and lifetime customer support. For technical support and any problems with the order, please contact us via buyer-seller messages to solve the problem.

p>If you have just purchased an ANCEL FX3000 UpgradedOBD2 Scanner, you may be wondering how this device works. We will take a look at what it does, how it compares to an ANCEL VD700, and how it uses the BD200 battery tester. We will also discuss how to use a scan tool to clear fault codes and turn warning lights off.

ANCEL FX3000 OBD2 Scanner

The upgraded ANCEL FX3000 OBD 2 scanner is packed with features that make it the perfect diagnostic tool for the modern car. The new FX3000 has 5 advanced features, which include battery reset, oil repair, and SAS calibration. It also has the ability to read and erase trouble codes from all main systems of the vehicle. These functions are essential to your vehicle’s performance and safety. You can also reset the oil light and do other tests.

ANCEL FX3000 functions

The ANCEL FX3000 features a wide range of additional functions to make your OBD2 scans more accurate. In addition to reading fault codes, the FX3000 reads data from other critical systems such as transmission and brakes. By displaying DTC definitions, this upgraded OBD scanner helps you to understand the severity of fault codes. With the FX3000, you will no longer have to worry about misreading the car’s warning lights again.

ANCEL VD700 functions

The ANCEL VD700 is an affordable and powerful OBD2 scan tool that will make car maintenance a breeze. Its features include OBD-II testing and reading, battery check for 12-volt OBD2-compliant vehicles, trouble codes and clearer for all on-board systems, freeze frame data and live PCM data stream, and much more.

ANCEL FX3000 uses BD200 battery tester

The ANCEL FX3000 is an upgraded version of the popular FX2000 OBD2 scanner. This upgraded version supports the complete OBD II test mode for engine systems. This scanner has an expanded array of features, including five advanced functions, a battery tester, and an O2 sensor test. In addition to these functions, the FX3000 can also clear error codes, perform an on-board monitor test, and perform other diagnostic procedures.

ANCEL FX3000 reads fault codes

The ANCEL FX3000 Upgraded is a versatile car diagnostic scanner. Its powerful reading capabilities enable you to diagnose faults in various critical systems. You can clear codes, reset warning lights, and view live data stream. It can even read the fault codes of ABS. Moreover, it will help you determine the cause of the Malfunction Indicator Light.

ANCEL FX3000 clears MIL

The Ancel FX3000 OBD2 scanner is an upgrade from the FX2000, and features four system diagnostic functions, including reading live data stream and erasing fault codes. It can also clear MIL and turn off the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL). The FX3000 is a convenient tool for diagnostics, and is capable of detecting engine and transmission problems.

ANCEL FX3000 resets EPB light

If you want to clear the fault information and reset EPB light, then Ancel FX3000 is the right tool for you. This device enables you to reset the battery, read fault codes and freeze frame data, and even turn off the malfunction indicator light. Unlike other scanners, this tool allows you to reset the EPB light easily. You’ll need the device, a TF card, a USB cable, and the FX3000 client software. Then, download the software from Ancel’s official website and install it on your laptop. After that, you’re ready to use it. Then, update your data. To do this, simply input your S/N and submit. You’ll need to have a TF card in your vehicle to store the data.