ABS/SRS OBD2 Scanner Review

srs obd2 scanner

A good ABS/SRS obd2 scan tool will be updated with new error codes and can perform further module checks. The codes may be generic or manufacturer-specific. Updates are typically available through mobile apps. You should be aware that the speed at which an ABS/SRS scan tool can scan your car varies widely. High-performance scan tools can provide codes within seconds, while lower-performance models may take minutes or even hours.


An SRS obd2 scanner can help you diagnose a problem with your car’s airbag system. The safety restraint system, or SRS, includes the control module, impact sensors, and other components. Some SRS scan tools also include a clear code function and ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) codes. These sensors can indicate problems with the car’s ABS system.

Other features of BlueDriver include its ability to access freeze frame data, which can be useful if you don’t understand live data. The freeze frame data shows you the DTC code, description, and status of each trouble code. The system also generates detailed reports for each trouble code, including possible causes and ideal reported fixes. You can also access freeze frame data, which can help you determine if your car is prone to a problem.

The BlueDriver is an affordable alternative to a high-end OBD2 scan tool. It makes use of mobile phone hardware and software to give you access to all the systems in your car. It even matches OEM equipment, and features a Bluetooth adapter. And because it uses a mobile app, it works with Android and iPhone devices. This means you can use it anywhere without any hassle.

Another benefit of the BlueDriver for srs OBDS scanner for iPhone is its reliability. With its Bluetooth connection, you can use it anywhere you want to scan your car, save the data, and update your scan tool without having to worry about losing the connection. Another benefit of the BlueDriver for srs obd2 scanner for iPhone is that it works only with the BlueDriver sensor.


The Foxwell sRS obd2 scanner is a great device for detecting problems in various car systems. Its abs rest tool helps you monitor and check emission readiness, fuel economy and remote start-up. This scan tool also features a security system to prevent unauthorized users. Its ultra-low current sleep mode prevents the tool from draining the battery. It also offers a battery tester and a key logging function.

This device supports four major vehicle ECU systems. It can also read fault codes and turn off warning lights. However, it does not support ABS bleeding. It can also perform smog tests and retrieve the VIN of the vehicle. Another benefit of this device is that it can display live data. The user manual and quick start guide are available in English. This tool also includes a 12-month warranty.

Another advantage of this device is its broad compatibility with many vehicles. It can support all ten modes of OBD2 for the majority of vehicles. It is also capable of reading airbag crash data and fault codes. If you’re looking for a high-quality scanner, consider the Foxwell NT630 Plus. You’ll be happy you made this choice! It’s a great device to own if you’re looking to keep your car running smoothly.

The Foxwell nt201 elite obdii scanner supports all OBDII protocols and provides broader compatibility with vehicle makes. Its PC connectivity, On-Board monitor test and troubleshooter functions help you diagnose a wide variety of problems in your vehicle. The Nt201 scanner can also perform O2 sensor and EVAP tests. It also has on-board monitoring and is compatible with the latest 2020 and 2021 model years.

Creader CRP123

The Creader CRP123 is an obd2 scanner that detects the 4 major ECU systems on your car. This powerful tool also erases fault codes and turns off warning lights. The Crp123 is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality, and effective car troubleshooting tool. But before you buy, read this review first and get a free online test to see whether it’s right for you.

The CRP123X has an impressive LCD color screen that displays the data live on the screen. The large display allows you to focus on data related to specific symptoms. The software also offers a lifetime update, so you’re assured of its reliability and accuracy. The Creader CRP123 SRs obd2 scanner comes with a sturdy carrying case. It measures 8.27″x 5.9″x 2.76″ – perfect for a small, portable obd scanner.

The Creader CRP123 SRs obd2 scanner also features 5 RESET SERVICES: oil/EPB/SAS/TPMS reset, throttle adaptation, and more. With its advanced tools and simple to use interface, the Creader CRP123 SRs obd2 scanner is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for an affordable yet powerful car troubleshooter.

The CRP123 is a highly advanced handheld car diagnostic tool that integrates the best features of professional mid-line scan tools with the features of a code scanner. It opens up a world of diagnostics to you with enhanced data streams for ABS, SRS, transmission, engine, and Asian vehicles. The sleek, rugged design makes it easy to use and convenient to collect diagnostic information.

Foxwell NT630 Plus

The Foxwell NT630 Elite abs/airbag/SAS obd2 scanner is a powerful diagnostic tool for car owners and specialty shops. With 52 manufacturers covered, this scan tool is an absolute must-have for both technicians and car owners. With 52 different manufacturers covered, this scanner can find out the reason why warning lights come on, including ABS, airbags, and even cruise control.

The NT630 Plus is a full-featured automotive engine scanner that offers advanced ABS and airbag fault diagnosis. It can easily diagnose ABS and airbag system faults and is compatible with both OBDI and OBDII vehicles. It is also equipped with an airbag crash data service reset tool for a lifetime of free upgrades online. And the scanner is also incredibly easy to use.

The NT630 comes with an intuitive touchscreen and Android 9.0 operation system. Its user-friendly interface is smooth and intuitive, and the scanner supports a wide range of languages including Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Japanese, and more. And, it comes with lifetime technical support and seven-day return policy. You can also return it for a full refund.

The NT630 Plus is equipped with a 4.3-inch color display. It displays live data graphs in clarity, and can temporarily control the ABS/airbag system. With its menu-driven operation, you can easily navigate through your vehicle’s dashboard and perform various diagnostic tasks. It even features a SAS (Steering Wheel Angle Sensor) service reset tool. In addition, the NT630 Plus has an ABS airbag warning indicator and can read and clear ABS codes.


The INNOVA SRS obd2 scan tool is a full-featured tool that helps you diagnose the problems of your vehicle’s airbag and ABS systems. It can also help you check your car’s readiness for a smog check. This scan tool also allows you to clear codes and troubleshoot ABS issues. You can also turn the warning light on and off using this scanner.

The INNOVA 6200P obd2 scan tool is packed with professional-grade features that will improve your diagnostic workflow. With WIFI and Bluetooth technology, it pairs seamlessly with the Repair Solutions2 diagnostic app. Whether you’re a DIY’er, a mechanic, or a consumer, the INNOVA SRS obd2 scanner will give you the information you need to fix your car.

The INNOVA SRS obd2 scanner can read the codes of many different car brands. The 3100J is compatible with 1996-2001 vehicles. Be sure to check the compatibility with your car model to ensure you’re getting the right product. Bluetooth connectivity is a plus with an OBD2 scanner, since it makes it easier to operate and view. Bluetooth connectivity also allows you to operate it without the need for a computer.

The Innova SRS obd2 scan tool is one of the best-selling car diagnostic tools, thanks to its numerous features. It can perform numerous diagnostic tasks, including checking engine codes and adjusting airbags. The SRS scan tool also reads the transmission fluid temperature and tire pressure, which can be very helpful for diagnostic purposes and fluid changes. If you have any doubts about the SRS scan tool, you can buy a demo model to test it out for yourself and get the best deal.

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