2022 Newest FOXWELL OBD2 Scanner NT624 Elite ABS

2022 Newest FOXWELL OBD2 Scanner NT624 Elite ABS2022 Newest FOXWELL OBD2 Scanner NT624 Elite ABS2022 Newest FOXWELL OBD2 Scanner NT624 Elite ABS2022 Newest FOXWELL OBD2 Scanner NT624 Elite ABS2022 Newest FOXWELL OBD2 Scanner NT624 Elite ABS2022 Newest FOXWELL OBD2 Scanner NT624 Elite ABS2022 Newest FOXWELL OBD2 Scanner NT624 Elite ABS
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2022 Newest FOXWELL OBD2 Scanner NT624 Elite ABS

Product Description

A Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool Worthy of Every Car Owners

foxwell nt624 elite full systems diagnostic scan toolfoxwell nt624 elite full systems diagnostic scan tool


Foxwell has been committed to providing the most professional diagnostic equipment for thousands of car owners and solves their various issue.

Now the 2022 upgraded version of Foxwell NT624 Elite is released! — It can match various people’s needs, like car enthusiasts, independent repairers, repair shops, workshops, general customers and distributors.

Why you need nt624 elite all systems diagnostic scanner for all cars?

Have you ever encountered an engine or abs issue? The issue solved, but the warning light still cannot be reset?

Do you want to know the specific problems of your car before taking it to the auto repair shop?

Do you want to save more money in car repairs and maintenance?

If yes, NT624 Elite all systems scan tool will be a top choice to help you solve these issues. With the NT624elite code readers & scan tools, you can checks just about every component group in your car and helps you find the error codes of each control modules. Whether you know how to repair or not, you can learn more about your car through this diagnostic device, thus saving unnecessary maintenance costs.

1. NT624 Elite is an automotive scanner diagnostic tool with 5 reset features that you need spend more 300 dollars to buy a similar diagnostic scan tool among the market. It can not only diagnose engine, transmission, abs, srs, throttle, tire pressure, battery fault detection, but also it covers almost all parts of the car electronic control modules. Some functions may not support due to the car compatibility. Please send Amazon messages to check compatibility first before purchase.

2. The most important thing is that many scanners on the market are only able to diagnose 4 systems: Airbags, Engine, Transmission, and ABS. But NT624 Elite obd2 scanner will allow you to operate all modules diagnosis. It also can clears codes after the issue solved when finishing to detect issues for all systems. It’s time to say goodbye to four-system diagnosis! Let Foxwell NT624 Elite scan tool be your first choice and best assistant!

3. NT624 Elite all systems scan tool can support 64+ Car Brands, 10000+ Vehicles. Have you experienced this embarrassing moment? You purchased a obd2 scanner that was only for 1 specific Vehicle. It worked for a period, while when you buy a new different brand car, it cannot work well and support anymore. That is Foxwell NT624 Elite scanner’s mission! Wide Vehicle coverage and forever ready for you to use it!


oil light reset epb scan tool nt624 eliteoil light reset epb scan tool nt624 elite

SAS Calibration/ABS Bleeding/Throttle Matching/Oil/EPB Reset

2022 New Version Foxwell NT624 Elite scanner ADDS 3 MORE SPECIAL FUNCTIONS. Except for Oil Reset/EPB Reset, now it adds the SAS Calibration/ABS Bleeding/Throttle Matching to satisfy different needs of customers! Foxwell is always listening to Our Customer’s voice.

ATTENTION: The SAS Calibration/ABS Bleeding/Throttle Matching must be obtained through software upgrades, otherwise they will be unavailable. PLEASE SEND AMAZON MESSAGE TO GET ASSISTANCE

ABS Bleeding: Whenever you change a part of the brake system, you will need to bleed the brake system afterward. This means removing all the air in the system. Due to the air is compressible, it would make the brake pedal will feel soft. Once the brake pedal being soft and mushy, the air will have to be pushed out of the way before the fluid can do what it is supposed to do. This can be dangerous because it means that it will take longer to stop. Generally, bleeding brakes aren’t too hard, but what if air gets in the ABS Module. Well, bleeding the ABS module can be a bit more of a challenge. You might need to take this tool to cycle the valves in the ABS module to let the air out.Throttle Adaptation: The throttle body is a tube containing a pivoting flat valve (butterfly) that is used to control the amount of air entering an engine. In an electronically fuel injected car, a throttle position sensor and air flow sensor communicate with the computer, which supplies the corresponding amount of fuel needed at the injectors. It must need re-learning throttle sensor position after clearing or repair.SAS Reset: Steering angle sensor calibration allows you to perform calibration of the steering angle sensor. It permanently stores the current steering wheel position as straight-ahead in the sensor EEPROM. After calibrating the sensor successfully, its fault memory will be automatically cleared.Oil Light Reset: NT624elite scanner for cars offers help to reset the Oil Life Reminder (turn off the Oil Service Light) when the replacement of engine oil is done in case of the impurities in oil may damage the engine. So vehicles can recalculate another optimal oil life change interval depending on the vehicle driving conditions and climate. Your driving safety also gets ensuring.EPB Service: Reset the brake pad after the repairs in the electronic parking brake system is done, which includes deactivation and activation of the brake control system, bleed brake fluid, open and close brake pads, and setting brakes after disc or pad replacement. Diagnoses EPB caliper functionality, initializes the wear indicator if new pads are installed and deactivates or re-activates brake control system. By using this function, the braking process is therefore made much simpler and easier.

NT624 Elite All Systems Diagnostic Code Reader for All Cars

All systems scanner for all carsAll systems scanner for all cars

Why is FOXWELL NT624 Elite Scanner

The NT624Elite, a new generation all systems scanner with special functions, supports reading codes, clearing codes,and live data of all electronic control modules, bringing you cost-effective vehicle diagnosis and maintenance. This car diagnostic scanner for all cars supports comprehensively scanning includes a Fuel system, Transmission, Engine, Body, Power train,and more. It can diagnose various systems via reading and clearing DTCs data flow and then turns the warning light off.

In summary, you will be able to grasp the conditions of the various systems of the car. Find the root cause of the warning light and reset the warning light after you fixed the issue. In other words, this tool will save you thousands of dollars in diagnosis and repair.

What’s more, FOXWELL NT624 Elite automotive scanner works on 60+ multiple cars makes rather than one vehicle.

Undoubtedly, the NT624 Elite is a rare all systems diagnostic scan tool in the value range of around 200. It is one of the best OBD2 scanners for DIYers and mechanics on a budget that is looking for a dealer-level scanner but doesn’t want to spend thousands.


epb service scan toolepb service scan tool

What EPB Service Function Can Do for Car Owners?

The following are typical special test options:

Deactivate/Activate SBC/EPB systemsAdaptation on Audi A8Replace hydraulic brake systems fluid/bleed brake system on Mercedes SBC vehiclesPerform service reset and service position on BMW EPB vehiclesPerform activation/service work on Volvo PBM vehiclesReset memory on Toyota EPB vehiclesPerform brake cable replacement and electric parking brake replacementSave and write clutch pedal programming on Renault EPB vehiclesPerform control function and reset function on Opel EPB vehiclesSensor calibration on Honda EPB vehiclesProvides parking brake unjam procedure and perform longitudinal accelerometer calibration on Land Rover EPB vehicles

oil light service reset scanneroil light service reset scanner


Of course, NT624 Elite car scanner diagnostic for cars includes all that a popular OBDII scanner has. To own an NT624 Elite check engine light reader, to save a car check engine reader for you.

Read and Clear the fault codes, turn-off Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL)Displays Freeze Frame dataDisplays Oxygen Sensor test resultsDisplay I/M readiness status.(Non-continuously Monitored Systems test )Show Live Data in the graph such as engine RPM, temperatures, ignition advance, speed ,etc.Request On-Board Monitoring test results for specific monitored systemsBuilt-in DTC lookup library with cause analysisRequest Vehicle InformationChecking system status & DTC LookupComponent test& Modules present

full systems scan tool for all carsfull systems scan tool for all cars

Make a complete diagnosis for your car in a few minutes!

Practical AutoVIN Retrieval

The diagnostic device can automatically identify the vehicle and perform a quick scan. This will allow you to easily read and retrieve diagnostic trouble codes. And the AutoVIN retrieval allows you quickly match the right software updated that will enhance the diagnostic capabilities and resolve compatibility issues.

64 + major brands supported

As one of the leading professional automotive diagnostic scanners, this FOXWELL product works on 64 car brands/manufacturers (the US, European and Asian) that have been made in 1996 or later. Please let us know if you are not sure if the scan tool is compatible with your vehicle.

Permanent free online update

Being able to update the software can help extend the tool’s service life and ensure that your data is accurate. You can enjoy its newest software in a simple way of updating via Windows PC, which is sufficient to assure the user of the high quality standards the code reader has been taken through.

Warm Tips Erase Codes does not fix the problem that caused the fault! DTCs (service light) can only be erased after correcting the causes that caused them. The supported car systems will differ from specific year and model. It is NOT a bidirectional scanner. It will scan ABS, cannot perform abs bleeding. If you encounter incompatibility issues, kindly provide the model, year, VIN of your vehicle info. Incompatibility issue is likely to be fixed via software or hardware upgrade. Update: PC operation system: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Diagnose all control modules, Engine/Transmission/SRS/ABS/Chassis/SAS/DPF/TPS/ESP/Suspention/Headlamp/Air condition/immobilizer…. Diagnose all systems with 8 Reset Service Oil/EPB/TPS/SAS/TPMS/DPF/Injector/ABS Bleeding, Lifetime FREE update Diagnose all systems with 19 Service Reset Functions Diagnose all systems, engine, transmission, ABS, SAS and TPS…..and 5 reset functions Program FOXWELL T10 sensor, TPMS Relearn Tool, Activates TPM sensors, read sensor information and Key Fob Frequency Test Diagnose all systems with 28 Service Reset functions. TPMS Programming/Active Test

Diagnostic Systems
all available systems all available control modules all available systems all available systems Activate Almost All TPMS Sensors all available systems

All OBDII Diagnosis

Read & Erase Engine/ABS/SRS/Transmission Trouble Codes/Turn off MIL

read sensor data: sensor ID, tire presssure/temperature, sensor battery, sensor frequency

View I/M Readiness/View freeze frame data/Live Data Stream

DTC Lookup & DTC Definition

Advanced Functions
SAS Calibration/ABS Bleeding/Throttle Matching/Oil light reset.Deactivation and activation of the brake control system, bleeding brake fluid, opening and closing brake pads, and setting brakes after disc or pad replacement on EPB systems. ABS Bleeding/SAS/TPS/Oil light service reset/EPB/TPMS/Injector coding/D-P-F ABS Bleeding/TPS/Oil light service reset/EPB/TPMS/CVT/SAS/Battery Registration and etc Bi-directional test/ Oil Reset/ Fuel pump/ Injector Coding/ Steering Angle Reset/ TPMS Reset/ Battery Register & Battery Maintenance/ Airbag Reset/ABS Service Reset/ ABS Bleeding/ EPB (Electrical Park Brake)/ Throttle Matching/ Airbag Reset activate TPMS sensor;TPMS sensor relearn; program T10 sensor;key fob testing ECU Coding/TPMS Programming/Active Test/D-P-F REG/ IMMO/ BMS reset/ Throttle matching/ Oil reset/ ABS bleeding/ Brake reset/ Injector coding

Battery Service
Battery Registration/Replacement Battery Register & Battery Maintenance Battery Register / Battery Maintenance

Print Diagnostic Data

🎁【FREE OBD2 Extension Cable 】We offer our customers a FREE obd2 extension 16 pin cable as a gift. It can help you protect the FOXWELL 624elite obd2 scanner. Just click “Extra Saving” under price and add it into your cart. It is a good choice for your Dad, boyfriend, family, friends as a 2022 New Year gift!
☑️【2022 UPGRADED FUNCTION–SAS Calibration/ABS Bleeding/Throttle Matching】2022 New Version Foxwell NT624 Elite scanner ADDS 3 MORE SPECIAL FUNCTIONS. Except for Oil Reset/EPB Reset, now it adds the SAS Calibration/ABS Bleeding/Throttle Matching to satisfy different needs of customers! ⚠️ATTENTION PLEASE: The SAS Calibration/ABS Bleeding/Throttle Matching must be obtained through software upgrades, otherwise they will be unavailable. PLEASE CONTACT US VIA AMAZON MESSAGE TO GET ASSISTANCE
☑️ 【All System Diagnostic Capability】Whatever electronic control modules encounter issues, NT624 elite automotive code reader can find the root cause of the warning light to help you fix the issue and then reset the warning light. The scanner can read codes, clear codes, live data, and read the information on all available systems, which allows you to save thousands of dollars in diagnosis and repair.
☑️【All IN ONE OBD2 Scanner】FOXWELL NT624elite car scanner meets your expectation for scan tool from entry-level to professional, which does not only provides an accurate and professional diagnosis of all systems, but also provides oil lamp reset and EPB maintenance service. 🌟【Latest Upgrade Menu】 The latest menu provides historical diagnostic vehicle information, which help you to quickly enter the vehicle diagnosis.
☑️【Perfect Compatibility + Auto VIN】NT624elite car scanner provides quick diagnosis on all available car systems of 60+ worldwide mainstream car makes. With the auto VIN scan feature, NT624E car diagnostic tool provides quick and accurate vehicle identification, helping you point the cause issue quickly by reading codes, freeze frame, and real-time live data. Oil reset coverage for 49+ vehicle makes, EPB coverage for 42+ vehicle makes. It makes it suitable for both mechanics and DIYers.
⚠️【Purchase Note】Please attention that FOXWELL NT624 Elite only have 5 special reset functions mentioned above. Foxwell NT624 Elite doesn’t have the SRS Airbag reset, IMM key fobs. And it can read TPMS, but cannot do TPMS coding or programming. If the product has any defect or flaw, we are free to provide new replacement for our customers. Please send Amazon message immediately to us.
☑️ 【Seller Warranty 1 Year + Lifetime Internet Free Update + Data Record and Playback & Print】The update tool FoxAssist allows you to update & uninstall software, save & print data, gain more available vehicle models and language on the original basis free lifetime. OBDZON offers 1-year warranty for any quality problems.